Top 10 Sexiest Female Talk Show Hosts

Now that summer is in full effect and the kids are home from school, there’s plenty of parents that find themselves delving into a world that only some are familiar with; daytime television. Those two words paired together are the worst combination you want to hear when you’re trying to find out what to watch between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.

After you’ve watched three repeating episodes of Sportscenter, chances are you want to find something real to watch on TV. Aside from reruns of shows from the 90s, you won’t find very much on outside of Jerry Springer and daytime talk shows. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the guess work out of choosing a show that fits your needs.

Whether it’s a show about current events, technology, or news, what most people crave is the eye candy. Sure, the topics need to be entertaining enough to retain your attention, but what’s an easier way to do that than by having an attractive woman in front of the camera? If you’re taking some time off from work this summer and find yourself perusing the 5,583 channels of your cable subscription, check out these ladies to make daytime television enjoyable for once.

10 Tyra Banks -- The Tyra Banks Show

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When you think of trailblazers within their field, you simply can’t leave Tyra Banks out of the discussion. As an “ugly duckling” in middle school, Banks grew into a beautiful woman and broke into the mainstream media through her work as one of the original angels for Victoria Secret. In addition to modeling, Tyra was a two-time Sports Illustrated swim suit edition cover girl and even created her own reality show with America's Next Top Model. Her daytime show, The Tyra Banks Show, won the daytime Emmy Award in 2008 and the award for most informative talk show in 2009. While the show is no longer being aired, Banks will be the producer and host of another syndicated talk show in 2015 on ABC.

9 Aisha Tyler -- The Talk

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If you're looking for a superwoman, you may have found your match in Aisha Tyler. No stranger to television, Tyler has appeared on screen in shows such as Friends, Talk Soup, and The Fifth Wheel since 2001. Actually, the list could go on and on, so we'll cut the crap. She is the voice behind Lana on FX's Archer currently and has been co-host of The Talk since 2011. For all the gamers out there, Tyler also presented Ubisoft's press conference at E3 in 2012 and has done a weekly podcast for guys called Girl on Guy for several years. Tyler is the total package, and it seems like she is doing whatever the hell she wants when she wants, even appearing in the new video game Watch Dogs as herself.

8 Ricki Lake -- The Ricki Lake Show

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At just 24 years old, Ricki Lake became the youngest person to host a talk show on major television. Although the record would eventually be broken, Lake’s show was captivating and ran in a very similar way to Oprah’s talk show. Running from 1993 to 2004, The Ricki Lake Show was extremely successful until she decided to end it. It was brought back in 2013 for one season and won a daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host before it was canned again. Lake is now pursuing a more behind the scenes role as a producer and director in informative documentaries, but she has several studios that want her to come back to daytime, including Twentieth Television, Universal Media, and CBS.

7 Elisabeth Hasselbeck -- The View/Fox and Friends

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Perhaps you want your talk show hosts to have a little bit of a wild side? If so, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the former Survivor contestant and co-host of The View is the girl for you. After auditioning for The View in 2003, Hasselbeck was one of the finalists to replace Lisa Ling and was brought on board to represent the conservative political view points of the group. While working on the show, she got in several heated disputes with guests and her co-hosts for her views on birth control, the war in Iraq, and abortion. It is widely speculated that she was pushed aside by the producers because of how conservative she was. That doesn't matter to us though, as she was the hottest host on the show, aside from Jenny McCarthy.

6 Wendy Williams -- The Wendy Williams Show

As one of the most polarizing figures in radio and television, Wendy Williams has gained massive recognition for the successful branding of herself. Williams originally started out as a radio host in New York City before working in Philadelphia where she often spoke openly about her marriage, miscarriages, drug addiction, and her breast enhancement. The show caught fire with listeners and by 2008, Williams was syndicated across the country. In 2008, Williams began to focus on the television side of life and was picked up by FOX for her self-entitled show, The Wendy Williams Show. Williams was also recently inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, has worked on Broadway, and has made appearances in films such as Think Like a Man.

5 Kelly Ripa -- Live! with Kelly and Michael

If you ever find yourself needing a morning pick me up, look no further than Kelly Ripa. Not only is she funny, quick witted, and energetic; she’s smoking hot too! After her debut on the Live! With Regis and Kelly show in 2001, Ripa and co-host Regis Philbin reached over 6 million viewers daily, the largest at that time. With Philbin gone, former NFL star Michael Strahan has taken over and the show is as successful as her. Ripa has been named People's most Intriguing People as well as one of the Most Powerful People in Media several times, in addition to becoming a spokeswoman for several companies.

4 Chelsea Handler -- Chelsea Lately

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If you’re looking for Chelsea Handler while you are home from work during the day, you won’t find her on daytime television. As one of the only female late night talk show hosts in the United States, Handler has literally built an empire around her brass and good looks. After a failed attempt at becoming an actress, Handler became a star on E! in July 2007 with her show, Chelsea Lately. The show is somewhat raunchy, yet insightful and funny, averaging more than 500,000 viewers per night. Her success in front of the camera has helped lead her into a successful career as a writer as well, authoring several best selling books about her life experiences. Handler is currently signed with E! through 2014 and has appeared in the MAXIM Top 100 several times since 2009.

3 Charissa Thompson -- Fox Sports Live

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Alright, so she isn't a prototypical talk show host, but Charissa Thompson is downright sexy. What started as a career with GSN and Big Ten Network as a reporter has turned into stints at co-hosting Sportsnation on ESPN with Marcus Wiley and Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports in June 2013. In case you haven’t seen the show, Thompson is more of a moderator between former athletes on the day’s hot button topics from the sports world, so I suppose she could be a talk show host. Either way, her flair and sports knowledge is impressive, and so is her instagram account so go check her out.

2 Jenny McCarthy -- The Jenny McCarthy Show

As a model, TV host, author, and activist, there isn’t much Jenny McCarthy hasn’t done on the big stage. The 1993 Playmate of the Year, McCarthy has had a long career of hosting television shows and most have been pretty successful. This in turn has led to her career in acting, including appearances in BASEketball and Scream 3. More recently, she hosted her own show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, on VH1 and became a co-host on The View. Her work as a celebrity is impressive enough, but her work as an advocate for autism awareness and vaccinations makes McCarthy even more sexy. Whether you agree with her arguments or not, there is little doubt that she is one of the sexiest women on daytime television.

1 Sara Varone -- Buona Domenica

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If there’s one thing we know, it's that the Italians sure do like their TV show hosts to be hot. By a quick Google search of talk show hosts, Sara Varone’s name continued to pop up. After a bit of research, you’ll quickly see that not only is she gorgeous, but she has a degree in psychology from the University of Rome as well. As the show of Buona Domenica, Varone is no stranger to the eyes of men. She has been ranked consistently in the Ask Men Top 99 Most Desirable Women list and has gone on to transition into modeling and self-branding. If you have some time to kill, do a quick search for her work on YouTube, you will not be disappointed.

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