Top 18 Hottest Kardashian/Jenner Bikini Pictures

The Kardashian/Jenner family is one of the best known families in America. Part of the reason they are so popular is because most of the females in the family are considered to be quite attractive. The family is certainly not shy about the attention they receive, and brought that fact home when they began starring in the E! reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007.

Being on TV is not the only way the Kardashian/Jenner family stays in the spotlight. They also enjoy being active on social media which includes posting selfies. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian have all been photographed multiple times wearing bikinis, and so have Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Through the years many of their bikini photos have surfaced. We have narrowed those photos down to the 18 hottest Kardashian/Jenner bikini pictures for your viewing pleasure.

18 The Kim Kardashian Pose

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This photo of Kim Kardashian is the most popular when you search Google for “hottest Kardashian bikini picture”. It was taken at a photo shoot in Los Angeles, California in July 2009. Kim looks great sporting a colorful bikini and posing in front of a tree. This bikini picture of her stands the test of time and reminds us that Kim was posing for hot pictures long before some of her other family members were even old enough to do so.

17 Kourtney and Kendall 

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This hot picture shows Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner getting in some family bonding time. This photo came about while the family was on vacation in St. Bart’s. Kendall is carrying some type of stick in her grey and black bikini with a white overwrap. Meanwhile Kendall is wearing a grey and yellow bikini and snapping some photos of Kendall from behind. The white sandy beach and large rocks in the background help make this photograph even more memorable.

16 Kim Lounging Around

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This “photo shoot” of Kim Kardashian was so hot that two pictures from it actually made this list. Back in July 2014 Kim was laying out by the pool at a Mexican resort working on her tan in her grey bikini. Kim has to work hard to achieve her perfect tan, and this overhead view of her sunbathing really shows that off. If you look closely you can see a shadow of a pair of arms and hands using a cell phone to snap the pic.

15 Kourtney's "Assets" In Blue

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This photo of Kourtney Kardashian was taken during her 35th birthday celebration in Los Cabos, Mexico in April 2014. Here we see Kourtney showing off her assets in a blue bikini as she walks up the stairs. This is a very simple candid shot, but it shows that even at the age of 35, Kourtney still looks good from the front and the back. Hopefully she didn’t party too hard or she might not have been able to make it up the steps without tripping.

14 Mama Jenner Looking Good

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Even though her daughters and step daughters have the hottest Kardashian/Jenner bikini pictures, the family matriarch Kris Jenner still looks good in her own bikini shots as well. In this photo she is halfway under water and appears to be coming up for air like some beautiful sea creature. Kris is sporting a blue bikini which shows off her ample bosom, not to mention what appears to be a very expensive necklace. Kris Jenner also likes to relax and enjoy some time in the pool like the rest of her family does.

13 Smokin' In Black

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When someone like Kylie Jenner decides to post a bikini selfie, the world takes notice. She posted this selfie in a black bikini on Instagram, where Kylie has more than 33 million followers. She looks very hot in her bikini and her accessories are also on point. Kylie is rocking some nice sunglasses as well as what appears to be a very expensive bracelet. She may have been on her way to the pool or the beach, but either way she certainly looked good.

12 Jumping Kim

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This fun photo of Kim Kardashian in a blue bikini was taken in the Dominican Republic in March 2012. Kim was enjoying a nice vacation with her family and took some time out for a photo shoot. Here she is seen jumping off a boat into the ocean. Part of what makes this photo so great is the look on her face combined with her hair flowing in the wind. People like to criticize the Kardashian/Jenner family, but they do like to have fun and enjoy themselves.

11 Pretty In Purple

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Kylie Jenner is the big winner as she is able to claim two of the top three spots on the list of the hottest Kardashian/Jenner bikini pictures. E! Online even called the photos of Kylie in her teeny purple bikini “too hot to handle”. Kylie was celebrating her birthday and rode a wave runner while enjoying her time at the beach. She is also rocking some cornrows and aviator sunglasses, but you might not notice those fine details at first.

