Top 10 Celebrity Burnouts and Breakdowns

Stardom has its perks. It gets you noticed in a crowd, it opens doors and opportunities for you, and sometimes it even gets you out of trouble with the law. However, it seems not all celebrities can handle stardom and the fame, the responsibilities and other extra baggage that goes with it. Sometimes they lose their temper, sometimes they just spiral out of control.

Who are most famous celebrities who have suffered burnouts?

10 Mariah Carey

July 2001, after the release of two movies she starred in that bombed, Mariah Carey allegedly tried to do a striptease on Total Request Live before she was stopped. Her representatives would later say she had suffered an emotional/physical breakdown and she later checked into a hospital for “extreme exhaustion” after working too hard. “What I’d like to do is just to take a little break or at least get one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video,” she said, “all I really want is to just be me and that’s what I should have done in the first place…I don't say this much but guess what? I don’t take care of myself.” The rest seemed well thought of, by 2005 her career was back on track.

9 Joaquin Phoenix

For Joaquin Phoenix it all seemed to unravel during a guesting on The Tonight Show with David Letterman. The actor barely spoke, barely moved and hid his eyes behind sunglasses. From what little he said, he said he was quitting acting and starting rapping. After his rap career failed to take off, Phoenix has come back to acting. He was in The Master in 2012 and The Immigrant which is to be released this year. He is also set to appear in Her and in Inherent Vice next year.

8 Amy Winehouse

The jazz singer’s career was on a roll, but somehow trouble always seemed to find her. In August 2008, Amy Winehouse was taken to the hospital for exhaustion. October that same year she and her husband were arrested in Norway for possession of marijuana. She flubs a series of concerts including one time when she was booed off the stage and another time when she appeared to be high. Later that year she was found outside her house in just jeans and a bra looking confused. She got into trouble with the law, one time for slapping a man, another for allegedly attacking a fan during a concert and yet another for attacking the manager of a theater. She flubs another concert and cancels the entire tour. She had gone into rehab again and again, leaving early each time and even writing a song about it. Her last attempt to get clean was the Priory Clinic in May 2010. July 23rd of that same year she was unfortunately found dead in home.

7 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was doing good with his Two and a half men being one of the most-watched TV shows. Then in January 2011 things suddenly went downhill. Sheen went in and out of rehab for drug and substance abuse and called series creator Chuck Lorre names after his rehab stint halted filming. Sheen had been fighting drug addiction for a long time, as early as 1998, when his father convinced him to enter rehab for the first time. Just before going to rehab again in 2011, Sheen was found passed out drunk in a hotel with a frantic woman locked up in the toilet. He was fired from the show and launched a series of standup shows he called My Violent Torpedo of Truth. The tour bombed. As of April 2011, Sheen was apologizing to Lorre and saying he wanted his job back. While Hollywood pundits said this is unlikely to happen, Sheen currently has his hands full with his series Anger Management.

6 Christian Bale

During a shoot for Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale got upset when a crew member kept entering into the scene. The man was there to adjust the lights but Bale suddenly flew off the handle and said he was messing up his concentration on the set. Bale let go with an expletive-laden rant against the crew member which was caught on audio. The rant lasted for a good three and a half minutes before Bale calmed down. He later apologized for the incident, but not after it had been preserved for posterity on the Internet.

5 Alec Baldwin

Sometimes Alec Baldwin can blow his top off. Unfortunately for him some of those times were highly publicized, including his rant on Twitter against reporter George Stark for allegedly dishonoring the memory of a friend whose funeral he and his wife attended. Baldwin did not just get into trouble for his violence toward the reporter. He was also criticized for allegedly being homophobic. His scathing remarks were not just for reporters, it was also revealed that in 2007 he also called his then 11-year-old daughter a “rude thoughtless pig”. He continued his rant and kept hurling insults toward his young daughter regardless of her young age. Baldwin has since apologized for issuing those statements.

4 Amanda Bynes

For Amanda Bynes it seems the movies ended in 2010 then the troubles began. In March 2012, Bynes was pulled over for talking on her cellphone while driving, she makes a getaway before the enforcer could write a ticket and later went to the police station to get it. The following month she was arrested for a DUI after sideswiping a police car. She was arrested also after refusing a breathalyzer test. She pleads not guilty to the crime and even asks President Barack Obama to fire the policeman who arrested her. In August 2012 she rear-ends another car while driving in LA. She drives away from the scene and is charged for another hit-and-run. That September, her car was impounded after she was pulled over and found to be driving with a suspended license. She was charged for the same offense later that month. Bynes has pleaded not guilty to the two cases of hit-and-run and is due in court later in October.

3 Mel Gibson

Many celebrities have already been arrested for a DUI along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and Mel Gibson would have quietly become one of them when he was arrested in August 2006. Except that he ranted long and loud about how messed up his life was, how offensive the lineage of the arresting officers were, how he owned Malibu and how he was going to use his money to get even with them. Then out of the blue, Gibson also blamed the Jews for starting all the wars in the world. “Are you a Jew?” he reportedly asked one of them. Gibson has since sobered up and even attended a Jewish service to show he had merely been saying mean things under the influence of alcohol, but his rant has become a legend in the hall of fame of celebrity rants.

2 Lindsay Lohan

The freckled adorable girl from The Parent Trap rode a train to stardom after breaking into the movies in 1998. Following Lindsay Lohan's movies like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded she was hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion in 2006. After she got out she turned into a virtual party girl. Her partying got so bad a studio executive blasted her for tardiness on the set of her movie Georgia Rule. She checked into rehab the following year but was released before long. Not long after, she was arrested for a DUI. A month later she was arrested for the same offense, but this time the police found drugs on her. She checked into rehab again. She was sentenced to jail time for her arrests but only served 84 minutes in the Lynwood Correctional Facility.

In 2010 she missed a court hearing while partying in France. She was taken into custody and made to wear an alcohol monitoring device. She entered rehab again but left and later failed two drug tests. In 2011 she got into more trouble after being accused of stealing a necklace from an LA jewelry store, she spent most of the year in and out of court hearings. She was later sentenced to 120 days of house arrest. In 2012 she got into trouble again after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car. She also had another accident after rear-ending a truck, she was charged for that in November. That same month she was arrested for allegedly fighting with a woman in a New York nightclub.

Just last March, Lohan was able to strike a deal with prosecutors; 90 days in rehab and 180 days of psychiatric counseling in connection with the car crash case.

1 Britney Spears

She quickly rose to fame after she strutted in that schoolgirl outfit in the Baby One More Time video and since then Britney Spears has never totally disappeared from the spotlight. Then came the fame, public attention and vast wealth which experts say was too much for a young girl to handle back then. Never really close to her parents, she later turned to partying to cope with her problems. Then came her rebellious streak, making one big decision after another without parental advice or consent, including a short-lived marriage to a high school sweetheart after a night in Las Vegas and another with backup dancer Kevin Federline whom she divorced in 2006. In the eyes of her fans and gossip sheets, Spears’ most notorious meltdown moment was when she grabbed an electric shaver and started shaving her head just as she was about to enter rehab in February 2007. She was acting nonchalant about it even as cameras recorded her every move.

In another incident Spears, still bald, was seen attacking the car of a paparazzi with an umbrella.

In yet another incident in July that same year, Spears was described as behaving erratically during a magazine photoshoot and even used the bathroom without closing the door. November that same year she allegedly tried on a pair of shorts right there in the display floor of a clothing store.

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