Will Smith Biography

Will Smith is a Pennsylvania, Philadelphia native. September 25, 1986 marks thebirthday on which this star was literally born. The fairy tale of WillSmith began when he was 16 years old at a time when he met DJ Jazzy Jeffwith whom he formed a rapping craze. His coalition with DJ Jazzy Jeffrocketed the two to the top of the music charts while transforming Smith into amusic and television icon popularly known as Fresh Prince. 1990 saw the moveof this star from hip hop into the black box. Smith took off on his journey as anactor by his key acting role in the popular TV show titled The Fresh Prince ofBell Air.

5 Early life

Caroline and Willard C. Smith are the parents of this music and actingsensation. Will Smith's official full name is Willard Christopher Smith Jr. Hismother was an ordinary school board employee while his enterprising Fatherowned a refrigeration company. Despite the strong family roots in the Baptistfaith Will Smith drifted into the Catholic Church through the years when hewas attending school at Overbrook High School. The community where WillSmith grew up was a multicultural society with diverse nationalities whichcomprised of orthodox Jews and Muslims.

4 Success as a rapper

Smith's early life was characterized by a lot of showbiz and spotlight. WillSmith began rapping at the age of 12. With a music sensation budding under theinspiration of artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Smith brewed his own soundthat was laced with comedy. This would later become Smith's trademark in theprime of his stardom. When Smith partnered with DJ Jazzy Jeff at the age of 16the duo took their music endeavor to new heights by producing rap musicwhich steered clear off the gangster rap genre which was gaining popularity inthose days. The duo's debut album Rock The House released in 1990 andpreceded by the duo's single "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" (1986) went ashigh as the Billboard Top 200 making Will Smith a millionaire before hereached 18 years of age.

It was reported around this time that owing to his financial breakthrough WillSmith ditched any thought of pursing college education. At some point it wasrumored that the budding star had turned down a scholarship to attend collegeat Boston's Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a rumorthat Smith later dispelled. Smith and Jazzy Jeff continued with their music. In 1988 the duo released the He's The DJ album which featured the successful singles "Parents Just Don't Understand", "Nightmare on My Street" and "Brand New Funk". The rise of Smith to stardom was also augmented by the popularity of the And in this Corner album. Smith's clean pop rapping found place with many people who found the music curse-free and entertaining.

3 Smith goes into acting

After the release of the duo's album, Smith moved into the acting arena two yearslater. The youngster's fledging stardom won the favor of NBC which signedSmith to star in the sitcom released by NBC about a clever street dweller fromPhiladelphia. The outcome was the birth of a successful six season sitcom titledthe The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.

In the early stages of His acting career Smith and his colleague did not ceaseto produce music. In 1991 the duo released yet another album the Homebasewhich brought the success of hits "Summertime" and "Ring My bell" tocoveted heights. The two later released their last album together titledthe Code Red in 1993.

The early years in the acting arena saw Smith move into the movie industry. Hestarted with playing smaller roles in dramas and plays. In 1992 Smith featuredin the play Where The Day Takes You as well as in the comedy Made inAmerica. These productions were predecessors to the popular Six Degrees ofSeparation released in 1993. Smith's success in small dramas and playsopened the doorway into his Hollywood stardom. His first super-action movierole was in the Bad Boys blockbuster released in 1995. In this huge-budgetcop roller coaster Smith teamed up with comedian Martin Lawrence.

The movie gained huge popularity by owing to its novel black and black copthrust which was an unexpected deviation from the common black-and-whitecop movie concepts. While Lawrence played the comic casual cop Smithplayed the serious focused cop and consolidated his role as a capable lead actorin the movie scene. This era ushered Smith into a series of action packed sci-ficatastrophe movies.

Smith played the key role in Independence Day where he battledalien forces. Men in Black was the next sci-fi in which Smith played aleading role in fighting aliens once more. The 1998, Enemy of the State wasa huge success for Will Smith. The movie earned Smith the NAACP ImageAward as a recognition for being an outstanding actor in motion picture.

Once more this era was a launch pad for a series of hits which included Wild West, a sci-fi cowboy centered movie and The Legend of Bagger Vance. After some near dormancy Smith returned to the movie scene in 2001 with a biopic movie, Ali. He played a lead role here which earned the movie a good place, especially in the hearts of boxing lovers.

Will Smith has since stared in various sequels to the movie releases in whichhe played leading roles. Some of the popular releases where he plays the leadrole included Hitch, Lost and Found and The Pursuit of Happiness.Smith also starred in I am the legend in 2007.

2 Smith on Both sides of the Camera

The icon's success in the film industry also served as a launching pad to usherSmith into film producing. Will smith has been involved as producer in the production of Hancock and Seven Pounds. In both these films Smith has been involved in both sidesof the camera partly as an actor and partly as a producer. Smith also helped inthe production of the 2008 Lakeview Terrace and also in the making of TheSecret Life of Bees

1 Personal Life

Will Smith has been involved in two marriages the first being with the motherof acting and music star Willard Smith III. Currently smith is married to actressJada Pinkest Smith and the couple has been intact since 1997. The latestmarriage has brought another son, Jaden and a girl. Will Smith has a home inthe city where he grew up, Philadelphia, as well as in Florida and Sweden.

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