Top 20 Most Ridiculous Names Celebs Have Given Their Children

Celebrities (and especially celebrity couples) make the news constantly. Most news shows and outlets these days are made up of celebrity news or gossip. In the past decades, one celebrity trend has become disturbingly more present, and that is the trend of giving babies bizarre and ridiculous names. Names so odd that an everyday person would be ridiculed and gossiped about if they gave it to their child, so why not do it to celebrities too? We have compiled a list of the 20 most ridiculous celebrity baby names, and there were a lot, so if you disagree with our list or order, please let us know!

These names can be anything ranging from fruits, animals, flowers, toy names, nicknames, historical characters, to even directional names and simply made up words. Whatever the inspiration, whatever the mind of the parent to name their child some of these names, the children have to live with them forever, and for that we feel deeply apologetic and sorry. Thankfully, many of these kids have parents who are still relevant or were once a huge influence on society, so they can get away with the crazy names a little better than everyday people could.

20 Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver and former model turned housewife Jools Oliver have four children together. Their second child, Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, starts our countdown out for one of the most ridiculous baby names. The former model has told numerous media outlets that she does not like when people give input on her children’s names and gave them all multiple names because she simply could not decide on one. While Daisy is a fairly common name, the mixture with Boo Pamela makes this name one of our top 20 most ridiculous celebrity baby names. Let’s hope she shortens it and just goes by Daisy growing up.

19 Jermajesty Jackson

18 Pilot Inspektor Lee

American actor Jason Lee, best known for his work in My Name is Earl or Alvin and the Chipmunks, named his son after the opening track on the 2000 album The Software Slump by Gran.addy, an indie rock band. He said one of the lines just resonated with him and his wife so well that they decided to name their son Pilot. Now, where the Inspektor came from is more of a mystery. But still, getting a name from an indie song, gets you on our countdown for ridiculous celebrity baby names. Maybe Pilot Inspektor can come up with a cute nickname to go by.

17 Axl Jack

The Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel, made headlines in 2013 by naming their first child together Axl Jack. Fergie told Ellen DeGeneres the name of her son came to her in a dream where she was at a festival and Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and Axl Rose were performing. She woke up from the dream to her baby kicking her for the first time. They had already picked the middle name Jack, for a family member who had passed away, so they just had to pick the first name and Axl worked best out of the three performers.

16 Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

The oldest of four children for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and former model Jools Oliver, Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver comes in at number 16 on our countdown of most ridiculous celebrity baby names. Jools Oliver, who stopped focusing on her modeling career to raise their four children, has received all sorts of criticism from other moms on forums and websites about baby names and her poor choices to name her children. Following the trend of having multiple names, let’s hope Poppy Honey Rosie can find one and choose a little better than her mom as to what to be called.

15 Kal-El Coppola Cage

Kal-El Coppola Cage, the son of actor Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim, was almost named Kyleand. Kim however wanted something more unique than that, oddly enough. So, the couple tried to think of different names. Cage said he wanted to find something that represented something good, was American, and was unique. The couple remembered that the hero Superman’s original named on Krypton was Kal-El. The couple decided it was a beautiful name, fit all three desired characteristics, and had a nice ring to it, so their baby boy became Kal-El Cage. What better person to be named after than Superman himself?

14 Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis

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Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis was born in the early 2000s to now separated mother Toni Braxton and father Keri Lewis, who had been a member of the R&B group Mint Condition. The couple’s divorce and child support drama went very public in the process. The oldest of two sons, his younger brother is named Diesel Ky. He has appeared in a couple scenes with his mother, and was featured by VH1: All Access on a show about Awesomely Wacky Celebrity Baby Names in 2003. A teenager now, let’s just hope that Denim Cole and Diesel Ky can get past their odd names and make a good name for themselves.

13 Dweezil Zappa

12 Speck Wildhorse Mellencamp

American rock star John Mellencamp has always been in the national headlines, so it was no surprise when he and model Elaine Irwin, made headlines by naming their son Speck Wildhorse Mellencamp. It is well known that John Mellencamp likes wild animals, as he went by the stage name Cougar for a while, but did "Wildhorse" really need to make it into your son’s name? Speck did find his way back into headlines with his older brother in 2015 though, when he served a jail sentence for battery in 12-hour stints instead of the four days straight at his father’s urging.

11 Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, the daughter of actress Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban, was born in 2008 and got quite a bit of attention due to her unique name. The middle name, Rose, is a dedication to Keith Urban’s grandmother, while the first name, Sunday, has a completely different type of dedication. People confirmed that the name Sunday was taken from Sunday Reed. Kidman’s father had suggested the name, taken from a women who was somewhat of a musical and artistic muse. The couple liked the suggestion and agreed that it was a good name or a baby girl.

10 Kyd Miller Duchovny

American actor David Duchovny and Téa Leoni gave birth to their second child, Kyd Miller Duchovny, in 2002 in Los Angeles. Duchovny, best known for his work in The X Files or Evolution, wanted something short and sweet to name his son. Kyd was born right in the middle of a big string of odd celebrity baby names. While one of the more mildly ridiculous names on our list, the spelling does make it unique, apparently Kyd Duchovny does not actually enjoy his name and insists on going by his middle name, Miller. I guess he hasn’t focused on how much worse it could have been, looking at you Moon Unit (more on that later).

