Top 15 Hottest Adrianne Curry Cosplay Pictures

Adrianne Curry is officially retired from cosplay; no longer will she be dressing up in skimpy costumes and taunting fanboys at Comic Con in San Diego (SDCC) and via Instagram. But, do not fret, this reality TV star and first-time winner of America's Top Model keeps her fans supplied with a steady supply of selfies and post-workout pics. This Illinois-born vixen could not be hanging up her spandex and putting away the needle and thread soon enough; in 2011 she was asked to leave a convention and was almost arrested for wearing a true-to-the-original Aeon Flux costume, which for the uninitiated is essentially vinyl lingerie, and then in full Catwoman getup, literally put a Gotham-worthy beatdown on a ‘pervy’ convention attendee who groped one of Curry's cosplayer friend, who herself was dressed as Cheetara of Thundercats fame, at 2014's SDCC.

In the end, Adrianne Curry is leaving the cosplaying aside because she just keeps it too real; her costumes and body amazingly live up to the plastic and borderline p*rnographic sensibilities of comic book artists, and now she has taken up work as a feminist vigilante. Before she discovers adamantium or learns how to make an invisible lasso to go along with her Wonder Women outfit or finds a Ra's al Ghul-type, an immortal with a misanthropic streak, to train her in the ninja arts, giving her powers beyond our control, maybe it is good she has decided to stray from role-playing. Then again, maybe the folks at the San Diego Convention Center and other such venues could use a team of security guards who can put the smack down on gropey convention-goers and still look amazing and fit in with the festivities while doing so.

Either way, it is hard to imagine Adrianne Curry will be able to stay out of the fanboy limelight for too long, but until she comes out of retirement these fifteen shots of one of the sexiest cosplayers to grace the Web should hold every nerd over. Famous female cosplayers are not only famous for their physical attributes but for their abilities as seamstresses and their creativity in turning everyday items into a true-to-fantasy costume, and Curry is no exception. Enjoy these 15 shots of Adrianne Curry doing what cosplayers do best, looking sexy in mostly hand-made, skimpy, comic book costumes.

15 As The Hottest Soldier In The Galaxy

More than just an excuse for nerdy models to merge their passions, cosplay is often also a demonstration of the cosplayer's abilities as a seamstress. More often than not, outfits are a mishmash of sex-shop and workout outfits with sewn on bits of flare, and the props make it all come together more than anything. Curry's dominatrix-meets-Death Star crewmember costume then is probably equal parts sex-shop purchase and handcrafted embellishment. It is anybody’s guess as to where her riding crop came from, but the way her outfit fits her gorgeous form, that pleather bodice looks custom tailored by the hands that hold that riding crop.

14 Leia Gives It To Jabba

Honestly, if you need me to explain why this is an arousing photograph of Adrianne Curry dressed as Return Of The Jedi-era Princess Leia... sorry, lost my train of thought ogling this photograph of Adrianne Curry dressed as Return Of The Jedi-era Princess Leia. There are many pictures of this retired cosplayer from this fateful day, but only a couple or so posted to the WWW are as suggestive as this. Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy (and of the franchise as a whole) know that, for one thing, Princess Leia Organa does not put out that easily, and for another, the icy royal does not roll that way with any member of the Hutt clan.

13 As Bat Girl, Kind Of

via: acidcow.com

This image may not technically count as cosplay, but it is too sizzling to exclude from a list of Adrianne Curry's sexiest photos, and she is wearing comic-book themed lingerie in this shot. Plus, it is easy to imagine the professional model customized her corset and pair of black panties with yellow highlights and a Bat-symbol by hand. Therefore: cosplay! Regardless, it would be foolish to underestimate Curry's ability to play vigilante even in such a sparse get up now that she has been in the news for giving an actual criminal a serious beatdown with the butt of the bullwhip that had been tying together the model's seriously realistic Catwoman costume (keep reading for details).

