Top 12 Sexiest Superhero Moments Of All Time

No matter how super, it seems heroes' love lives are always taking a hit in the name of stopping a nuclear bomb, taking down a super-villain, saving a bus filled up with elementary school children, or some other more pressing need. Some might think that it's just not fair, and it's just not right; but hey, isn't that exactly what we would expect a superhero to do?

As a result, superheroes from across the varied multiverses (whether it be Batman, Superman, Spider-man or even cyclops) seem to constantly find themselves in extravagantly tangled webs of love and lust. Over the many decades of various superhero stories in comic books, television shows and movies, it has added up to some monumental moments of drama and seriously steamy moments. With that said, here are some of the 12 sexiest superhero moments of all time.

12 When Superhero Royalty Briefly Hooked Up


Wonder Woman and Aquaman? Really? It’s actually not quite as crazy as it sounds. They’re both superheroes. They’re both members of the Justice League. They’re both royalty in their native lands. And hey, Wonder Woman does have a thing for blondes.

A slew of comic creators certainly felt they belonged together. Peter David gave the couple a prequel in Aquaman Annual #1, in which the sea god Triton tried to set up his son with Princess Diana. They shared a kiss before being forced to part ways for many years. In Christopher Priest’s Justice League 80-Page Giant #1, Aquaman gets caught in Wonder Woman’s lasso and inadvertently admits he is attracted to her. And in Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch’s 2000 JLA arc, a villain puts Wonder Woman in a sleep-trance similar to Snow White, and Aquaman wakes her with a kiss … true love, anyone? Maybe DC will nudge this couple closer again now that Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa are bringing them to life on the big screen.

11 When Gamora Got Some Iron A**


This almost doesn’t work, because anyone who saw Gamora in action in Guardians of the Galaxy knows she is too smart for the Iron Man’s womanizing bullsh*t. Until you get to the part where Gamora turns the tables on Tony by using his own MO and leaving him after (to go back to the bar).

It all goes down at a boisterous intergalactic Marvel-verse bar scene in Guardians of the Galaxy #4, while the crew takes an opportunity to take a pause from their quest and blow off some steam. It sure is nice to see karma come back to Tony every once in a while. But more importantly, consider the potential of this bedroom match-up for a moment. Two strong fights with more than their share of attitude, somewhat uninhibited by liberal drinking.

Just. Yes. Can we squeeze this into the next Avengers movie somehow? Surely we can make this happen.

10 The Time Mystique Seduced A Super-Villain And Made Nightcrawler


Let’s be honest. When you’re blue and fierce and spend most of your time naked, you don’t have to try too hard to be sexy. Mystique puts forth the extra effort anyway, time and again. (See: When she seduced Wolverine in X2: X-Men United; when she seduced Magneto in X-Men: First Class). But the best thing about Mystique is that she embraces her inner bada** … so let’s talk about the time she seduced super-villain mutant, Azazel.

The two meet up when both are seeking a mate who could help them create a child (which are stories all on their own), but their relationship quickly turns to more heated passions. As one might expect when procreating with a known villain, it doesn’t end well. After bearing Nightcrawler, Mystique must flee from Germany and abandons the baby in the care of an acquaintance to save his life. Even so, Mystique is the only mate Azazel has ever been known to seek out for non-procreation purposes.

9 The Time Superman Took His Shirt Off And Finally Got Down To Business


There’s a lot about Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All-Star Superman that feels a little off-kilter. Like when Superman creates a special formula that will let Lois Lane be super for one day, and then they meet up with other famous strong-men (including Samson) who try to win Lois’ loyalty from Superman with a series of grandiose feats.

In issue #11, Superman takes his shirt off, and proves once and for all that sexiness is indeed one of the ways in which the Earth’s sun makes him super.

8 When Lois Lane Gets Doused In Pheromones


She’s no superhero, but when a chemist sprays the Daily Planet newsroom with perfume charged with pheromones in Lois and Clark, the reporting team lose their heads with lust. Lois is no exception, and displays super sexiness throughout the episode. I’ll give you one guess who Lois (Teri Hatcher) fixates here attention on.

Yep. Poor Clark Kent (Dean Kane), who has dreamed of attracting Lois’ attention for so long, but is far too good a man to take advantage of her in her love-drunken state. After extensive seductive efforts on Lois’ part, Superman saves the day, and all goes (sadly) back to normal.

