Top 10 Must-See 'Skin Flick' Movies Of All Time

Ranking the very best adult movies is a very subjective topic, but someone has to do it. We need to consider the story line, whether there is anything unique or groundbreaking and of course, the intercourse.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the honorable mentions: first there’s Insatiable, a very “sexy” movie that stars Marilyn Chambers. Is the fact that the actress is named Marilyn Chambers enough? Probably, but the sex scenes are also worth the time. Raw Talent is about the “industry,” telling a story of an actor trying to become an adult movie star. For fans of breaking down the fourth wall, it’s an enjoyable evening. Shock, the sequel to Latex just misses, but SPOILER ALERT: “Latex makes the list.” Finally we have Buttman’s European Vacation, now, the whole Buttman series is well known, but this particular one holds a special place in my heart…hence the honorable mention.

To make the top 10 you need a plot, or at least some type of plot. Strong “acting” also helps. Of course, if you are Debbie and are in Dallas, well, you made the list. We have some of the classics, the strange and of course, the adult movie stars. Here are the 10 greatest “skin flicks” you need to see…again:

10 Amanda By Night

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Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Amanda by Night is exactly that, an adult movie wrapped in a “who done it” mystery. Starring Veronica Hart, who plays a sex worker, this feature is high on plot with good acting. An AVN Hall of Famer, Hart only performed as an adult movie star for two years (1980 to 1982), but put together an impressive resume with this film being a fan favorite. Of course, the acting may take a back seat when considering the sex scenes. Throughout the movie, Hart finds herself in compromising positions and sex is the tool used to solve the mystery.

9 The Devil In Miss Jones

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Apparently everyone saw this movie; enough that even Roger Ebert reviewed The Devil In Miss Jones giving it 3 stars for a “dirty movie.” Created by the same people that made Deep Throat, The Devil In Miss Jones tells the story of suicide. A woman commits suicide and then ends up in hell. It’s here she is taught the sin of nakedness through various scenarios. The actress in the title role played by Georgina Spelvin was (in real life) a housewife in upstate New York that somehow went to New York City and in just a few days found herself the star of adult movies. (That should be the movie!) A close second is The Devil In Miss Jones.

8 Rasputin

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In the 1970s most adult movies were high on plot and the really good ones went deep. Typically this meant dealing with the evil of sex and often involved the devil. This is another one that although initially under the radar has aged well. Rasputin is a French movie that follows a monk (who is Russian) and his sexual situations. Apparently this monk (Rasputin) had a relationship (or was) the devil. This is not actually clear. As soon as you think you are following you are thrown into a sex scene which at least for me, makes concentrating on the plot rather difficult.

7 Pirates

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Also known as Pirates XXX’x, this skin flick has a big budget, lots of laughs (this movie is a spoof of Pirates of the Caribbean) and plenty of hot scenes. Costing over $1 million to make, it is said to be one of the most expensive adult movies ever produced. Most of the cost was in the high production values and not the script which is good considering the story line is “cheesy” to say the least. Pirates has received overall good reviews; however, the sequel Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge has not been as well liked – quite possible it’s $8 million price tag has something to do with that.

6 Jack’s POV 9

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This is the of course the follow-up to Jack’s POV 8 and is loaded with stars including Tori Welles, Porsche Lynn, Randy Spears and Victoria Paris. The movie is about “Jack” who shoots the girls having sex in a point of view fashion. The joke is that the girls pretend to be having sex with him, but really just have stand-ins. What many love about this movie is the quality of teasing and sex scenes. The movie really covers a lot of areas, including lesbian action which was something new for this series. The award-winning cast is reason enough to include this as part of your very late night viewing.

5 Nothing to Hide II: Justine

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The plot twist in an adult movie is always welcomed in my household and is considered a sweet, sweet bonus, especially when that twist involves a boyfriend’s father. With Nothing to Hide II: Justine that is the situation the star, “Roxanne Blaze” finds herself in. There is a well-played balance between love and lust and the acting is pretty good. Most important, the erotica is top-notch and super sexy. This flick has earned classic status and must-see lists in the adult movie world. All positions are considered, often numerous times and clocking in at 101 minutes ensures a satisfying experience all around.

4 Night Trips

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This one is very “trippy,” pun intended and rightfully so given the different color filters used for each dream scene, which is a lot. This movie will rank extra high on your list if you are a fan of music being played during the sex scenes, giving the film an artistic feel to it. The settings are classic – you get staircases in mansions and swimming pools, the kind of settings that never get old for this genre. What sets Night Trips apart from other movies is how everything is pulled together so well – the lighting, the production, the music – everything fits just right in this one!

3 Latex

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Are you interested in magicians? Are you interested in lots of sex? Do you like mysteries? Again, do you really like magicians? If you answered yes to all of these questions I have your favorite adult movie of all time right here. Latex, is the third installment of a quadrilogy. The plot description is “cyberpunk tale of a man who can see inside the souls of others.” The mysterious part is that something is stolen and needs to be found so it can be returned. Of course, along the way the protagonist finds himself in many compromising positions. Of course, he does – he’s a sex magician!

2 Behind the Green Door

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Behind the Green Door was one of the movies that really opened eyes to the possibilities of the adult entertainment world of movies. Shot in 1972, this film introduced Marilyn Chambers, the rest is history. Chambers is kidnapped and forced to perform acts of live sex, lesbianism and even orgy scenes in a club. The movie begins with Chambers being devoured by a group of women, all of them having their way with her. The sex scenes throughout the movie are wonderfully sensual, but it’s the greatest opening scene as well as one of the greatest openings to a phenomenal career that really captures you. RIP, Marilyn Chambers.

1 Debbie Does Dallas

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Bambi Woods is the lead girl who is helped by cheerleaders so she can also join the “Texas Cowgirls.” To pay for her trip the girls and Debbie trade favors for money, hence, “doing Dallas.” The humor factor is very high, but the movie is also very sexy and includes a lot of shower scenes and “football” guys looking to hook up with cheerleaders. This movie is classic and one of the first adult movies to cross over into pop culture. Debbie Does Dallas is a somewhat like Star Wars – you don’t want to be the one guy that has never seen it.

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