10 Bathroom Selfie

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This selfie was taken by Kim Kardashian in Miami, Florida in March 2014. Kim took this photo in the bathroom mirror and her black bikini top leaves little to the imagination. Some of the hottest Kardashian/Jenner bikini pictures are not from fancy photo shoots, but are taken in the spur of the moment. In addition to Kim looking very good, you can also get a look into the way she lives by checking out what she has on her bathroom counter.

9 Kendall Rocking Some Polka Dots

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This candid shot of Kendall Jenner was taken in Thailand in March 2014. Here Kendall is sporting a bright pink bikini top along with a polka dot white bottom. She appears to be talking to someone on the phone and perhaps meeting them at the resort. Kendall is carrying a bag of sun bathing products to work on her tan as well. The older of the Jenner sisters is often seen wearing a bikini and showing off sexy pictures on Instagram.

8 Kourtney In Shape

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Kourtney Kardashian might not wear a bikini as often as her sister Kim does, but she still looks good doing it. Kourtney once posed for the cover of Shape magazine and she certainly did look to be in very good shape. She graced the cover in her white bikini and appeared in an article sharing her post-baby body secrets. The eldest Kardashian sister still likes to show off her body from time to time, and will always have this cover shot to remember.

7 Kardashian Trampoline

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Kim Kardashian looked great in her purple bikini while she jumped on a trampoline for a photoshoot. Kim was photographed suspended in the air with a very nice background which included nice green grass and trees. Kim’s purple bikini works well with the blue trampoline and green and blue background. The Kardashian/Jenner family has not had a great history with trampolines as Kylie Jenner was hospitalized in 2014 after an accident involving Khloe Kardashian and a trampoline.

6 Kylie And The Statue

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This black and white shot of Kylie Jenner was taken in Miami, Florida in March 2014. Kylie is posing in her black bikini in front of a male statue. Her choice of bikini is very sexy, but what makes this photograph work is the contrast involved. Everything in the picture is a shade of white except for Kylie’s black swimsuit. The idea of a sexy Kylie posing in front of a nearly naked male statue also makes this an interesting photo.

5 Kim's Famous Derriere

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Some of the hottest pictures of the Kardashian/Jenner family come when they are least expecting it. Here Kim Kardashian is just chilling at some type of beach resort in Mexico. Kim was taking some personal time to work on her tan and was sunbathing in a grey bikini. The thing that makes this photo so hot is the interesting angle she is posed in. Being a Kardashian is hard work so sometimes you just need to relax and get some sun for your buns.

4 Furry Kardashian

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This photo of Kim Kardashian in a furry bikini is so hot it’s actually cold. The photo shoot was done out in the ice and snow and Kim is seen wearing a white and brown fur type bikini which barely covers what it needs to down south. That bikini is paired with some furry boots just to keep some part of her warm in these extreme conditions. This is classic Kim Kardashian and goes to show that she can look good in any type of weather.

3 Khloe Kardashian Stretching

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2 Kim and Kourtney

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The only thing better than one Kardashian in a bikini is two Kardashians in bikinis. This picture may be a bit old, but it still one of the hottest ones you can find. It features Kim and Kourtney Kardashian having a good time at the pool while they were on vacation in Monte Carlo in June 2008. Kim is sporting a red top with leopard bottoms while Kourtney keeps it simple in all white. It’s hard to say who looks better, but the slight advantage has to go to Kim.

1 Kylie's Snakeskin

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The hottest bikini picture of a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family goes to Kylie Jenner, who was photographed in St. Bart’s in August 2015. Kylie was relaxing on a boat and is seen rocking a snakeskin two piece by OYE Swimwear along with matching sneakers. There is just something about the way Kylie is posed wearing her sunglasses against the contrast of the blue ocean. It looks like she’s not trying very hard to be sexy, but the result is very much the opposite.


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