Top 15 Hottest On Screen Nannies

What would you do if you found out Marilyn Monroe or Brie Larson was going to babysit you? What about Scarlett Johansson as your full time nanny? Dream on. Nannies, babysitters, and au pairs are there when parents can't be there to look after the kids. If they are hot, then they are the stuff of a young (and sometimes old) man's fantasy. On the screen, babysitters are young and luscious high school girls who can turn the heads of fathers and sons alike. Nannies tend to be a little older, but as Brittany Murphy and Scarlet Johansson have amply demonstrated, a lot more experienced and no less hot. We've even got a few au pairs and a governess to throw into the mix. But beware. These girls can be sinister and wicked. Trust us, there are no Mary Poppins on this list. And, as funny as Robin Williams was as the cross-dressing nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire, he's not on the list, either.

Here are the 15 hottest nannies, babysitters and au pairs of TV and movie land. They are young, often blonde, and exceedingly hot. Sometimes they are nice. Sometimes they are evil. And sometimes they are nuts. But, rest assured, these girls are always hot.

15 The Babysitter's Black Book (2015) - Spencer Locke


Okay. A babysitting service with benefits? Her parents are having financial difficulties, so high school student Ashley (Spencer Locke), needs to do her own thing and make money to put aside for college. Together with her school friends, she starts a babysitting service. Only thing is there is just not that much money in babysitting. So, they branch out; like offering dads "extra services" for extra cash, if you get what we mean. This was a Lifetime TV movie that was based (loosely) on an ABC news report of high school girls who, well, branched out from babysitting to earn extra money. But, the thing is that it's a small suburban community and their guilty little secret just won't stay secret for long. It was totally sanitized for TV, with one of the "dads" looking young enough to be in high school himself. For those of you who are moralist, take comfort from the fact that it does not end well.

14 The Nanny Diaries (2007) - Scarlett Johansson


While we like her better as a blonde, we still think she looked hot in The Nanny Diaries. She plays Annie Braddock, a working-class girl who graduates and can't decide what to do next. She ends up taking a nanny job with "Mr. and Mrs. X" (Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney). He works all the time, she makes a career out of shopping, and their son Grayer, is spoiled and obnoxious. In short, they are totally living the dysfunctional family life in Manhattan. It's a struggle for Annie. Grayer is a pain and Mrs. X is decidedly witchy and lets drop that she had fired her last nanny because she dated. Enter a hottie Harvard guy who lives in the same building. What to do when he asks Annie out on a date? Well, we'll leave you to figure that one out.

13 Adventures in Babysitting (1987) - Elisabeth Shue


Chris Columbus, who went on to direct some Harry Potter films, made his directorial debut with Adventure's of a Babysitter. It's a kind of caper film where Chris (Elisabeth Shue) finds herself at loose ends when her boyfriend cancels their date and then is talked into babysitting so the Anderson kids' parents can attend a party. The plot is, to say the least, complicated. Suffice it to say that Chris rides to the rescue of a friend with her charges in tow. And there are a lot of laughs and mishaps along the way. Elisabeth Shue sizzles in an All-American Girl kind of way as the reluctant babysitter. She went on to play Michael J. Fox's hot girlfriend Jennifer, in two of the Back to the Future films and did a long-running stint on TV's CSI.

12 The Babysitter (2008) - Brie Larson


Allison is an 18-year old senior in high school. She shows up for a babysitting job at the Jones' only to discover the "baby" is a 20-something guy. The parents want her to "babysit" little 27 year old Jimmy. Now, she is not all that keen on the idea. So they offer her $100. So she says okay. Seems poor Jimmy has just broken up with his girlfriend and by everyone's admission, is a bit of a slacker. Suspect a set up? You would be right. This film short is a comedy that tries hard. And Brie Larson is girl next door, blonde and hot. So, what happens when Jimmy offers her a beer? We should mention that Jimmy is the totally hot Josh Cooke from Hart of Dixie. It's funny. It's hot. It's fun.

