Top Clubs To Spot A Celebrity

If tabloids and gossip websites are anything to go by, celebrities party harder than the rest of us. In fact, there are numerous mug shots circulating around the internet to prove it. If this is the case, then how comes most partygoers have a hard time spotting their favourite celebs in clubs? Well, the answer is simple. Celebrities don’t go to your every day nightclubs.

They frequent some of the most exclusive clubs in the world. They are also more likely to be in VIP lounges than open club dance floors for obvious reasons. The next time you sit wondering why you never see your favourite celebs in clubs, you have your answer. Celebrities love privacy. When you double that with exclusivity, you have your perfect celebrity club.

This article will focus on the most popular celebrity clubs appearances in the world i.e. clubs which are loved by celebrities. These clubs are loved by celebrities because of many things the most notable being; they offer privacy and luxury, they are full of life, they are frequented by high-end clientele, they have class i.e. a strict dress code, exclusive menus, expensive drinks e.t.c. The clubs that will be featured in this article bring out the wildest side of the most laid back celebrities i.e. members of the royal family. Price Harry’s favourite club is featured in this article.

If you are interested in knowing the most popular celebrity club appearances in the world, you are in the right place. The list below will feature some of the best clubs in the world from New York and Hollywood to London and Monaco. Below is a list of the 5 most popular celebrity club appearances in the world.

5 Soho House in West Hollywood L.A (Private Membership/Year: $1,800+)

Soho House has to be one of the most popular clubs for celebrities in the world. Located on the west end of Sunset Boulevard, this 20,000 square foot club house is one of the most exclusive private members only clubs in Hollywood and the world at large. When you consider the fact that membership starts at $1,800, you understand why this club makes it to this list.  The club’s elite atmosphere is one of the main reason Soho House is a very popular hangout for celebrities from all over the world.

The club has very many exclusive features i.e. private elevators, a marble staircase that is lit by a capiz shell chandelier, a 30 foot bar, colourful chair collections, floor to ceiling windows, spectacular panoramic city views and so much more. Majority of the crowd that hangs out in Soho House is made up of showbiz/fashion professionals, celebrities and business people in their mid 20s to 50s. The location is a popular venue for award show after parties.

Swing-era tunes and ambient electronic lounge sounds characterise the music and entertainment element of the club. Soho House has a 50 seat screaming room exclusively for private events. The club also has a billiards table and a souvenir photo booth for entertainment.

The club’s food/bitings menu features fine California cuisine coupled with French influences i.e. grilled quail, tuna tartare, tomato bruschetta, crab cakes, pizzette, goat cheese tarts and chanterelle. When you look at the cost of drinks, you understand why Soho House is not a club for everyone. Beers cost $8, cocktails: $12, wine: $12, martini: $12 and Valet: $12. The hottest nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Celebrities spotted frequenting The Soho House include : Joe Jonas, Paul WelsleyLeonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart and many more.

4 Shoreditch House in Brick Lane, London

Shoreditch House in London is another popular club known for attracting celebrities from all over the world. Like Soho House in the U.S., Shoreditch is a member’s only club offering celebrities and jet setters a golden opportunity to unwind in privacy, comfort and luxury. The club is huge (occupies the top 3 floors of a nondescript warehouse building). The interior is also magnificent i.e. the ground floor features a reception area with soft lighting and modern designs. The top floors offer ample partying space. The club also features its own bowling alley.

One of the biggest attractions in Shoreditch House is the rooftop. The clubs rooftop features a restaurant, lounge and a glass enclosed bar. No wonder celebrities love Shoreditch House. The club has everything in one place. Celebrities enjoy drinks as they have bitings like cheeseburgers, baby squid and risotto.  They can also enjoy a night swim or relax in the club's lazy lawn which is a lush green paradise featuring beds.

Nothing more needs to be said about Shoreditch House and why the club attracts all kinds of celebrities from corporate executives and social climbers to affluent artists, athletes and movie stars. The club simply offers the ultimate luxury clubbing experience in one of the best neighbourhoods in London. Cost of food/bitings/drinks (Brunch: $8 to $46, Starters: $5 to $13, Salads: $8 to $18, Beer: over $6.5, cocktails: $13 to $23, wine & champagne: $6 to $16 per glass or $30 to $320+ a bottle).

