Top 15 Worst Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails

What yoga pants are for our beautiful ladies, sweatpants are to us guys... Except for the fact that the elegance and shapeliness of a woman can even make elastic, polyester britches look classy, suitable and appropriate for any occasion, and sweatpants just make us fellas look like lazy slobs. If you think about it, yoga pants may be one of the greatest inventions of the past century after the iPhone and Oreos. Yoga pants can fit any body type and even make some of the strangest shapes appear flattering.

Also, let us not forget that this is a design not solely for women; the fellas too can get in on some yoga pants action. Matter of fact, compression pants have become one the largest trends in mainstream sports today. But guys, don't take it as far as Cam Newton did and show up to practice or the big game in sheer panty hose. Unfortunately, there are some flaws to the stretchy pants... At times they can become see-through, up-riding trousers from hell. To some of you, you might not think of this as a problem, to those wearing the tight tights, it might easily become publicly humiliating... especially, if you're a celebrity with TMZ lurking in the shadows. With all that being said, check out the biggest celebrity yoga pants fails caught on camera.

15 Blac Chyna 

via cloudfront.net

At one point in time Blac Chyna was just a big booty dancer at the world famous King of Diamonds club in beautiful Miami, Florida. These days she's found a way to wiggle herself into the Kardashian empire by getting impregnated by the once svelte and now chubby little brother of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim... Rob Kardashian. Anyways, back at the matter of the hand, this snapshot is less about the actual yoga pants and more about the junk in the trunk that the pants struggle to hold. We live in a time where body enhancements have become the norm, but the sight of Blac Chyna rocking the stretchys kind of let's us know she may have went overboard with booty. Can you blame her, though? Rob grew up staring at his sisters' huge booty so you know Blac Chyna had to one-up the queen of reality television if she wanted to attract Rob.

14 Shia LeBeouf

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It takes a brave, brave man to not only pull off yoga pants, but hot pink yoga pants?! Man, Shia LeBeouf is in a league of his own. The funny thing is that when this pic was snapped, he was on his way to a Jimmy Kimmel Live! taping. Over the past several years, Shia has done some strange things from pulling his own teeth out in order to show his commitment to method acting, to showing up to a red carpet event with a brown lunch bag over his head, so, in some sense we should have seen this coming. What's even crazier is that this isn't the first time we've seen him in awkward colored stretchy pants. If you search the interweb, you can find Shia doing some strange stretches wearing purple yoga pants, very similar to these hot pink pants. Also, the fact that he's wearing an Oakland Raiders hat to possibly balance out the lack of masculinity of his outfit doesn't help either. All we have to say is... Shia's a lot braver and care-free than we are. Sheesh.

13 Kim Kardashian


By the looks of the picture above, Kim Kardashian's New Orleans Saints shirt, flip flops, and bustuous 'private parts' screaming through her faded grey yoga pants, you can definitely tell that this is a pre-Kanye picture. As a matter of fact, the Saints shirt tells us that she was still involved with Reggie Bush at the time and the real E! Entertainment money had yet to roll in. Regardless, those pants definitely don't leave too much to the imagination, and those exact yoga pants would probably sell for an insane amount on eBay right now.

12 Paris Hilton

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Believe it or not, those cheeks belong to none other than Paris Hilton, one half of the heir to the Hilton hotel empire. Over the years we've grown to figure out that Ms. Paris is into the finer things in life; the lavish cars, gaudy jewelry, and private flights... But cheap, sheer, see-through yoga pants? Who would have thought that she too would indulge in $5 yoga pants, that when they hit the sun just right, your underwear on full display for all the world to see. What's even worse is that she's wearing the finest red bottom Christian Louboutins worth more than her entire outfit with those cheap tights.

11 Anne Hathaway

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10 Sofia Vergara

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9 Jennifer Lawrence

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The funny thing about Jennifer Lawrence making this list is the fact that she plays a blue, naked mutant in the X-Men trilogy by the name of Mystique, that appears to be mighty shapely, but for some reason we don't see where the physical hype is coming from by the look of these yoga pants... or biker shorts, or yoga pants. Wait... what are those? And what part of town is Jennifer Lawrence in? By the looks of her surroundings, it looks like she took a wrong turn in LA and ended up in Watts. You would think someone of her status might want to avoid alleys, as well as look out for the guy behind her. We don't think we've seen such a form fitting outfit picture of Jennifer Lawrence since The Fappening.

8 Nicki Minaj

via rapwave.net

Here's another example of where it's less about the yoga pants and more about who's wearing them... We mean, Nicki can't even keep hers up as seen in the picture. Also, it's obvious she's gotten some work done to that body of hers, being that her waist to hip to thigh ratio is completely disproportionate to the realistic human body and looks a little cartoonish. We understand she's in a male dominated industry and needs to use every 'asset' she's got to rise to the top, but maybe she should stick to regular denim jeans if she can't keep her yoga pants from falling or gripping to her waist for dear life. She looks good but, we're going to have to call this one a fail.

