Top 10 Rock Bands That "Did" The Most Groupies

Anyone who knows anything about the music business at all knows that when a band goes out on tour they pretty much have their pick of women. It’s been going on as long as music has been around. Women throw themselves at musicians and they don’t seem to care that more than likely they won’t ever hear from them again. They also don’t seem to care that last night it was someone else and tomorrow night it will be someone else again.

There are countless stories available from these women about their encounters. Such as the rock legend that had a tent full of naked women waiting for him during every concert while his band mate played a guitar solo. You'll also learn how long Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx went without showering while still getting laid (...a disgustingly long time). You never really know what is true and what isn’t. No band keeps a ledger of their sexual conquests so there aren’t any solid numbers around that can be verified. The women seem to keep a good record though, but again, you don’t know what’s real and what’s fabricated. Interviews and autobiographies certainly help though.

We all know it happens and it happens on a daily basis around the world. But all we have to go by as far as numbers are concerned is what the women say, and every once in a while a musician will say something in an interview that gives you a pretty good idea. So before you read on, make a mental note that the people you will read about here are estimated by accounts that can be found online. Most of it can’t be 100% verified. So now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are the top 10 rock bands that have done the most groupies.

10 Steven Tyler / Aerosmith

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For over thirty years Aerosmith has been one of the biggest bands in the world. When they go on tour women around the world can’t wait for them to come to their city. They are ready and waiting to give themselves to anyone in the band whenever they come around. For as long as they have been around you know the number of groupies that have been with the band is an extremely high number.

There is also a disturbing report about Steven Tyler and a 16-year-old named Julia Holcomb. This is only her account so we don’t know how much of it is really true, but you don’t hear a lot of denials being thrown around from Tyler. The short version is that Tyler was granted permission of guardianship over the 16-year-old for the sake of bringing her on tour with him. They almost got married but he got her pregnant and forced her to have an abortion. She had it done, went home, and Tyler called her a few times but then stopped all communications. With all the groupies that followed the band over the years, this probably isn’t an isolated incident.

9 Ted Nugent

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Ted Nugent was no different from any other rock star when it came to groupies. If you can play guitar for some reason women are going to throw themselves at you wherever you go. There really isn’t a lot documented on Nugent but if you look at the names of some of his songs, and the lyrics they contain, you can see that he loved the groupies. And there never was a shortage of them for him to choose from.

He is also another rock star that was confirmed to be with girls that were not yet of age. He even wrote a song about it in 1981 called “Jailbait”. Nothing like advertising it Teddy! Some of the lyrics in the song go as follows: "Well, I don't care if you're just 13 - You look too good to be true - I just know that you're probably clean. It's quite all right, I asked your mama - Wait a minute, officer - Don't put those handcuffs on me - Put them on her, and I'll share her with you." Well ok then.

In 1978, Nugent was with Pele Massa who was just 17 years old at the time. He wanted to marry her but the law wouldn’t allow it. So he got permission from her parents to become her legal guardian. When she was old enough he married her and they were together for nine years. But don’t think for a minute that she was the only one in his life. Ted Nugent had a lot of great hits over the years, but that is one sick individual.

8 David Bowie

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Before Lori Maddox became the “property” of Jimmy Page, (which you will read about in a few minutes), according to her, she actually lost her virginity to David Bowie. At the age of 14 years old. By the time this woman was 15 years old she had already been with Bowie and Jimmy Page. Not your typical teenage years by any means. She says that Bowie initially chased her down but she rejected him. Eventually she gave in and then they ended up having a threesome with another underage friend of hers. She spoke of this experience as well as many others. In this case she said that "I saw the greatest music ever. I got to hang out with some of the most amazing, most beautiful, most charismatic men in the world. I went to concerts in limos with police escorts. Am I going to regret this? No."

There is no denying that David Bowie was one of the top musicians of his era. But there is also no denying that in general he was just a weird dude. Yet that didn’t stop women from all over the world trying to get with him. And as big as he was, you can bet that Maddox wasn’t the only woman, and I use that term loosely, that he was with. With fame comes groupies and Bowie certainly had his share of them over the years.

7 Guns N’ Roses

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There is no denying that Guns N’ Roses lived a wild life while on the road. While a lot of bands have accounts that are just pretty nasty about them, this band went over the line many times in the way they treated people. Yet still every show they played was sold out and there wasn’t a woman around that didn’t want to be with one of them.

Steven Adler was the drummer from 1985 until 1990. He had an assistant named Rocko who apparently was even worse than the band members themselves. Adler wrote

"Cops had come pounding on the door. They had obtained a warrant and searched my house. When I asked why I was horrified by the explanation. My ex-assistant, Rocko the pervert. This terminal whack job, who had tried to videotape unsuspecting people in my bathroom through a hole in the ceiling, had just been arrested for suspicion of murder. What the fu**? Apparently, he was kidnapping girls, drugging them, and then videotaping the unconscious victims in various positions and sex acts. They raided his home and found dozens of videotapes containing the graphic footage. They also found pictures of my ex-girl Analise and my mom Deanna. Rocko had been spying on us and taking pictures the whole time he had been staying with me."

