Top 10 Coolest Batsuits of All Time

Arguably, Batman is DC's most valuable character, especially in the movies, since Batman films have consistently been the highest grossing DC movies of all time. Therefore, DC has to make sure that Batman is always at his best, and they keep making changes they feel are necessary in order for him to become even more popular. Since Batman is just a human being with no superpowers, the things that DC can make huge improvements on include his storyline, his amazing gadgets, and of course, his Batsuit.

The Batsuit has gone through numerous changes over the years, most of the changes coming as a result of the different costume designers, while others are based on a particular stage of the development of Batman's character. Batman's costume will always have a few common features such as a Bat symbol on his chest, a pair of Bat ears, an amazing utility belt, a mask that covers his whole head only leaving space for his mouth, and a cape that evolves depending on fashion and function.

How cool a Batsuit is largely depends on an individual's perspective and definition of cool, otherwise there is no agreed upon "coolometer" we can use to judge Batman's costumes. However, if there was such a gadget, the order of how cool the Batsuits are would undoubtedly follow the order here below.

One important thing to note here is that the list contains four different rankings; the top three Batsuits in video games, the top three in animations, the top three in movies, and just one from the novels. This type of ranking is ideal because it would be unfair to compare an actual costume to a video game costume and so on.

10 Batman: Noël Batsuit (Novel)

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Lee Bermejo wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Batman: Noel, which is based on the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The novel contains characters that we find in Batman's movies and comics, as well as characters in the book: A Christmas Carol.

The Batsuit here is quite unique from most other suits, in the sense that the ears here are very short, the mask is not a separate piece but is part of what seems to be a hood, and the mask fits so well that it adjusts to show Batman's facial contours clearly. The Bat symbol on Batman's chest here seems to be part of the cape as well as his hood, the suit looks a bit bulky, and the cape is much bigger than it appears in most of his other suits. Fighting in this suit must be quite a task but, since it looks cool and Batman gets the job done in it, we have no problem with it.

9 Injustice Gods Among Us Batsuit (Video game) 

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Injustice: Gods Among Us presents us with one of the coolest Batsuits we have ever seen the Dark Knight wearing, which is what he needs to accomplish his mission. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a video game, and this means that you get to control everything that Batman prime does, including what he wears.

The above costume looks amazing, and we would love to see Batman wearing such a suit in any of his future movies. The attention to detail in this suit is amazing, especially the bat on his chest and his gold belt. The size of the ears is a bit off but the suit is an overall winner. NetherRealm Studios developed the video game and it was published by the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

8 Batman: Arkham City Batsuit (Video game) 

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Batman: Arkham City is another video game where we get to see Batman wearing a Batsuit that would look so cool on Christian Bale or Ben Affleck in real life. The Batsuit in this video game almost looks metallic and the cape looks firm but very light, which is a very good thing. The cool gloves here make Batman look so bad-ass, and it seems as if he can win any fight with ease while wearing this suit.

Everything except the fake abs is on point, although his chest looks strong enough to stop a bullet. Rocksteady Studios developed this action-adventure game in 2011, and it is a sequel of the 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.

7 Batman: Arkham Origins Batsuit (Video game)

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Batman: Arkham Origins is an action-adventure video game where Batman gets to face off against highly skilled criminals and assassins such as the Black Mask and Deathstroke. This video game was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montréal and has Batman wearing a really cool suit which, as is always the case, is very functional as well as stylish.

The ears on this suit are just the right size, the mask fits Batman's face just right, the suit is clearly made of a special type of cloth because it does not look metallic, and this suit can easily be adopted into real life for use in movies. This is without a doubt the coolest suits that Batman has worn in all video games so far.

6 Batman: The Animated Series Batsuit (Animation)

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If you grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s, then you can totally relate to this Batsuit. This costume looks almost exactly as the Batman portrayed by Adam West in the 1996 film Batman: The Movie and it is the image we have come to accept of Batman, especially for children.

You can easily refer to Batman in this costume as the "Light Knight" owing to how bright his colors are and how cool the overall look is, although there is a clear touch of old school here. When Batman was wearing this suit, he often had to depend more on his wits and fists to bring down the criminals and less on the few gadgets he had at the time.

5 Bruce Wayne’s Earth 2 Batsuit (Animation) 

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As is the case with comics and series, the concept of a parallel universe is the order of the day and therefore having a Batman from Earth 2 is not a surprise. The Bruce Wayne of Earth 2 went through what Earth 1's Bruce Wayne went through, and he also became the Batman in his earth.

Earth 2's Bruce Wayne has an amazing looking Batsuit, which is very similar to Earth 1's Bruce Wayne. Some notable differences are the symbol of the bat on the chest which has very straight edges, his cape looks scary, his gloves look really tough, and his gold-colored belt seems as if it can hold more gadgets than what Earth 1's Batman can. Overall, the suit looks great and it definitely deserves to be on this list.

4 Batman Beyond Batsuit (Animation)

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The Batsuit we find in Batman Beyond is one of the most unique suits that we have seen Batman wearing so far, and it is one of his most recent. This suit is one of Batman's coolest suits because it is one of the most technologically advanced suits ever worn, in this case by the current Batman, Terry McGinnis.

Notice how the bat on this suit is red, and the cape has been replaced with flight-capable red wings. The suit has retractable claws, and grappling guns among other cool gadgets, and it gives Batman superhuman strength, endurance, and agility. With this suit, Batman is not vulnerable to heat, water, electricity, or radiation attacks, and it transforms him into an extremely powerful superhero.

3 Batman Returns (1992 movie)

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Batman Returns, which was 1992's third highest grossing movie in America, was one of the best movies of the early 1990s - and movie critics everywhere agree on this. Michael Keaton was playing the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and he was looking great in that really cool Batsuit.

The metal-studded gloves, the shoes, and the cowl-like mask were a great fit for Batman because they were primarily made of rubber and stretchy fabric. Furthermore, the yellow Bat symbol placed centrally on his chest and the utility belt added some color to Batman's overall appearance. Except that his cape covered the better part of his shoulders and arms, a design that stands in the way of effective arm movements, this suit still qualifies to be one of Batman's coolest.

2 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batsuit (2016 movie)

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is already the highest grossing DC movie in history and DC hopes that it will reach the $1 billion mark soon, despite the mark seeming ever more elusive with every reducing figure coming in. However, since our interest here is the Batsuit, there is no denying that this Batsuit is not only very unique and intimidating; it has got to be one of the coolest we have ever seen.

This suit is more about functionality than it is beauty and has been made to appear as if Batman has no artificial or useless decorations. The suit clearly reveals Batman's realistic muscles and his veins, and the Bat symbol on his chest looks great. His ears are just the right size, his mask fits perfectly, and his cape is ideal for taking down the bad guys.

1 Batman Begins (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

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Christian Bale starred as Batman/Bruce Wayne in this 2005 Box office hit Batman Begins. This movie marked the beginning of the Dark Knight Trilogy and is without a doubt one of the best performances we have seen of Batman on screen. The Batsuit in Batman Begins is very different from all others, in the sense that it highlights what is supposed to be Batman's human anatomy, giving him a very dangerous and intimidating look, owing to the contours, the jagged lines, and the mechanical feel.

The suit makes us feel as if we can see Batman's enhanced muscles stretching and flexing with every movement, and it looks like it is made of numerous small pieces that have been perfectly put together. Batman's gold colored belt blends well with the suit, his unique Bat symbol on the chest looks great, and his overall futuristic appeal makes this suit fit for topping this list.

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