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What are the criteria for becoming the world’s sexiest woman? Is it just their looks? Or is it about more? While beauty plays a very large role in the British men’s magazine FHM’s list of World’s Sexiest Women, that’s not the only thing that is taken into consideration. There is also the woman’s career and of course, their social life that is also taken into consideration. But there is no denying that beauty plays a number one role in naming the sexiest woman, and this year’s pick is no stranger to the FHM list!

Michelle Keegan, an English actress best known for her roles on the BBC series Ordinary Lies and the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street, was recently crowned the sexiest woman in the world by British men’s magazine FHM, and is there any denying why she finally won the top spot after being on the list four times before? Michelle Keegan, while lesser known in the United States, beat out dozens of popular names including Kendall Jenner, Sofia Vergara, Emma Watson and even all three of the Kardashian sisters! What’s impressive is the fact that Michelle is considered sexy not only because she cleans up nicely, but also because she can pull off sexy in a variety of ways! Thanks to social media, fans can define what they think is sexy, and surprise, surprise! It isn’t always the swimsuit shots that take the cake!

10 Sexy Swimwear

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In a classic definition of sexy, Michelle Keegan poses in what looks to be a forest green bikini on a beach, wet hair and everything! Swimwear is always a safe bet when one thinks sexy, and the fact that her makeup is flawless despite being soaking wet, just makes this picture a ten despite the fact that the photo only received a total of 9.5 thousand "likes" on her Instagram page. Even though fans have rated this photo rather low on their favorites, that could simply be because it was posted in 2013, nearing the end of her role as Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street, her first big television role.

9 Post-Workout Glow

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While many women would rather remain hidden after any sort of workout, Michelle Keegan posted a messy hair, makeup free selfie that proves that she deserves FHM's Sexiest Woman of 2015 title! While she captioned the photo with "At home work out. 10 minutes in and bored already #notgoingwell," it seems like something is working for the 27-year-old actress! Even after a short, at home workout, Michelle has a beautiful, healthy glow to her, one that many find sexy, and one that most women would envy. While she may have only received 12 thousand "likes" form fans, Michelle's post workout glow is something to love!

8 The Pouty Lips

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7 The Playful Girl Next Door


Everyone loves the girl next door look! And when you pair it with Michelle Keegan's rocking body, and luscious curls, then you have a look that few can resist. In this photo posted to Michelle's Instagram in May of 2014, the actress proves she's sexy not only because of her beautiful curves, and her flawless makeup, but because she is showing off her playful side. Mostly everyone can relate to the girl next door, and that's the vibe Michelle is giving off here. Yes, she's sexy in swimwear, but she is also sexy in a playful little getup like the one seen above, which garnered 13.9 thousand "likes" on Instagram, proving you don't have to be almost nude to exude sex appeal.

6 Makeup Free Selfie

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Now, we all know that makeup free selfies in black and white aren't always makeup free... but that's not the point with this photo! Michelle Keegan proves here that a neutral look, whether it be makeup free or a simple, natural look, it doesn’t matter. Sexy doesn't have to mean wearing tons of bold, outrages colors or outfits. Keeping things simple and true to yourself can be just as sexy as any bold, over the top look, and fans seem to agree because they gave this photo a whopping 15.6 thousand “likes”, despite the fact that it lacks any overtly sexy colors and is simply a headshot.

5 The Sexy Beach Bod!

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The swimsuit look is almost always considered sexy, but when you have the beach body that Michelle Keegan has, there is little reason to question why the actress was crowned Sexiest Woman. With those curves and how well her swimwear fits, Michelle is no doubt a beautiful woman. While the actress is exuding sex appeal simply because she has a rocking beach body, it’s important to notice that she can rock this swimsuit without the extra help of excessive makeup and other accessories, proving once again that natural can be just as sexy as the exaggerated look often associated with entertainment. With a whopping 16.4 thousand "likes" on Instagram, fans all seem to agree that Michelle is sexy in anything!

4 Va-Va Voom

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While Michelle Keegan may be best known as an actress, she is also a fashion designer and a model. Yes, Michelle is known for her rolls on both Coronation Street and Ordinary Lies, but she is also a well-known figure in the fashion industry. While she isn’t widely known in the United States, she is a big hit in the international fashion world. She not only models, but she also has her very own clothing line with Lipsy London, where she is seen pictured in each of her creations. As a jack of all trades in the fashion and entertainment worlds, is it really any wonder why she was named Sexiest Woman? The photo above is simply one of many shots of the actress' modeling abilities, and with 16.6 thousand "likes," its proof that fans know she's got what it takes!

3 Keeping It Simple

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Sometimes keeping things simple, even while on a red carpet, can be sexy. Fans like to know that their idols are realistic people, not simply those obsessed with outlandishly lavish looks. Michelle Keegan’s fans sure seemed to like this simple look because it gathered 16.9 “likes” on Instagram. Sure, the caption “at the launch for my very own Lipsy Collection” helped to garner a few of those likes, but her clothing line for Lipsy London is proof that simple can be sexy! Her current collection consists of classy, simple looks that are not only cute and sexy, but also affordable for the everyday consumer.

2 The Laid-Back Look

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“After watching the Victoria Secret show, in my vs joggers… eating chocolate felt oh so guilty” The photo above, with 17 thousand "likes," proves that sure, anything Victoria’s Secret related is considered sexy… but also that this laid back relatable look is extremely attractive on this star. The fact that Michelle Keegan is so relatable to her fans is no doubt one reason why she was named FHM’s Sexiest Woman of 2015. While she is known not only for her roles on television and her clothing line, she started out just like everyone else, at the bottom. Before becoming a big star and being named Sexiest Woman, Michelle held jobs both in an airport and in retail. To see how far she has come, and to remain as relatable as she has, it’s no wonder fans find her beautiful both inside and out!

1 That "Come-Hither" Look

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With a total of 18.1 thousand “likes”, this photo and Michelle Keegan’s “come-hither” look proves that she does deserve to be named the Sexiest Woman of 2015. She is a model, an actress, a fashion icon… and she looks sexy doing it all! That “you know you want me” look and the enticing swimwear is all the more proof that after making the FHM’s Sexiest Women’s list four times – in 2010 coming in at number 30, in 2011 and 2012 coming in at number 26, and in 2013 coming in at number 4 – she does have what it takes to be named the Sexiest Woman in the World.

Sources: Instagram, Hollywood Life

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