7 Kris Jenner

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6 Lil' Kim-- FIX

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We sort of feel bad for Lil' Kim these days, as Nicki Minaj sort of jacked her entire swag and she went from the sexy Brooklyn chick holding a razor blade in her mouth to the sweet little Asian lady that barely understands you while trying to take your order at your local Chinese food spot. Seriously, Kim has gone overboard with the plastic surgery, but we're not here for that. In all honesty, this yoga pants fail is less about the purple tights and more about the overall ensemble; her thigh-high gold boots and shimmery gold top, complete with 80s styled shoulder pads looks like something that should have been worn to Studio 54.

5 Julianne Hough


Footloose! Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes! If you don't scream that song and dance like James Brown when you hear it you haven't lived... And for those of you who don't find that relevant to our next yoga pants victim, Julianne Hough, she starred in the 2011 remake of Footloose! and is also a two-time 'professional champion' of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, she doesn't always make the best wardrobe choices and low cut yoga pants is one of them. We understand the dancing phenom was aiming for comfort but all we can see is the boniness of her pelvic bone thrusting through her form fitting yoga pants and her lack of hips. All we have to say is, at least she didn't fall victim to the infamous 'yoga pants toe', like some of the other celebrity ladies on this list that had to pry off that poly/cotton blend.

4 Mickey Rourke


Finally, another manly man makes the yoga pants cut... At one point in time, that homeless looking guy who looks like he went through the trash of a Beverly Hills soccer mom and found fluorescent, highlighter yellow yoga pants and a matching v-neck, was considered to be one of Hollywood's hottest actors; Mickey Rourke. He took a break from the limelight and became a professional boxer and made his acting return in the critically acclaimed and award winning movie, The Wrestler. Unfortunately, these days he wears unflattering tight tights and creepily stares into the camera of the paps with his unkempt hair-dos. At least the guy still keeps in shape these days, but we do have to say that his choice of wardrobe is a little disturbing. Instead of dressing like a female gym trainer, he should at least wear some comfortable, loose-fitting shorts so that he's not showing off all the goods to other gym goers.

3 Khloe Kardashian


Personally, we don't believe this is a total fail, but once again if this was any normal person, or a recognizable celebrity like Mo'nique or Betty White, we'd be highly disturbed... maybe even scarred for life. But instead it is the Khloe Kardashian, and it appears that she is smuggling two hams in those sheer yoga pants of hers. Do we have a problem when it comes to the butts of the Kardashian clan? Maybe. But can you blame us? Of course not... There's a reason that family is on TV every week and it's not because of their intellect. And for those of you that think we're so wrong for lusting after Khloe's bouncing booty, take a look at her photoshoot spread that she did with Complex magazine.

2 Russell Brand

via truesportslife.com

We'd love to believe that Russell Brand's life is exactly how he portrayed his rock star character in the comedy and soon to be cult classic Get Him to the Greek, but unfortunately our dream of him getting to stick hard drugs up his assistant's behind before hoping onto a commercial flight probably won't come true. But what we do know is that Russell Brand is definitely one interesting dresser. Stylistically we gotta say, he pulls off some of the tightest denim jeans we've ever seen known to man, we're just not sure how he puts them on or if he's got a healthy set of cajones due to the tightness of his pants. Anyways, today we're here to talk about his flooding yoga pants, but the yoga pants have nothing on his knitted, sheer, women's sweater. This entire outfit is just distracting; the flip flops, the man-nip slip, and the yoga pants... it's all just so much, but for some strange reason Russell pulls this off.

1 Iggy Azalea


Last but not least, the Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, makes the final cut of our yoga pants failing fiasco. Once again to some, this might not be a fail if you've ever wanted to get as close as possible to seeing Iggy's rump in the nude, but for those fashionistos and fashionistas out there, they know that sheer yoga pants are not the way to go when it comes to flash photography. We understand that Iggy was trying to exude a certain amount of s*x appeal here, and we'll be the first to say mission accomplished but, is that junk in the trunk of hers actually real? Seriously... We think we have a more subtle version of some Blac Chyna play here, but it has yet to be proven. Think about it though, does Australia have a reputation for building tall, blonde chicks with pompous butts? Unfortunately, we have to mark her dramatic make-up, see-through yoga pants, and weird Twitter photoshoot location as a fail in our book. Regardless, we have to show Nick Young respect for locking down Iggy and her possibly fake, digitally stretched behind.

Sources: Fitavation, IMDBTotalProSports

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