Now, he wasn’t an official member of the band but you can only imagine the stuff that he got on tape. Anyone that has been to a GNR show knows that they used to turn the entire city upside down on show night.

6 Led Zeppelin

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We all know that there are a certain amount of drugs involved when rock bands are on the road. It’s not only limited to band members either. Plenty of people attending shows aren’t in the best state of mind and that includes the women. During Led Zeppelin’s heyday, drugs were as much a part of a show as the t-shirts that were sold. This led to even more sexual escapades, some documented and some not. One that was documented is truly one of the most bizarre instances ever verified.

It took place in Seattle and involved Zep and Vanilla Fudge. They met a woman that liked to be tied up during sex. What happened is now referred to as “The Shark Episode”. John Bonham was fishing from the hotel window and he had caught some mud sharks and red snappers. That night at the show both bands met the same woman. They took her back to the hotel and tied the naked woman up on the bed, just as she requested. Each member of the bands had their fun with her and even the sharks had their share of fun. Robert Palmer once remembered the incident and said

“She loved it. She was not complaining whatsoever. She got up, thanked everyone very much, and that was it.”

To each their own!

Lori Maddox, a well-known groupie from back in those days, said that Jimmy Page had his manager kidnap her and Page told her that she was going to be his. He was 28 years old at the time and Maddox was only 14 years old. She was with him for awhile and apparently she was kept locked up most of the time. When asked about it, Lori stated

"It was worth every minute, truly. He was a beautiful person and he touched my life, deeply."

Yeah, I’ll bet he did Lori.



WASP was a band that had controversy follow them no matter they went. While it has never been confirmed many people said that the name of the band stood for “We Are Sexual Perverts”. It seems to make sense as the sexual exploits of the band were always talked about but rarely documented. Lead singer of the band, Blackie Lawless, leads a much different life now than back in those days. He will rarely even talk about it.

During the shows back then the band actively sought out women from the audience to “party” with after the show. And there was never a lack of willing participants. One woman said that she hooked up with WASP bassist Jonny Rod once in a wardrobe room. Her account said that Rod wasn’t very blessed down below and that he wasn’t a minute man, but he didn’t do much more than double the time.

Rod, now 58, recently said that he drinks when he drives and that his life back then was “a train wreck”. So he may not even remember that incident. That might be a good thing.

4 Nickelback

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Nickelback is a great band. They have lots of great rock songs about drinking and partying. They write a lot of their songs about real life experiences, which is really no different than a lot of bands. But for some reason, Nickelback is one of the most hated bands around. I’ve never really figured out why this is but it doesn’t hurt ticket sales or album sales at all, as they draw huge crowds wherever they go.

Lead singer Chad Kroeger does not hide the fact at all that his goal is to get as many women as possible. He talks about it in interviews as well as when he is on stage. A lot of bands will have management pick out ladies from the crowd. But Kroeger doesn’t hide the fact on stage that he will do it himself. And the women are just lining up in each city to be with him and the band. One account reported that he is “hung like a horse”. I’m sure that doesn’t hurt his chances when the groupies hear about that.

I personally know a woman that had her own experience with the band several years ago. They were playing in Florida and it was the last show before a two-week break in the tour. She didn’t hook up with Kroeger but she did hook up with drummer Daniel Adair. She forgot all about her husband and kids and stayed right there in a high-quality hotel with Adair for over a week. Afterwards, she was proud of the things that she spoke of that they did. Her husband, however, wasn’t so happy about things. It just goes to show you that women line up to be with rock stars no matter where they go. For some reason the draw to many of them is irresistible.

3 Motley Crue

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Motley Crue has long had the reputation of the band that will do just about anyone that wanted to. This reputation has been around from the very first time they ever took the stage. Any fan of the band has heard the stories. The “Girls, Girls, Girls” album gives you a pretty good glimpse into their lifestyle. At least back then in those days. All documented accounts that I have seen over the years, most approved by the band to be released to the public, showed a line of women wanting to get a piece of them everywhere they went. And the band rarely said no. If they ever did.

One account is about a woman that went to the Rainbow Room in Los Angeles every night until she ran into Tommy Lee. It goes: “An ex-co-worker of mine claims to have slept with Tommy Lee from Motley Crue. She said it was in the 90s after the Pam & Tommy Lee video had come out – and she had seen it and thought he was hot and wanted to screw him, and she lived in LA at the time, so I guess she went to the Rainbow Room every night until he eventually showed up, then went up to him and said "I want to fu** the sh** out of you." and he just laughed. Then eventually I guess they all went back to some house to party, and he told her that he'd only fu** her if she (gave oral to) some other guy first, she refused, and then he fu**ed her anyway.

