Twenty Two Life Lessons Learnt after Watching “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is one of the most popular shows on American television. Last night’s episode was particularly enriching for the audience. It can be said that twenty two life lessons have been learnt after watching it. These are as follows:

1.    Kim is a person who really loves the living rooms and could never stay away from them for too long.2.    Kim is also passionately in love with turtles and would do anything to keep them in her possession at home.3.    If there is any house in Beverly Hills where there is no swan pond then it cannot be considered a house in Beverly Hills at all.4.    Kim seriously loves living rooms. She loves them so much that she could spend all time of the day over here. The view of the swimming pool from the living room is an added bonus.

5.    Taylor was not absent from the show last night. Rather her appearance was edited, much to the disappointment of many.6.    The best place for speaking about a friend’s drinking issues is of course right before the camera.7.    It is half terrifying and half sweet when Kim tries to be the reasonable person on the show.8.    Insanely rich couples who are happily divorced are excellent for good roles on television.9.    It rarely happens that Yolanda meets side chignons that don’t ever impress her.10.    Brandy can do just about anything that she is told to do. She can have a threesome if you tell her to. She can even go to Paris if you tell her to.11.    Marisa Zanuck loves her parents in law but she hates her husband.12.    Yolanda is nothing but one of those close talkers.13.    If there happens to be a piano in any one of the homes, be sure to hear David start playing it.14.    St Tropez is a short distance away, a mere twenty two hours by flight!

15.    Warren, Ken’s son from a previous marriage is now an amazing topic for discussion.16.    The guest house is located in proximity to the tennis courts.17.    Sue who is Lisa’s friend and Warren’s wife had once played the role of a bond girl.18.    We all desire vacation homes like the kind in St Tropez.19.    Warren has a son who is twenty one years of age and has a degree in business studies. Seriously, exactly how old is this guy?20.    Kim is actually in possession of a driver’s license. This is unbelievable but is very true indeed.21.    It is nice to see both Kyle and Kim engage in an open discussion regarding Kim’s alcoholism.22.    Warren is fond of sports coats that are embroidered. Yes sir, he does not mind looking like a girl when he wears one of these two an event. He’s perfectly comfortable with it.

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