Top 10 Celebs Kylie Jenner Should Hook Up With

Kylie Jenner is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood right now with a fairy tale lifestyle that is in and out of the tabloids. As her sister Kim Kardashian’s career is at a pause while she takes care of North West and focuses on her pregnancy, Kylie has happily taken the Kardashian tiara and is wearing it quite well.

Although Kylie may have been accused of getting lip injections and butt implants for a sexier look or being in a relationship while she was under the age of 18, her career is on fire and her face continues to make it to the cover of popular magazines like Elle, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan. As Kylie continues to make a name for herself as the most popular Kardashian in the family, there is one thing she can’t hide from and that is her relationship troubles being leaked to the press.

Although the stories continue to unravel about her recent on and off split with rapper and reality TV star of Kingin’ with Tyga, Kylie recently sat on the seat of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to say they are “hanging out. Living life.” The two had a drama filled year with Drake’s insult to Tyga and Kylie’s young age in his song “6PM in New York” and Nicki Minaj’s 17 T-shirt in her video with Beyonce called “Feeling Myself.” Whether she and Tyga are still together or just “hanging out,” there is a lineup of men in tinsel town ready to take Tyga’s spot. Here are the top 10 people Kylie should hook up with.

10 James Franco

He’s a light-hearted comedian with an outspoken personality in most of his movies. We remember James Franco’s obnoxious character in The Interview and his infamous role in Pineapple Express. He also took the title of being the Sexiest Man Living in 2009 by Salon.com. James’ reputation for taking selfies will fit right in with Kylie’s love for Instagram and Snapchat. Aside from the Hollywood scene, James has taught classes at the University of California, Palo Alto High School, New York University and the University of Southern California. Not bad for an actor that has a long list of work on his acting resume.

9 Matt Kemp

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We remember Matt Kemp and his short relationship in 2009 with Rihanna and the infamous Mexico photos of the two that were swirling around the internet. It definitely showed the world he has a taste for exotic women. Matt and Kylie have similar tastes; they both publicly give back to their community. He put together a community initiative he calls “Kemp's Kids” that gives back to children in Los Angeles. While Kylie is out promoting her new app and clothing line around the world, Matt can keep himself busy and fit as he plays baseball for the San Diego Padres.

8 Andrew Garfield

7 Anthony Brown

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As he plays on assignment for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, this athlete was recently selected as the 34th pick by the 2015 NBA draft for a chance to play on the team. He may be a rookie with the team but he can get her court-side tickets to any game, go on double dates with Khloe and James Harden, and still have time to spend with Kylie since they both live in Los Angeles. In high school, he was handed the title of League MVP for averaging 14.0 points for every game he played as a junior.

6 Michael B. Jordan

5 Taylor Lautner

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His acting career in The Twilight Saga films started to heat up with his 6 pack and throbbing muscles. He keeps the ladies interested with his intensity and is a guy’s guy with the rugged characters he is used to playing on screen. Taylor’s commitment to gaining 30 pounds of muscle for his popular role in The Twilight Saga proves he’s a disciplined guy that knows how to keep in shape for his dedicated fans. He may have been linked to Taylor Swift and Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos in the past, but his fun personality could certainly keep Kylie interested.

4 Jason Derulo

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Even though Jason Derulo, the heart throbbing R&B and pop singer, may seem like a carefree player enjoying the Hollywood life, his last relationship with Jordan Sparks lasted for a long 3 years. Whether they were on the red carpet or appearing in a music video together, the man wasn’t afraid to show the world his commitment to the relationship. His summer hit “Want to Want Me” hit the number 5 spot on the Billboard chart and is still playing on the radio today. He’s an internationally known pop singer that Kris Jenner would be happy to add to the family.

3 Nick Jonas

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The singer, actor and songwriter came a long way from the Jonas Brothers days. The previous starlets he reportedly dated were Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, the Australian singer Delta Goodrem and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. He recently released a new version of his album named X2 and hit the stage at the AMA awards to perform his hit song “Levels”. Although he is on the road promoting his new album, his Disney past shows that underneath the suaveness, he can be the guy next door. One thing in life that Kylie values the most is her family and Nick Jonas has proven to be the same by starting out the first part of his singing career on the road with his two brothers Joe and Kevin.

2 Bryshere Y. Gray

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Bryshere Y. Gray also known as “Yazz” on the hit TV show Empire is not only a leading actor but a rapper. His fast-talking persona on Empire shows that he likes the night life and has enough swag to keep up with the Kardashians. Add headliner musician to his resume; Bryshere had a chance to perform at Jay Z’s Made in America Festival and signed a record deal with Columbia records. As he keeps people tuned to the TV screen to watch the show every week, he can keep Kylie interested with her hip hop rapping Snapchats and Hollywood lifestyle.

1 Zayn Malik

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His tattoos, rock star haircuts and tanned skin don’t too fall too short of Tyga’s style. It doesn’t hurt that the British GQ named Zayn the best dressed male of 2014, either. His British accent continues to charm women all around the world and let’s face it, he made it to Kylie’s 18th Birthday party and there were alleged rumors that he has had a crush on Kylie before then. As a singer and songwriter, he’s a go getter just like Kylie that likes to have fun on the town. Who knows what the future has in store for these two.

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