She said it was a great experience and she had a ton of fun, and he offered to pay her $500 to get a Motley Crue tattoo but she told him to fu** off because she wasn't a huge fan of the band.” That had to be hard on the ego huh Tommy?

There is also another report that Tommy Lee once made a bet with Nikki Sixx about who could go the longest without taking a shower, yet still hook up with groupies without having them leave or get sick. That’s just nasty. Life on the road must be pretty boring huh? It goes on to say that this lasted over TWO MONTHS. That’s just disgusting. After two months of not showering, going from city to city to play shows, and hooking up with groupies, one finally cracked. Sixx was getting oral from a woman that threw up all over him. Her earlier dinner of spaghetti was all over him. It was dubbed “The Spaghetti Incident” and Guns N’ Roses later named an album that.

2 Metallica

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For many years, Metallica has sold out arenas all over the world. You know that out of all those people there are a bunch of women that want to get backstage and meet the band get “a little” from them. And by all accounts, the boys in Metallica were all too happy to oblige them.

Drummer Lars Ulrich once told the Times Online about how him and singer James Hetfield lived together in the same room for about four years. They each had their own corner of the room and whenever James had his girlfriend over Lars would just sit in his corner of the room and listen to them go at it. When asked if they ever ended up with the same woman he replied “I can’t say that hasn’t happened. You know you’ve got to remember I met him 24 years ago. He is my brother in arms.” Apparently in some other ways too it sounds like. When he talked about groupies Ulrich said that you slept with them first and then decided if you wanted them to continue to be around. Afterwards, they decided if they “could actually tolerate being with them during the day.”

A roadie once gave an inside look at what happened backstage at a Metallica show. A few of his accounts are as follows:

“These groupies, these women, would be there before the show, usually in the afternoon, before the sound checks. And we, you know, the roadies, we were looking for these chicks twenty-four hours a day, every waking moment. It was every man for himself, but most of them were more than willing to do more than one guy. The most memorable were the Chicken Sisters--Debbie and Beth Shell--from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were the most memorable of all. They would do everybody. Gladly. Both gorgeous, cute, little blondes. Strippers. Underage. They worked adult shows in Philadelphia and stripped. Gorgeous. Eighteen years old.”

He also added

“We had these smiley passes. They were backstage passes that had a little face with a smile on it. When a girl got one of those, that meant she (gave oral). I mean that's officially what it meant. For each show, we had these little laminated passes printed up with peel-off backs. We'd give them to the press, to people from the city, guests of the band, the crew, and record company people. And then, specifically, we had pink passes that had a smiley face on them. Those were for the girls who would (give oral). They got a smiley pass. The Production Manager and the Tour Manager were in charge of the box that had these passes. And I had a key to the box, so you know, I took part in this. I was called "The Fisherman." I got thanked on two Metallica records for this. They called me "The Father of Filth" and then just "The Fisherman." And then there's an Overkill record that says "Special thanks to Thomas 'Root Cheese,' Father of Filth."

His accounts just go on and on so you can only imagine what the overall numbers are.

There was one report from a groupie’s cousin that stated

“My cousin slept with Lars Ulrich about ten years ago. She said he was sorta hot but had a really small di**. Also, he managed to get naked from the waist down before she even got to the bedroom. She described the sex itself as….easily forgettable.” Don’t get mad Lars, we can only report what the public is told.

1 Van Halen / Van Hagar

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For a very long time, Van Halen was one of the biggest bands in the world. Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth were sought after by just about every woman in the world. Not much is known about what Eddie did as far as women go, after all, he was married to Valeri Bertinelli for quite a while and he had to keep things on the down low. But if he did (and chances are high that he did) screw around on her he is an idiot.

What we do know is that David Lee Roth loved the women on the road. One report from a groupie said that after doing a show one time she hooked up with Roth and despite just doing a 90-minute set, that he had more power and energy with her than he even showed on stage. Way to go Dave!

When Sammy Hagar joined the band though, he took things to an even higher level. Sammy himself has confirmed this in his book “Red” and again more recently in an interview with Dan Rather. Basically, how he laid it out was that each night during Eddie’s twenty-minute guitar solo Sammy would go underneath the stage into a tent that was set up for the band. In the tent waiting for him would be several nude women that were chosen from the crowd attending the show. Hagar would do the deed and then go back up on the stage and finish the show. This happened night after night in city after city. He even said that he had so many women while out on tour, that he couldn’t even “finish the job” anymore during his encounters.

From all of the stories that have been told about Van Halen, and ones that can be verified, there is no question that they have probably done the most amount of groupies of any rock band in the world. Congratulations??

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