12Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera has long been known to display diva-like behavior. She's been openly called a 'B**ch' by a number of celebrities, including Kelly Osbourne, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne and

title="Adam Levine Net Worth" href="https://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/celeb/singer/adam-levine-net-worth/">Adam Levine. Julianne Hough even reported that Aguilera bullied her on the set of the film, Burlesque. However, it's not just fellow celebrities that Christina has reportedly rubbed the wrong way. In early 2014, Aguilera went to a gag-gift store on Sunset Boulevard and requested that the doors be locked, so no one could leave or enter until she was finished. The customers already inside had to wait until she was done shopping and Christina apparently even laughed at them, when they asked for autographs and pictures. To top it off, while visiting Disneyland with her friends in December 2014, Aguilera called Mickey Mouse an 'A--hole' after she was told she'd have to wait, until after his break to take a photo with Mickey. Now, that's just mean, Christina!

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