Top 18 Hottest "All-American" Actresses

With the invention of social media and modern media, it is becoming easier and easier to know everything about our favorite celebrities and their lives off the big- and handheld- screen. This means that we often feel more connected to our modern entertainers than people did decades ago. We can watch every award show, red carpet stroll, and see them going in and out of stores on the daily (I mean, can you believe celebrities need groceries too?).

With all this new exposure, it becomes easier to see their personalities, those besides the characters they play on screen. It helps us imagine hanging out with them, laughing with them, and even living with them. There are some celebrities that stand above the rest when it comes to conjuring certain images, such as an All-American personality and look.

This list puts together some of those actresses. The women in Hollywood we associate with America and that kind of look and lifestyle. While some of them may not be American by history, they have come in and made a name and a good image for themselves on and off the big screen. The ones who make you think of lemonade on a hot summer day, and Friday night football games.

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18 Tara Reid

Once considered a Hollywood party girl, actress Tara Reid is a New Jersey native who got her start in acting at a young age. She appeared in commercials and smaller roles until one of her more well known roles, American Pie. She has appeared on the cover of Maxim and was voted one of the “102 Sexiest Women in the World” by Stuff, and has ranked highly on a few similar lists as well. Reid is known for her recognizably raspy voice and has had a few fan favorite roles. She is often characterized as a feisty, sexy and lovable bombshell. She looks a bit worse for wear these days, but in the early and mid 2000s, Tara Reid looked like the prototypical girlfriend of every high school quarterback in the country.

17 Mila Kunis

Although actress Mila Kunis is actually Ukrainian, she has become associated with an All-American culture through different roles, and more specifically her portrayal of the spoiled teenager Jackie on That 70's Show. Her character was sassy and confrontational, but also lovable at the same time. She has played other roles since then, and even married her TV show love, Ashton Kutcher, who played Jackie’s boyfriend Kelso on That 70's Show, and they now have a child together. Kunis has long been regarded as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood with her beautiful smile, and voice.

16 Jessica Biel

15 Anna Kendrick

The petite and feisty Anna Kendrick is less the girl next door type, and more the cool chick who could beat guys up type. The outspoken beauty is known for letting the world and media know how she feels, often refusing to try to make a role more sexy, wanting attention more for talent instead. She just recently became a household name after appearing in blockbuster hits like Into the Woods and Pitch Perfect, where she showcased not only her acting talent but her amazing voice as well. She has been welcomed into Hollywood and tabloids as a great role model for young girls and women.

14 Jessica Alba

13 Cameron Diaz

Another beautiful California girl, Cameron Diaz is one of the first actresses you think of when you picture the girl next door. She has played many similar roles on the big screen, appearing as the sought after titular character in There’s Something About Mary to the seemingly-innocent and gullible blonde in Charlie’s Angels. She is known for her crazy adorable dance moves, and that gorgeous bright ear to ear smile she showcases in almost every film. On top of all that is her bubbly personality and girl next door image, ignoring the fact that before she was an actress her parents apparently let her travel the world in her teens to pursue modeling.

12 Blake Lively

The stunning Blake Lively has parents who understand show business. They have experience in acting, as coaching actors, and as talent managers. While she had been in smaller roles before, Lively caught her big break when she got one of the roles in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where she played Bridget. She got the role without any real experience, references, or a big audition, because she was just the perfect athletic girl next door type for the role. She was also class president and a cheerleader at her high school, which she went back to after filming the movie. She is now married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, and they have a child together.

11 Drew Barrymore

Long-time star Drew Barrymore first appeared on the big screen and in our hearts with her role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. She was a young child at the time and has been acting since. She is easily recognizable with her sweet, higher pitched voice, that some say carries a bit of a lisp. She has had a busy career, appearing in smaller films, as well as big blockbuster hits over the past decades. A reported sweetheart on and off the screen, Barrymore is the personification of the All-American girl next door type of actress.

10 Kirsten Dunst

9 Hayden Panettiere

Stunning New Yorker Hayden Panettiere has been acting since she was under a year old. Her mother, an actress herself, had her start in commercials until she was cast in a soap opera at a young age. Since then, Panettiere has appeared in several films and television shows, including multiple roles as a high school All-American cheerleader. On top of her acting roles, she is known for her singing voice and acting as a spokesperson for animal rights. On top of all of that, Panettiere just has a face you can trust, her kind, sparkling eyes and warm smile portray genuine affection.

8 Emma Stone

Most prominently known for her lower husky voice, silly sense of humor and her bright red hair, Emma Stone is originally from Arizona. The young actress made her first big appearance in Hollywood in Superbad, and followed that up with a lead role in Easy A where she showed the audience, and girls around the world, her sassy side. It was that sass and feisty nature that really secured her in our hearts and Hollywood’s casting lists. She has an adorable laugh and beautiful smile to round out the whole image of America’s sweetheart, the girl everyone wants to know and be friends with.

7 Kate Hudson

California native and actress Kate Hudson has made a name for herself in Hollywood without taking advantage of the name of fellow actress and mother Goldie Hawn. She has beautiful blonde hair and a welcoming smile, something you are sure to notice when seeing her on screen or in tabloids. The sweet and relaxed girl next door type, Hudson has said repeatedly she likes being more laid back or not wearing make up. She even has her own line of workout gear now, to help everyday women get in better shape while looking good at affordable prices. Just another way Hudson has won her way into America’s hearts.

6 Scarlett Johansson

Beauty Scarlett Johansson had an interest in acting at a young age and appeared in several stage productions before gaining big screen fame. She started with smaller roles and has worked her way up through different impressive roles, such as a part in Lost In Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring. The actress has now made teenage dreams across the nation come true, by joining the Marvel Universe as Black Widow, an ex-assassin turned superhero. Johansson is known for her gorgeous looks, seductive voice, and mature acting skills, and is a picture perfect example for hard work paying off.

5 Amanda Seyfried

4 Jennifer Lawrence

3 Reese Witherspoon

2 Anne Hathaway

America went crazy for actress Anne Hathaway when we saw her as a struggling American teenager in The Princess Diaries. We saw her go from someone who was just trying to get through high school, to someone struggling to rule a country. Granted, the whole being a princess secretly thing doesn’t hit home for a lot of us, but the struggling to fit in during high school sure does. Then for fans, we have had the pleasure of watching her move into more mature roles as we’ve grown up. She’s showcased her beautiful singing voice, acting talent, and good looks, and even landed a role in the on-screen rendition Les Miserables, securing the fact that she could do roles outside of teen-love stories. On top of her acting, Hathaway has been an advocate for many social causes, and always has a sweet girl next door image.

1 Jennifer Aniston

Number one on our list of All-American actresses goes to California native Jennifer Aniston. We originally fell in love with her as Rachel on Friends, where we watched her navigate a tricky life with an amazing group by her side, all while wishing we could join them for a cup of coffee at Central Perk. We followed her rise to fame and a very public divorce with Brad Pitt. Women all over the country respect her, not only for how she handled the divorce, but her casual laid back style and the way she can pull off a simple hair-do and sweats and still look gorgeous. On the other hand, dudes love her because she seems to get better looking by the day. She avoids most scandals and still stays in our minds and hearts, and still looks great.

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