7 When Mary Jane Kissed Spider-Man In The Rain, Upside Down


Let’s be honest. Not a lot can be said about these early 2000s Spider-man movies. Everyone was so obviously not in high school/college it was distracting, and the tone was just too goofy to really love. But this one moment was flat out iconic.

Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) got caught in some rain walking to her New York apartment, and cuts through a back alley—the wrong back alley, as it turns out, because this one is full of thugs who want to mug her and likely turn violent. Lucky for her, she’s got her friendly neighborhood Spider-man (Tobey Maguire) looking out for her. Spider-man fends them off, then lowers himself on his webbing to make sure MJ is okay, and of course, offer a few snarky comments. Mary Jane comes close to offer her thanks, and … yes, one of the sexiest superhero kisses of all time happens.

6 When Catwoman Hushed Batman With A Kiss


Thanks to the movies (both the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan renditions), most are familiar with the thick sexual tension that keeps Batman and Catwoman orbiting each other, despite their significant worldview differences. But the graphic novel Hush holds one of this duo’s most epic moments—their first kiss.

In this story, Batman and Catwoman form an ill-advised alliance to take down Killer Croc. Over several highs and lows to the plot, Catwoman alternately helps and hurts Batman’s efforts, but the two forge enough trust that Batman reveals his true identity to Catwoman, and at the plot’s conclusion, they share their first kiss. The moment is so iconic it was made into a collectable statue.

5 When Buffy And Spike Got Rough

Spike’s (James Marsters) character arc over the course of the seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my all-time favorites. While he enters the series as an only semi-competent bloodthirsty nemesis for the slayer, he (spoiler alert) makes a heroic exit sacrificing himself to save the world—and also Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who would otherwise have had to sacrifice herself to make it happen.

Their romance starts from a confused, messed-up place, but over time evolves into something, well, still confusing and messed up, but very compelling. It’s hardly a healthy relationship even at its best and never escapes its dark roots … but if we’re just talking sexy factor, their tense love scenes can’t be beat. These two warriors aren’t afraid to leave it all on the mattress.

4 When Emma Frost And Cyclops Had A Psychic Affair


It all starts innocently enough—Emma Frost serves as a psychic therapist for Cyclops after Apocalypse, the most infamous villain of the X-world took over his mind and caused him great trauma. Scott and Jean Grey were already having problems before any of this happened, and it doesn’t take long for their time together inside Scott’s mind to establish a deep connection between Scott and Emma.

It turns into an affair … of sorts. Emma comes to Scott psychically for their encounters to avoid suspicion. It’s an air-tight plan except for one thing—Scott’s wife is also a telepath, and eventually catches them in bed together.

3 When The Nite Owl Finally Got His Girl


The Watchmen’s deep-seeded depravity weighs hard on the intimate moments of its ensemble of characters, but there’s one that elevates its characters above the corruption and offers something genuine—the moment Nite Owl and Silk Spectre finally get together.

The moment was a long time coming, as Nite Owl pined for Silk Spectre for years before she left Dr. Manhattan, and earlier the same night the pair had a tense moment of pent-up sexual energy … with (literally) no release. But when they dredge out their old superhero suits and take action to save victims from a burning building, things get hot and steamy inside the Owlship.

Just ignore the awkward “Hallelujah Chorus” in the background of the movie version, okay? Watch it on mute if you must, or even better, stick to the original graphic novel.

2 When Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Shared A Bed


There’s always been something extra going on between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy off-screen. But Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin finally (almost) brought it to the light of the panel in Harley Quinn #2. The villainous pair go home together after Harley quite literally offers to show Ivy her beaver, and the next morning shows Ivy and Harley side by side in bed, semi-dressed. Ivy kisses a sleeping Harley on the check before making her exit.

DC isn’t ready to fully spell out the dynamics of this relationship yet, but the lines you have to read between to get the drift are getting extremely thin.

1 When Wonder Woman And Superman Were A Thing


The ultimate powercouple? Or should it be supercouple in case?

While the consensus seems to be that these two could never really last, they’ve paired up a few times regardless. For both of these superheroes, relationships with normal humans are hugely problematic (some have even theorized that it would be impossible for him to, well, complete with a human without killing his partner). Even those little technicalities aside, both Superman and Wonder Woman have a long history of their work getting in the way of normal relationships, and even leaking into their personal lives and hurting their romantic partners.

But together, these two could stop holding back … in which case getting a room might not be enough—try a different planet, maybe. Or a Fortress of Solitude.

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