11 Uptown Girls (2003) - Brittany Murphy


Brittany Murphy plays luscious, hot Molly Gunn, the child-woman daughter of a deceased rock legend. Her dad, Tommy Gunn, left her a mega-trust fun and she is living the carefree good life. That comes to a screeching halt when a nasty manager steals her money and she has to do the unthinkable and get a job. She ends up as nanny to Ray (nailed by Dakota Fanning), a little girl who behaves more like an adult than Molly. Precocious is a word used a lot to describe Ray. And, to make matters worse, the little girl is a hypochondriac and a total neat freak to Molly's 'throw it up in the air' attitude. It's a feel good movie where Molly grows up and Ray gets a childhood. And Neal (played by Jesse Spence) provides hot Molly with plenty of love.

10 The Babysitter's Seduction (1996) - Keri Russell


She was hired to watch over the kids, but who was going to watch over her? So, we are in babysitter/thriller land. Michelle (Keri Russell) has been happily babysitting for the Bartrand family. Then the mom dies and the dad Bill (played by Stephen Collins), asks her to move in and look after the kids. She is gradually "seduced" by Bill. Then, we discover that the mom had been having an affair and the police suspect she might have been murdered. Poor old Michelle gets all caught up in this mess and becomes a suspect. The beautiful Phylicia Rashad (Creed, The Cosby Show) is the cop out to find the killer. No prizes for guessing who really did it. But Keri Russell is vulnerable and hot in what some have called one of Lifetime's silliest attempts at movie making.

9 Weekend with the Babysitter (1970) - Susan Romen


No prizes for guessing what this one is about. Susan Romen is Candy, the luscious babysitter opposite George E. Carey's much older man, Jim. Critics said it was lurid. Which sounds good. But they also said it was bland, with bad writing and even worse acting. Jim is a businessman whose wife is an addict. So, you can see why he wants to get away from it all. With the addict wife away, the couple goes from a groovy evening out, to Jim's bed, and then to his super-nice ski chalet. As Candy and Jim get up to all sorts, the wife is having a bad time with her dealer. It doesn't really matter how bad the movie is, because Susan Romen is totally hot as the willing Candy. Nice name for a babysitter, we think. Some critics said it was better if you turned the sound off and just enjoyed Candy's action sequences.

8 The Babysitters (2007) - Halley Wegryn Gross


This is going to sound familiar (see Number 15). Teenage girls babysit and end up providing other services. Halley Wegryn Gross is Nadine, the bad girl in the pack of babysitters. She's brought in on what looks like a sweet deal by her older step-sister, Melissa (Lauren Birkell) who is already doing her babysitting thing. Melissa is a nice girl from a good family saving her pennies for college. Nadine is just bad. We won't go into the in's and out's of what most people consider a pretty bad movie, but Nadine is kind of trashy and dangerously hot. And the movie does not end well for our babysitters,  including the group's founder Shirley (Katherine Waterston).

7 The Au Pair (1999) - Heidi Lenhart

This was the first of a 3-series Au Pair TV movie franchise. Think Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman. We really want this girl to succeed, and then you've got Jenny Morgan (Heidi Lenhart). She gets hot after the Pretty Woman shopping scene with her young charges, but she begins as a definitely studious MBA graduate who is so totally not hot. But you just know that behind those glasses and frumpy clothes, there lurks a hottie. Her boss Oliver Caldwell (played by Gregory Harrison), is a widower and as nice and good looking as she is. So, guess what happens over the life of the franchise? It's a feel good thing where you like just about everybody. The endings are happily every after kinds of things. And love triumphs.

6 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) - Rebecca De Mornay


Let's cut to the chase. De Mornay plays, Mrs. Mott, a woman whose doctor husband committed suicide after a patient, one Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra), complained that he had molested her. After suffering a miscarriage, Mrs. Mott is sitting in a hospital bed, when she sees a TV news report about Claire's part in her husband's demise. Having never met Claire, she vows revenge, assumes a new name (Peyton Flanders), and gets into the Bartel household as a nanny. There she sets out to undermine Claire and take over her life. At one point, she breaks Claire's husband's legs, before trying to run off with her kids. Suffice it to say, hot Mrs. Mott does not get her way and ends up taking a dive out of an attic window, helped just a little by a victorious Claire. Take that, you psycho.

