Top 15 Sexiest Horror Movies of All Time

It’s a set in stone cliche that the best way to get hot and heavy on a date is to bring a girl to a horror movie. The tense atmosphere and the jump scares give you a perfect opportunity to cuddle up close, which is not a bad lead-in to making out. Whether it's out of fear or desire, as long as your blood is pumping, the line between turned on and terrified is pretty thin.

Except some particularly gruesome horror movies, just about any film will get the job done. But sometimes, you want to double down and make sure things get a little hotter than normal. Lucky for us, horror and sex have always gone hand in hand. Just about any slasher movie worth the ticket price will have some boobs, and because of its underground status, horror films often are more free in tackling s*x than most other mainstream genres. In fact, it’s not very unusual that the entire story in a horror movie revolves around s*x in one way or another.

In putting together this list we tried to choose the all around sexiest movie choices, but every once in a while a specific scene or particular scene lands the movie on our radar. Some actors naturally ooze sex, and that sometimes is enough to land them here. Some of the other films, though, the sexiness is situational - which overall have a longer lasting impact. What are your go-to horror films when you want a little sex with your scares?

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15 Jennifer's Body (2009)

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While Jennifer’s Body is not particularly good, we can’t help enjoying it for its sense of humor and Megan Fox. Fox is not only really sexy here (like really sexy), she also gives a fantastic performance. We can’t say we didn’t rewind at least a few times where she makes out with Amanda Seyfried that has been in the spank bank pantheon ever since. This movie is a mess, but at least it’s a sexy one. Megan Fox really embodies that crazy hot high school girl who seems too good to be true, and in this case, she is… cause like you know, she’s literally a monster.

14 Nina Forever (2015)


This horror film that never got a proper theatrical release (such a shame) is literally about sex. Ever since Rob’s girlfriend died in a car accident, every time he tries to hook up with another girl, his wise-cracking “ex” pops up like a bloody spectre. Ruthlessly sexy, the film somehow makes this incredibly hot and absolutely terrifying. The sex scenes are some of the best we’ve ever seen in any movie and leave us wanting more. 

13 Videodrome (1983)

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So sexy and so unsexy, Videodrome is the original movie about an evil videotape. One of David Cronenberg’s best films, it examines the blurring line between our bodies and the technologies we used. Casting the one and only Debbie Harrie aka Blondie (ironically as a brunette) as the romantic lead, satisfied a part of our lust we never knew existed. One of the main plot points involves an adult film, so it should be no surprise this film delivers on sexiness. Still, this is ranked low because like most Cronenberg films it leaves you with an "icky" feeling inside.

12 Species (1995)

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As much we love Species, it is quite literally a transparent excuse to get Natasha Henstridge naked. This movie about a dangerous alien seductress who is trying to mate with a human leaves us hot and bothered. We’re not sure it is possible for Natasha Henstridge to be hotter, and honestly, she has some of the greatest boobs we’ve ever seen in any movie. While the movie has made us seriously reconsider hooking up for a one night stand, there are worse ways to greet death than at the hands of a super hot alien chick. The movie itself is not quite as good as it had the potential to be, but we don’t really mind.

11 All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

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It’s not fair that Johnny Depp who already has one of the most successful film careers of all time, ALSO gets to be with Amber Heard. She may be our ultimate crush, she has perfect hair, a beautiful face, an incredible body and she’s even bisexual. In this little indie horror, she is the titular Mandy Lane, a beautiful teenage girl who everyone is obsessed with. Heard would be enough to rank guarantee this film’s spot on the list, but the movie goes even further with an especially hot lesbian scene. While not often talked about, this movie is well worth seeking out.

10 Interview with a Vampire (1994)

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A little something for everyone, this popular adaptation of Anne Rice’s best-loved novel brings together vampires and sex. While the film is more for the ladies, starring Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and Tom Cruise - sex is sex and this movie has a lot of it. What is it about vampires that are so alluring? From the first Dracula movies to Twilight, vampires and sex seem to go hand in hand in the movies. Maybe it’s the intimacy of how most vampires turn a deep passionate kiss into a bite to the jugular. After all, for them, what’s most important is to get your blood pumping for some optical feeding.

