Top 10 Movies With the Most Nudity

movies with the most nudity

Nudity has become a staple in summer blockbuster movies and award-winning cinema. Now it is just another element to add to the film, and it is almost a given for R-rated movies that feature super-hot actors and actresses. While some films choose to portray nudity in a more discreet and tasteful way, there are other movies that just put it all out there for viewers to watch.

This list of 10 movies with the most nudity will give you the dish on a few films that completely transcended the norm of showing off some cleavage or some skin. It is a surprise that some of these movies even made it into theaters, considering how erotic they were. The items on this list span decades, from 1968's Barbarella to 2013's Stranger by the Lake. From strippers to gay sex and everything in between, if you have watched these movies, then you have seen it all, and probably more than you intended on seeing.

We will tell you now that you have been warned. If nudity is not your thing, then make sure you take note that these films are ones to bypass. Yet if you are totally into nakedness, we don't judge.

10 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

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Following the story of famed musician Dewey Cox, this film does not shy away from portraying the raging sex and rock-and-roll lifestyle of the rich and famous. Dewey Cox slept with a reported 411 women during his roller coaster-esque musical career, and he ended up marrying three of them. He also became the father of a whopping thirty-six kids, so surely there had to be some woo-hooing going on, and Walk Hard was not afraid to show that. This film contains enough nudity to fill a Playboy magazine. If you do not mind the extremely graphic nudity (male and female) or the intense sex scenes, then you might be able to watch this comedy biopic.

9 What? (1972)

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What? Is a comedic film from 1972 and was written and directed by none other than Roman Polanski. The movie takes place in Italy, a country of love, whimsy, and intense intimacy. What? did not back down from delving deep into the romantically-centered ambiance of the European country. This is the classic story of a foreigner who falls for an Italian hunk. In What?, an American girl is sexually harassed and tries to escape to a beautiful inn nestled in the wonderment of Italy. There she meets a cast of interesting characters including a total womanizer who woos her and then some. It is said that some of the acting was total spur-of-the-moment, and it shows in the extreme nudity and sexual content of the film.

8 The Master (2012)

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War films never seem to back down on the nudity, violence, and profanity. So it is with The Master, a 2012 film starring sexy Joaquin Phoenix. This is another R-rated movie for super-sensual nudity and sexual content. After all, men who have seen battle need to release all that pent-up sexual desire somehow. Prepare yourself for loads of action, both of the fighting and sexual nature. The star of the movie goes through a series of breakdowns during World War II and gets involved in a cult that engages in questionable activity. Critics and viewers have reckoned that this is a great modern movie that embraces “mental masturbation.”

7 Barbarella (1968)

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Barbarella is a 1968 film starring none other than Jane Fonda as a sex siren. In a futuristic turn of events, a visitor from the 41st century lands a faraway planet and tries to battle against an interplanetary baddie. The film's protagonist, Barbarella discovers that the planet expertly whips out new sinful tendencies like clockwork, and the results are quite intense. Among them is a machine that can kill people through excessive sex, as well as a lesbian royal who can bring sexual dreams and fancies to life. Surprisingly the film was based on a French comic strip, which must have been for adults only. During the film, Barbarella finds her clothes being torn off in so many ways, we kind of question the writers' flights of fancy.

6 Piranha 3D (2010)

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Every summer, a new shamelessly crappy movie seems to come out. It is nature's way of reminding us that film can go completely wrong. So it goes with the poorly-rated Piranha 3D. Nothing says bottom of the barrel like vicious fish flapping onscreen in three eye-popping dimensions. Add some obscene nudity, and you have got a summer flop. Piranha 3D features spring-breakers and their hi-jinks, as well as killer fish tearing human flesh apart. If the flip-flopping of slimy grotesque aquatic creatures does not make you want to watch this film, then maybe the scantily-clad young people will. Or maybe not.

5 Heavy Metal (1981)

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This 1981 film already sounds like an S & M erotica movie if you are already in that mindset. The gist of this film is that it surrounds the story of a young girl (of course) who gets haunted by a glowing orb of sex. No, really. The object engages the girl in acts of eroticism, sexual fantasy, and pure fetish terror. While the film tries to portray good against bad, the movie is in essence, a completely sexual joyride. As if we needed more evidence that the 80s were weird enough, have fun trying to figure out why a ball of doom would want to have an intimate playdate with a young gal.

4 Flesh Gordon (1974)

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In case you did not figure it out, Flesh Gordon is the sexual parody of the series Flash Gordon. In this film version, a superhero-slash-footballer Flesh Gordon must save the earth from impending doom – in the form of a gigantic sex-ray. The weapon of masturbation (er, mass destruction) was sent to earth by none other than Emperor Wang, also known as “The Perverted.” Need we say more, really? This is a nudie film if there ever was one; it even alludes to it in the title. If you are looking for some laughs and something to jerk off to, then you might want to give Flesh Gordon a view.

3 Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (2008)

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Back in 2008, the Harold and Kumar series returned with another one of its slap-stick meets erotica movies. In this edition, the two dudes are suspected of terrorism when they sneak some of their signature drug stash onto an airplane. Sounds cult-classic enough, but come on – this is Harold and Kumar we are talking about. So naturally the movie is filled with nudity, sexual innuendo, and the like. With ex-girlfriends, fiances, and drugs in the mix, you are bound to witness a butt or boob during the film. And while Harold and Kumar try to class it up and head to Europe this time around, there is no hiding their total bro attitude.

2 Stranger by the Lake (2013)

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If there is anything a movie from the year 2013 will portray, it has got to be the sexual freedom that we now experience each and every day. Stranger by the Lake unabashedly shows off the sexual promiscuity that has become so commonplace in our society today. What's more, it is shown through the relationship of two gay men. A summer rendezvous between two dudes leads to a full-length session of unprotected sex, male frontal nudity, and guy-on-guy action. The two main characters are tragically in love with each other, even though their rough-and-tumble erotic passions lead to some trouble.

1 Striptease (1996)

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Last but not least is a film whose title gives it all away. If you watch Striptease, you better not be expecting just some minor cleavage or a bare booty. This film is chock-full of nudity. Demi Moore stars as the main character, a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet and provide as a parent. So what is a woman to do? Strip for sexually-hungry males in a risque nightclub. The other stars (Burt Reynolds, Ving Rhames, Robert Patrick) work their on-screen magic is a sensual and R-rated adventure of the inner workings of a strip club.

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