12 Magnificent As Maleficent

via: dailymail.co.uk

Part of the fun of being a cosplayer is being able to step into (and eventually out of) the shoes of some deliciously evil characters. Here we see Curry in a retro take on the archetypal Evil Queen character epitomized by the likes of Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and Snow White And The Seven Dwarves' aptly-named, "Evil Queen." Here is another perfect example of Adrianne Curry's ingenuity and creativity in putting together a fantasy-inspired but completely unique and updated ensemble; custom accessories and cleavage alike worn proud. Like a real life Barbie doll that has been made over by an adolescent going through "the change" cannot help but drool over.

11 As Effie Trinket From The Hunger Games

via: pinterest.com

It almost feels like Adrianne Curry is trying to emulate Sofia Vergara playing Effie Trinket in this photo, or just Sofia Vergara covered in butterflies, rather than the dour and pinch-faced mistress of public relations played by Elizabeth Banks. Fun fact: After winning the first season of America's Next Top Model, this Midwestern hot-blood went on to star in a Hunger Games of sorts of her own design, VH1's reality-TV series My Fair Brady, a show about her marriage to the now grown child-actor who played youngest boy Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. The couple divorced four to five (depending on the source) years after My Fair Brady went off the air; Curry herself announced the finalized divorce on TV in 2012.

10 Hot S.W.A.T.

via: businessinsider.com

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think fanboys, cosplay and social media? If you answered "cologne", you are a very strange human indeed but you are not alone; social forum provider CrowdGather, has decided with their Erox brand body spray to branch out into the personal care and hygiene market. It is actually a brilliant marketing strategy: dress Comic Con darling Adrianne Curry in some uniform that would also give her a reason to be holding a spray bottle, lose a few buttons, and you have now inspired a new breed of comic-book nerd that is actually self-conscious enough to clean up.

9 As Silk Spectre Sr. From Watchmen

via: nerdninja.com

This image suggests an answer to Watchmen's catchphrase question, "Who watches the watchmen?'" The answer is, "everybody" now that there is photographic evidence of Adrianne Curry donning this first generation, burlesque-meets-trapeze artist, superhero costume. The 1950s-level salacious uniform that led the (barely anti-)hero, The Comedian, to sexually assault the original Silk Spectre; an act that led to the birth of Silk Spectre II, as the story goes--a lot of intense backstory for a picture meant merely as eye candy. Ignoring the ambivalent mix of horror and arousal that this character's woeful tale inspires, this is still a sizzling image of Curry in what pretty much amounts to lingerie.

8 Poison Curry?

via: gotceleb.com

If there were a 'Women of the DC Universe'/cosplay-calendar (somebody please make a 'Women of the DC Universe'/cosplay-calendar), even the most superficial fans of DC Comic Books know: not a single calendar would sell if Poison Ivy were left out. Some hipster nerds might throw a sham tantrum and pretend to be outraged that Wonder Woman's Golden Era-nemesis, Nazi Baroness, Paula Von Gunther is nowhere to be found, but the rest of us are quite comfortable with, and would feel let down without, the hits: Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are required reading so to speak. Come to think of it, the DC universe is lacking in the notable female superhuman department relative to the folks at rival Marvel.

7 As Christie Monteiro From Tekken

via: tumblr.com

Besides Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame and Sonya Blade, the only female fighter in the original 1992 Mortal Kombat, there are very few recognizable lady combatants from the gaming world. Christie Monteiro, if recognized by fans of the Tekken fighting game franchise for her sparkly silver pants and the purple rope around her waist; a marker of her status (in the land of imagination) as a master of the Brazilian martial-art, Capoeira. Adrianne Curry's Instagram page is plastered with workout picks these days in the wake of her retirement from cosplay, but she was obviously hitting the gym long before her retirement to pull off the look of Christie Monteiro.