9 Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Jules Oliver make our countdown again with their son and fourth child, Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. Sibling to Daisy Boo Pamela and Poppy Honey Rosie, Buddy Bear Maurice kept the family tradition of weird and numerous names rolling. While Buddy is a pretty common nickname or even pet name you could say, to have it as a real full on legal first name is a bit much. But, I guess in Hollywood you can get away with things like that, especially in a family that has one child named after a My Little Pony character.

8 Blue Ivy Carter

Rapper Jay-Z and recording artist Beyoncé have spent years in the spotlight with their relationship being regarded as tabloid royalty. So, when it was discovered the couple was expecting a baby together, the news spread quickly and gossip surrounding the gender and name spread like wild fire. Soon, Blue Ivy Carter was born and opinions formed around the name pretty quickly. Since she was born, Blue Ivy has made appearances in tabloids, songs, and music videos with the celebrity couple, and has been almost as highly sought after by tabloids as her famous parents are. Blue Ivy will even have a part on Coldplay’s new album, with whom her mother has worked on multiple occasions.

7 Apple Martin

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Now we move from Beyoncé to her Super Bowl 50 Half Time Show performance partner Chris Martin. Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, and his ex-wife actress Gwyneth Paltrow named their daughter Apple. Now they did not get the name from the tech giant or any other pop culture references, but instead were inspired by a friend of theirs who had named his daughter Apple. They asked his permission to use the same name if they had a girl, and as fate would have it they did. When the name was revealed, tabloids went crazy over the baby girl’s unique name, but since then it has been overshadowed by other odd celebrity names.

6 Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver

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Jamie and Jools Oliver make our countdown one last time with the final of their four children to be named here, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver. Their third child, who has two sisters and one brother also named on this list, was originally going to be named Rainbow. Jools wanted to just name her Rainbow but Jamie told her to “calm down” and they had to rethink the name. They found out after the fact that Petal Rainbow is actually a name from the My Little Pony toy collection. Still, the couple doesn’t think it is anyone’s business what they name their children. They're right but that may not be the point everyone is making...

5 Pirate Houseman Davis

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Pirate Houseman Davis is the son of KORN singer Jonathan Davis and his wife Deven. While they used the name Pirate to announce the baby’s birth, they also announced on the KORN website that the name Pirate was actually just a nickname and the couple was planning to keep their son’s real name private for a more normal life. However, Jonathon’s other son, Nathan, who he had from a different relationship, had his real name given to the press. So who knows if it is just a decoy name to keep the press away, or they just didn’t want to be harassed for such a unique name, but either way Pirate makes the countdown as a ridiculous baby name.

4 Chosen Newton

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rose to extra fame this season with the Panthers’ amazing winning streak and their run to the Super Bowl. Newton had a lot of time in the spotlight with his exuberant personality and charisma during press conferences. He welcomed a son close to Christmas, and let the name slip at one of the press conferences. His son, Chosen, avoided the pressure of being Cam Jr., which his dad wanted. But now he has to live up to the pressure of being named Chosen, a name Cam chose because of its unique but masculine characteristics. One more thing, Cam Newton claims his son is already walking and has scholarship offers at under 6-months old. Highly unlikely but who are we to call him a liar?

3 North West

Hardly any babies on this countdown have received more public attention than North West, the daughter of rapper Kanye West and socialite Kim Kardashian. The celebrity couple made headlines when they announced they were expecting a child, and photos of a very pregnant Kim K. went around the tabloids with all the rumors and speculations about the baby’s name. When North West was announced, the internet went crazy. Carefully crafted and some not-so-clever jokes flooded Twitter and tabloids, from celebrities to everyday people it seemed that everyone wanted a piece of this unique name. The couple just welcomed their second child, Saint. That's right. Saint. Maybe this has something to do with Kanye thinking he's a God.

2 Moon Unit Zappa

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Frank Zappa makes out countdown again for an odd baby name, this time belonging to his eldest child Moon Unit Zappa. Frank’s first daughter, Moon Unit is now an actress. When asked about why he gave his children such weird names, Frank answered he did it because he “wanted to.” Now his children have to live with those names forever, which could be a blessing and a curse. Because while they have to live with the ridiculous names and probably be the punch line to a few jokes, they will also always be guaranteed a spot in the tabloids and on the internet. Moon Unit has siblings named Dweezil (already seen earlier), Ahmed Emuukha, and Diva Muffin. Diva Muffin was a final cut for membership on this prestigious list.

1 Audio Science Clayton

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Actress Shannyn Sossamon named her child Audio Science Clayton. She has stated repeatedly that his name is Audio, with Science acting as his middle name, something that people often seem to overlook as they refer to him as Audio Science. Still, the actress and her son come in as number one on our countdown for ridiculous baby names. Sossamon had said it was a unique name and she liked it, which is why she chose to give it to her son. She does have another child named Mortimer as well, which wasn’t quite odd enough to make it onto the list.

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