5 Don't Bother to Knock (1952) - Marilyn Monroe


Our second nutcase babysitter. In this classic 1950s Film Noir, airline pilot Jed Towers (played by Richard Widmark) is staying at a New York Hotel. Enter our babysitter, Neil (Marilyn Monroe). She is babysitting a little girl named Bunny, in her parent's room while they have dinner. Turns out, Neil is more than a little nuts, having just gotten out of the loony bin. After she puts Bunny to bed, Neil tries on the mother's lacy lingerie and douses herself with the women's perfume, and dances around the room imagining that they are hers. Jed spies her through his hotel room window and makes a play. Big mistake Jed. Things turn nasty, with Neil tying Bunny up and threatening all sorts. It was not a very good film, but then there is the sight of Marilyn in a negligee...

4 The Perfect Nanny (2000) - Tracy Nelson


Another nutcase child care provider; meet Nikki Harcourt (played by Tracy Nelson). And we quote from IMDb: "After she is released from a mental hospital, a woman obsessed with romance novels takes a job as a nanny to a handsome widower -- and will kill anyone who stands in the way of her becoming his wife." After Nikki becomes a nanny for the two children of rich and handsome Dr. Lewis (Bruce Boxleitner), people start disappearing. When Nikki doesn't have her nose stuck in a romance novel, she's out there slashing the competition. Trust us, there are some very big knives and some very scared people in this 2000 film from, who else, but Lifetime. There are some wonderfully scary scenes where a decidedly wicked, delusional, but ever so hot Nikki, literally kills to get her man.

3 The Governess (1998) - Minnie Driver


A sophisticated Jewish girl forced to work after her father is killed, changes her name and goes to work for the Scottish Cavendish family as a governess to their children. This period drama, set in the 1830s, stars Minnie Driver as governess Mary Blackchurch. The wonderful Tom Wilkinson plays Charles Cavendish, the father of the family. Throw in a pretentious, bored and witchy Harriet Walter as his wife, and you can guess what is going to happen. It won't surprise anyone that Cavendish and Mary begin a secret affair. But it gets a little complicated when Cavendish's son Henry, gets kicked out of Oxford (something about opium and working girls) and returns home. He takes a shine to Mary and the whole thing turns decidedly nasty. There's a great scene where Mary leaves the house, pausing briefly to give Mrs. Cavendish a picture of her husband naked that she had taken.

2 The Babysitter (1995) - Alicia Silverstone


Trust us, there are a lot of movies called The Babysitter. This was made in 1995 and starred Alicia Silverstone. Jennifer (Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame) is a hot blonde teen who works as a babysitter for Harry Tucker (played by J.T. Walsh) and his wife. One night the Walsh's leave Jennifer to babysit the kids, while they go to a party and get totally drunk. Meanwhile, Harry starts fantasizing about Jennifer. Then there's her boyfriend Jack and his friend Mark, who are both obsessed with Jennifer. In fact, every male in this film seems to be obsessed with her. There's a hot scene with Jennifer in the bathtub and Jack and Mark break into the house. This thriller does not have a happy ending, with Mark ending up dead and Harry arrested for drunk driving. Alicia Silverstone is, we think, at her hottest as The Babysitter.

1 Au Pair Girls (1972) - Me Me Lai


Me Me Lai is a totally hot Burmese-English actress who in 1972, played Nan Lee, an au pair in 1972's Au Pair Girls. We like the way IMDb summed the whole thing up: "Four sexy young foreign girls come to England as au pairs and quickly become quite intimate with their employers, host families, and just about everyone else they encounter." It's a comedy, with lots of dirty old men trying to look up skirts and the four saucy au pairs from Asia and Europe strutting their stuff. The tag line was: "They came to make beds - and made everything." A bit of film trivia: some of the scenes were shot in the grounds of Beatle George Harrison's estate. It's a saucy film romp that's very hot and very fun.

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