6 Catwoman Is Real!

via: Jots Photography/staticflickr.com/gotceleb.com

In 2014, Adrianne Curry unfortunately had to spring into action to defend a cosplaying friend of hers from sexual assault at San Diego's annual powder keg née gathering of oversexed geeks and exhibitionist costume lovers. As the model so eloquently put in a quote that has long since made the rounds across the blogosphere, "I beat the [expletive] out of his face with the butt of my whip." However the story goes, Curry's Catwoman costume is one of the least revealing but the most form fitting as well, still leaving very little to the imagination. Ironic that Curry the cosplayer ran down a sexual predator and delivered vigilante justice in an outfit that would make any pervert act untowardly.

5 The Baroness In A State Of Undress


G.I. Joe's Baroness is probably the template for more Russian femme-fatale spy characters than the grown children of baby boomers who went into the entertainment industry after being raised on this and the rest of the outsourced 1980s cartoon series' like Transformers even know let alone would admit. Whatever that means, this is one of the images that drive fans of the buxom brunette wild and as such has thoroughly distracted the author of this list from making this entry on said list too terribly educational. The Baroness character is one of two major bada** females fighting for the "ruthless terrorist organization" called Cobra in the original animated G.I. Joe, and the only character who has possibly seen the Baroness like this is the conniving literal metal-head, Destro.

4 Mortal Kombat With Friends

via: dailymail.co.uk

Here we see Adrianne Curry dressed in an almost certainly hand-cut-and-stitched adaptation of character Mileena's outfit from the second installment in the Mortal Kombat video game series. The at the time 30-year-old model brought along an equally scantily clad and jaw-dropping gorgeous friend who came dressed as Jade, also from Mortal Kombat II. It is difficult to determine whether to be aroused or impressed by this feat of bringing fantasy into sweet, toned, knee-high reality. This is one of many photos taken from Curry's 2013 San Diego Comic Con appearance and also one of many taken of the cosplaying pair's perfect behinds in custom-fitted, intensely flattering costumes.

3 Freddy MerCurry?

via: theNerdist.com

This is one Freddy no nerd would not mind meeting in his or her worst dreams... then again, if a professional model is in a nerd's nightmare, Freddy Kurry is most likely there to emasculate or humiliate said nerd. One of the few professionally produced shots on the list, this incredibly sexy cosplay pictorial is brought to us by none other than the Nerdist. As one of the steamiest photos in Adrianne Curry's esteemed career as comic-book convention eye candy and Instagram cosplay model, it is no wonder the now-adult fanboys and fangirls collectively called the Nerdist, created this and several other series' of other hot bods dressed as typically male, supernatural serial killers.

2 As Aeon Flux... From Aeon Flux


Aeon Flux was first an avant-garde (i.e., weirdly-and-explicitly drawn) animated science-fiction series that aired late night on MTV; it eventually spawned a big budget live-action movie starring Charlize Theron as the lithe and barely clothed protagonist and title character. The costume Adrianne Curry donned to pay homage to the franchise's protagonist is a throwback to the original, hand drawn, superhumanly skimpy outfits of the animated series. It is no surprise then that this is the outfit that almost got Curry arrested on the streets of San Diego in 2011 for indecent exposure. Maybe to rebel against the cops of SD or maybe because she's an exhibitionist, Curry chose to take a selfie of Aeon Flux mid-wardrobe malfunction and post it for all to see and we thank her for that.

1 Generic Warrior Priestess


Adrianne Curry makes "generic" look "gorgeous": The possibly-custom-made-but-probably-store-bought headgear and pendant pictured here are reminiscent of ancient Egypt and the accessories worn by bad fantasy b***** like Evil Lyn from Masters of the Universe, the title character of Red Sonja, the witch from Willow, and Maleficent (a witch Curry has actually portrayed on social media), but these jewels are not from any of these fantasy-action franchises or nor are they replicas of any known artifacts. No nerd blogger seems to know what Miss Curry was going for (i.e., who exactly she meant to dress down as) in this shot, though in all fairness, she could be wearing stolen museum relics and nobody would really care, least of all the curators tasked with retrieving said relics.

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