Top 10 Definitive 'Dad Bods' In Hollywood

#DadBod. We Love The Dad Bod! It’s All About The Dad Bod!

The term Dad Bod won the Internet last week after Clemson University sophomore, Mackenzie Pearson, wrote an essay called, Why Girls Love The Dad Bod. So what exactly is The Dad Bod? Pearson gave Slate her official definition of men with a lack of definition:

“A dad bod is a guy who is not incredibly chiseled, but at the same time, is not unhealthy. He’s not overweight. He’s probably that guy who played football in high school and came to college and didn't play football. Maybe he had a few too many slices of pizza, or a few too many ramens, and just ended up with a little bit of squish on top of his muscle. It’s a healthy body. It’s a boy-next-door look. He’s the kind of person you go on a hike with, and then at the end of the day, you eat pasta and lay in bed and watch a movie.”

Here is a definitive list of the top ten Dad Bods in Hollywood. Most of these men have been considered sexy for a long some, even one from before you were probably born. Look, lady lusting after chubby guys isn't exactly a new phenomenon. The ladies have been fantasizing about every man on this list, before the Internet even put a label on it. Either way, it's now cool to admit your man doesn't need to have the body of Brad Pitt to be swoon-worthy, he just needs to eat some pizza.

10 Chris Pratt


A lot of people say that Chris Pratt started the whole Dad Bod craze. On Parks & Recreation, Pratt played Andy. People in Pawnee didn't exactly care about physical fitness and it showed on Pratt. He was definitely pale and chubby. To be fair, he had a little chub on top of his muscle. However, Pratt lost his Dad Bod when he became a professional super hero in Guardians of The Galaxy. Sporting a six pack, a whole lot of other muscle and relatively low body fat, Pratt’s body morphed and he became a different kind of sex symbol.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio


8 Seth Rogen

7 Jon Hamm


6 Alec Baldwin

Oh, Alec Baldwin. That man is sexy no matter what he does. He’s a dad twice over and his wife Hilaria, is currently expecting another child. Baldwin had a Dad Bod before it was even cool. You might even want to say he had the original Dad Bod from back in the day. In his older films such as Miami Blues and The Getaway, Baldwin went shirtless and made the ladies swoon. Even when he plays totally unlikable characters, such as in his recent films Blue Jasmine and Still Alice, it’s still hard not to find Baldwin sexy. That man just exudes sex appeal.

5 Jonah Hill

Okay, Jonah Hill has kind of gone beyond the Dad Bod stage, but he’s cuddly enough to make this list. Hill is a huge fan of beer (no pun intended), which he has credited for keeping his body, well, cuddly: “I tried to be healthier. I still drink beer – that’s my Achilles’ heel I think. I went to a nutritionist and I said, ‘I’ll lose weight, I’ll eat healthier and whatever, but figure out how I can drink beer. Honestly, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to be a little healthier, that’s it. It’s so annoying because if I don’t drink beer I get really thin, and then when I drink beer I get a little bigger. You should try beer, it’s really good.” We can all agree his humor is also an extra asset.

4 Vince Vaughn

3 Jack Black

2 Anthony Bourdain


1 Jason Segel


Ladies have been lusting after Jason Segel’s Dad Bod since the days of Freaks and Geeks. But later in his career, for the Judd Apatow film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ladies quite enjoyed seeing Segel’s naked Dad Bod. More recently, Segel slimmed down his Dad Bod for the movie Sex Tape, telling Us Weekly, “This time when I take my shirt off, I've made a promise to myself, it doesn't have to be funny. I took heat for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where I was completely nude. But different characters require different body types.” We prefer Segel with the Dad Bod type.

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