Top 10 Greatest Batmobiles Of All Time

There is no vehicle in all of pop culture that is as cool as the Batmobile. The Fast and Furious franchise has its share of fast, impressive and modified cars. Furthermore, the James Bond films have featured some gems, such as the BMW Z8, and several Aston Martins over the years. But ultimately, if you want to talk about iconic cars, the Batmobile is second to none.

The Dark Knight needs a vehicle that is capable of protecting the streets of Gotham; ridding the city of its criminal underworld. In short, the vehicle has to be fast, responsive, tough and tricked out like nothing else. There have been thousands of Batmobiles in Batman’s 75-year history.

Some have appeared on the big screen, while other have appeared in live action TV shows, cartoons and, of course, in the pages of comic books. Each Batmobile is equipped with a plethora of gadgets that make the car an unstoppable crime-fighting machine. The Batmobile is cool, practical and even a babe magnet. To quote Robin: “I want a car, chicks dig the car.” While some Batmobiles are similar, there are no two that are exactly alike. Here’s a look at the ten coolest Batmobiles of all time.

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10 Batman Forever Batmobile

via starcars.wikia.com

The movie may have been lackluster, but the Batmobile that appeared in Batman Forever was not. It has a sleek look and it rides low to the ground. The giant shark-like fin on this Batmobile makes it stand out.

It is even able to drive up the sides of walls! The Batman Forever Batmobile is unique because it has appeared on both the big and small screen, and not just in a Batman film. This car appeared in an episode of the Drew Carey Show – Drew won the car as part of a contest. It also appeared in the Russell Brand comedy Arthur.

9 Brave and the Bold Batmobile

via oppositelock.kinja.com

If the 1960s Batmobile and the Batman Forever Batmobile had a kid, it would look like this cool Batmobile. The Batmobile that appeared in the cartoon Batman: Brave and the Bold had a dragster-like appearance with a huge fin that extended from the car’s cockpit past the bumper.

The black paintjob with red piping was clearly homage to the George Barris designed Batmobile of the 1960s. It was a perfect fit for the campy and fun Batman cartoon.

8 Batman Beyond Batmobile

via kotaku

In the future, Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman. Instead, Terry McGinnis now wears the cowl and bat costume. Even though Bruce Wayne is no longer the Batman, he is still a crime fighter. Bruce Wayne is the mentor of McGinnis, and guides him through crime fighting. In the cartoon Batman Beyond, Batman no longer needed a Batmobile that had wheels.

Instead, the Batmobile was a plane/hovercraft that was speedy and filled to the brim with weapons and gadgets capable of taking out the scum and criminal underbelly of a futuristic Gotham City.

7 Dark Knight Returns Tank

via dkreturns.blogspot.com

A rugged, broken and bad-ass Batman needs a suitable mode of transportation. In Frank Miller’s seminal Batman comic book The Dark Knight Returns, Batman has a Batmobile so menacing that it made all other Batmobiles look like Herbie The Love Bug.

It wasn’t just a car, it was a mobile command center with a massive arsenal of weapons. The mutants that had overrun Gotham City in this iconic comic book couldn’t stand a chance against this behemoth of a Batmobile. However, it did have one weakness. It was not immune to the shockwave of a nuclear blast, so at the end of the book Batman took to the streets of Gotham on horseback instead.

6 Arkham Knight Batmobile

via youtube

Batman’s reach has extended far behind the printed page and the cinema. In the last few years he has also become one of the coolest video game characters of all time. The Arkham series of video games are widely considered to be the best comic book based games of all time, and the Batmobiles that have appeared in the series have also been extremely cool.

The Batmobile that appears in Arkham Knight has two modes – battle mode and street mode. If Batman has to take out an army of tanks the Batmobile raises itself up from the ground and transforms into a nimble and agile vehicle capable of quickly out maneuvering incoming projectiles.

5 Batman: The Animated Series Dragster

via capedcrusades.com

Batman: The Animated Series is the best Batman TV show of all time, and the Batmobile that appeared in the show is one of the coolest. Two different Batmobiles appeared on the program, but it is the long, sleek dragster-like car that was a mainstay of the first few seasons that has become the most iconic.

The Tim Burton’s Batmobile heavily influenced it, and the entire TV show was influenced by the Tim Burton Batman movie. This Batmobile also appeared in the stellar animated Batman film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

4 The Tumbler

via gamespresso.com

It may not look much like a Batmobile, but the Tumbler is still an intimidating and menacing crime fighting car. In the Christopher Nolan Batman films, the Tumbler was designed for military applications.

Bruce Wayne modified it to take down villains like Scarecrow, the Joker and Bane. In The Dark Knight, the Joker destroyed the Tumbler, but it had one awesome failsafe feature. The Tumbler had an escape feature enabled that allowed Batman to exit the vehicle via his Batpod if things ever got too dangerous. And yes, it does come in black.

3 1960's Batmobile

via ipkitten.blogspot.com

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed! The 1960's Batmobile was designed by legendary automaker George Barris, and it was based off of a Ford concept car called the Futura. Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin used this powerful and stylish Batmobile to take out Gotham’s most evil forces.

The car was filled with plenty of cool gadgets like a Bat-saw, Bat deflector shield, and onboard bat-computer. It appeared in the 60s Batman TV show and Batman: The Movie, which was released in 1966. The black and red color scheme of this iconic car make it extremely eye catching.

2 Tim Burton Batmobile

via batman.wikia.com

Burton’s Batmobile is not only one of the coolest Batmobiles to ever appear on the big screen, but is it one of the coolest Batmobiles of all time. It is armed to the teeth with machine guns and weapons. It has a protective shield that allows it to remain safe if Batman must park it on the street, and it can even shed its outer layer to transform into the bat-missile, as seen in the film Batman Returns.

This allows it to evade anyone in pursuit by passing through narrow gaps and alleyways. However, it’s not perfect because the Penguin managed to take control of it and cause plenty of damage.

1 Batman v Superman Batmobile

via wired

The Batmobile that will appear in the upcoming blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is cooler than any other Batmobile. It has a huge gun mounted to the hood, and features awesome gull wing-esque doors. It is the perfect car for Batman to use to destroy the Man of Steel.

It is heavily influenced by the previous cinematic versions of the Batmobile, and it looks like a cross between the Tumbler and the Burton Batmobile. According to Zach Snyder, unlike the Tumbler, this crime-fighting vehicle was purposefully built to be a Batmobile.

Source: Batmobile Historyyoutube.com

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