Celebrities spotted at the Shoreditch House include;  Stella McCartney  Katy Perry  Ryan Gosling Rihanna David Beckham and many more.

3 The Cuckoo Club in London (Membership/year: $1,100)

This is another top London club that is very popular among celebrities from all over the world. When you consider the Cuckoo Club has won the London Club & Bar Awards once, there is no doubt that this club is among the best nightclubs in London. No wonder the club attracts celebrities i.e. London’s movers and shakers as well as big names in fashion, media, sports e.t.c.

Cuckoo Club stands out among celebrities because of many things the most notable being the club’s interior decor. The club is lavishly decorated with pink, burgundy and purple hues. The club has a fine dining spot upstairs while dancing takes place downstairs. The club’s DJs fuse many music genres as patrons enjoy illuminations from the row of LED lights mounted on the club’s ceiling.

To add to the glamour, the club has an elevated mirror backed bar, button backed leather chairs, maroon silk curtains and gold detailing which creates a perfect atmosphere for interacting with celebrities like Crown Prince and P. Diddy who frequent the club. The club’s crowd is comprised of international uber trendy clubbers, media personalities and celebrities aged between 20 and 40 years.

The club’s food/bitings menu is composed of fine contemporary European cuisine served from Wednesday to Saturday from 8 to 11.30 pm. Popular dishes include; roasted lamb, beef Wellington, fresh oysters and red mullet served with herb salad. Nothing more needs to be said about Cuckoo club and why it attracts celebrities. Appetizers cost: $16+, full tasting menu: $114, cocktails $21+.

Celebrities spotted at the Cuckoo Club include; Eva Longoria and part of the Royal Family, Prince Harry .

2  2. Palais in Monaco

Club Palais in Monaco has to be in this list because Monaco is one of the most popular vacation destinations for the rich in Europe. The club is undoubtedly the largest and most popular club in Monaco attracting approximately 3000 stylish clubbers per weekend night. Celebrities are known to flock Monaco during summer. This explains why Palais is open exclusively during summer only.

The club is popular among celebrities for many reasons. One is because the club is huge i.e. consists of one big open room that is surrounded by huge balcony. The club is also popular because of its unique ultra modern decorations which change every year. The club also features theme parties like all white parties, Ibiza night e.t.c. which attract very many wealthy individuals and celebrities visiting Monaco in summer. Cover charge: $41+, drinks: $13.60+, Bottle service: $190+.

1 Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

Chateau Marmont makes it to the top of this list because the club is notorious for being one of the most historic celebrity hideaways. This is thanks to the club’s exclusivity and privacy. The club’s staff is notorious for turning a blind eye to some of the most outrageous celebrity behaviour. After all this is the club where Jim Morrison fell off the club’s roof and John Belushi overdosed. There is a strong celebrity history here. Many hollywood stories include this location,  it is reported that James Dean and Natalie Wood had first met at the Chateau Marmont.

Also, the fact that the club is located at the heart of Hollywood is also one of the main reasons why celebrities love Chateau Marmont. Hollywood is home to very many movie stars, artists, fashion professionals and athletes.

The club’s features also attract celebrities. For instance; the club features a vintage Hollywood lobby with gothic arches, fringed velvet drapes and antique lamps. This offers a perfect lush ambiance for celebrities lounging on the clubs armchairs and mismatched antique divans. The club also has other magnificent features i.e. an ostentatiously costly Viennese coffee house with brocade walls and antique chandeliers.

The club is perfect for power lunches, laid back afternoon cocktail sessions and crazy night partying on woven wicker chairs while sipping cocktails amid palm trees, flowering vines, flickering candles and tiki torches.  In summary, Chateau Marmont is the ultimate celebrity spot for celebrities who want ultimate fun but private luxury partying experience in Hollywood. When you consider the cost of food, drinks and valet, you can understand why this club is not for everyone. Appetiser cost: $13 to $25, Beer: $7+, cocktails: $15, wine: $10+, valet: $12 for 3 hours, $28 for more than three hours. Nothing more needs to be said. Chateau Marmont clearly deserves a top spot in this list.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are known to stay at this hotel for short periods at a time.  Other celebrities that frequent this location include Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Johnny Depp, Sting, Jude Law and many many more.

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