9 Piranha 3D (2010)

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Boobs and bikinis sum up this horror comedy, and we’re not complaining! Taking full advantage of 3D technology, this movie about killer fish is a spring break blood bath showcasing some of the hottest babes imaginable. We love how this movie brings a lot of laughs, with no less than Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, playing the scientist. But what keeps us coming back for more are the beautiful women, including some of our all-time favorite hotties. Whether you’re into older stars like Elisabeth Shue or lingerie models like Kelly Brook, Piranha 3D provides the goods.

8 Hellraiser (1987)

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One of the most horrifying films on this list, Hellraiser blends obsessive lust with demonic forces. This classic of the horror genre is especially popular with women, so as long as your girlfriend isn’t too squeamish, this is always a good one to turn on for a session of Netflix & Chill. As this movie centers around sexual obsession, it’s no surprise that it is chock full of people getting it on - and in a rare turn of events, it’s largely told from a woman’s point of view. Telling the dangers of lustful obsession, Hellraiser might be a little antithetical to a list devoted to showcasing the sexiest horror movies, but to get its point across it manages to be super hot.

7 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

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Back in the videotape era, you could be sure that if you rented From Dusk Till Dawn a certain strip scene sequence would be more than a little worn out. While as a whole From Dusk Till Dawn is not very sexy, Salma Hayek’s now infamous strip scene with a snake is maybe the sexiest thing in any movie...ever. The dance likely inspired more than a few cases of early onset puberty and we’re honestly hypnotized by her dancing - and in particular, how certain parts of her body jiggle just right. This performance guarantees that for decades to come, Salma Hayek will be considered among the sexiest women alive.

6 The Hunger (1983)

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Not many people know about this old vampire movie starring Susan Sarandon, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, but they should! The first movie from the late Tony Scott, who is best known for his films like Domino, Top Gun and Man of Fire, he has never made a movie so sexy. After thousands of years, sexy french vampire Miriam (Catherine Deneuve) has her eyes on Susan Sarandon as her top choice. With some incredibly charged lesbian sequences and a very topless Sarandon, this movie has more than earned its spot as one of the sexiest horror movies ever.

5 Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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Some of the films on this list are here for one or two sequences, in particular, this one is included for the sexy striptease. We LOVE the unexpected twists and turns of Cabin in the Woods, which really defies what we normally expect from a horror film, but what really stands out is Anna Hutchison making out with a taxidermied wolf. That sounds creepy, but it’s oh, so hot. We love that the film doesn’t go the easy route and feature hot girls for nothing, long before Anna starts dancing we’re sold on her sassy blend of humor and intelligence.

4 Under the Skin (2013)

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Who wants to see Scarlett Johannson naked? I think that covers 98% of the population, so color me shocked that more people haven’t seen Under the Skin. This movie is weird, but that doesn’t discount the fact it is incredibly eerie and beautiful. As some kind of body snatching alien picks up men on the road, she lures them to her house to do the deed and then they disappear into a black goo. Sometimes the scariest movies are the ones that don’t make any sense, and this is definitely one of them. Scar Jo not only gives an amazing performance and strips down a few times, too.

3 Planet Terror (2007)

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We were almost inclined to also throw in Death Proof, but it’s barely a horror movie. Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez’ first half of the Grindhouse film, is an outrageous and sexy movie about a zombie hunting stripper. Rose McGowan proved us completely wrong as we thought she might be over the hill and delivers an incredibly hot performance - even with one leg. We’re not the kind of people who are inclined to Google machine gun limbs and sex to see if this fetish has taken off, but against our better judgment it’s something we can’t get out of our heads.

2 Spring (2016)

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Just a couple of years from now, we’re already pretty sure Spring will be known as one of the sexiest movies of all time. While a monster movie, the real heart of this movie lies in a frantically sexy romance. We’re not sure there is a working actress who is sexier than Nadia Hilker, who embodies everything you’d ever want in a woman. She is so mysteriously alluring in this role, that we don’t blame Evan when he continues to see her even when things start to get a little creepy. Luckily for us, Hilker seems to be getting pretty regular work so we will be able to see more of her in years to come!

1 Cat People

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Is Nastassja Kinski the sexiest woman to ever live? We think she may be at least top 5 and Cat People is maybe the example of her work. This incredibly bizarre horror remake about a woman’s sexual awakening might not be to everyone’s taste, but Kinski’s perfect oozing sexuality is. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight or asexual, Kinski will turn you on and then some. This isn’t gratuitous sex and nudity either, it is absolutely fundamental to the plot - so if anyone calls you out or walks in on you watching this, you have ample artistic defenses for why you were watching it.

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