Top 10 Classic Rock Stars That Still Work Harder Than You

When thinking about rock stars, you may picture someone that spends their life hanging with groupies before a show, playing a one-hour set on stage and then it's time for post-show groupie time. For some, this may be accurate, but there are a number of "classic" rock stars that continue to work their asses off, and I'm not referring to the groupie scene here. In some cases, these rock stars are old enough to collect social security, yet they still make music, go on tour, write books, host radio shows and much, much more. Here are 10 rock stars well past their prime that still work harder than you.

Unfortunately, Motorhead frontman Lemmy just missed the list, recently passing at the age of 70. Despite his ongoing illnesses and age, Lemmy and his band Motorhead were still putting out music right up until his cancer diagnosis, just days before he died. Other honorable mentions include Paul McCartney, a legend that seems to be available anytime there's an on-screen collaboration, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) who found time to release three albums and perform in a Broadway musical based on his music, and finally, Sebastian Bach who continues to make music as a solo artist as well as being an available voice for whatever super group of the week is touring.

We’ve got ex-addicts done straight, rockers that continue to defy celebrity death pools, lots of hair, and of course, Dave Grohl (because he is everywhere). Here are 10 classic rock stars that still work harder than you:

10 Ozzy Osbourne

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9 David Coverdale

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8 Metallica

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Everything is harder when you are part of this band, at least that’s just the way it looks anyway. Metallica have sold over 110 million albums around the world and they continue to make music and tour and drive each other crazy. A lot of this is their perfectionist ways, the rest is that they no longer party or use drugs. The counseling alone this band requires would keep anyone busy for a lifetime, yet they somehow keep producing intense, long albums that generally resonate with their fan base. On the off chance there isn’t anything going on, they can always count on Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine to stir the waters.

7 Chester Bennington

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6 Vince Neil

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5 Michael Monroe

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How old is Michael Monroe? A hundred? No, he’s not, but considering he is credited with turning Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles into hair band central in the eighties, obviously it’s been a lot of years. Monroe, also known as High in the Sky and Psychedelic Kid is one of the founders of glam punk, glam metal and really everything in between. He started with Hanoi Rocks, but was also part of Demolition 23 and Jerusalem. He has collaborated with many bands including Guns N’ Roses (who also cite Monroe as a major inspiration) and continues to put out solo albums while ripping up the summer festival circuit. You will be hard pressed to look at any major festival and not find his name and should not be surprised to see him up on stage with other acts such as Slash. He’s always up on stage with Slash…

4 Slash

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What’s interesting about Slash is the mystery of Slash. He doesn’t really leave his area of music, but his reach is much farther than you’d think. Slash is one of the biggest collaborators in rock and pop music. He has worked with bands ranging from the Yardbirds to Michael Jackson to Insane Clown Posse. Of course there was the band Guns N’ Roses, but then countless solo band incarnations and albums followed. Where can you find Slash? Well, he will be reuniting with Guns N’ Roses, but also pretty much any classic rock awards show or celebration, he is there, often winning awards for best guitarist. In 2015 he supposedly shot scenes for the SpongeBob Movie, but his scenes were later cut. That movie is the one example (and maybe only) of a Slash collaboration that apparently didn’t work out.

3 Duff McKagan

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2 Dave Grohl

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So I guess Grohl is the young guy here, coming in at a tender 47 years old. Grohl is pretty much turned into Mr. Rock Star and has played with just about everyone. He started with Nirvana, but earned his own fame with Foo Fighters and then earned the reputation of being the nicest guy in the rock world, always available to work with bands and lend a hand. He also keeps busy with his “other band” Them Crooked Vultures and had a stint as the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age. When it’s not his band he lends himself as a session drummer. Grohl has played drums for McCartney, Slash, Lemmy, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Tom Petty to name but a few. He directs, directing the documentary Sound City and has also been a host fill-in for the Chelsea Lately show. Grohl is one of the few working hard to keep rock music relevant and though a tough task, he’s been up for it.

1 Nikki Sixx

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How does the founder of Motley Crue celebrate the end of his successful run? By putting out a double album with his other band, Sixx:AM. There are no breaks for Nikki Sixx. In addition to his bands he hosts radio shows Sixx Sense and The Side Show, writes books (The Heroin Diaries and This is Gonna Hurt) and is active in Running Wild in the Night, a branch of the Covenant House. Over the years Sixx has also lent his hand to a number of side projects, working with Sex Pistols, Lita Ford, Meatloaf and The Last Vegas. In addition to his two “current bands” he has been part of Brides of Destruction, 58 and London. It’s amazing the time you have once you kick heroin…

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