Top 10 Bond Girls Of All Time

Bond Girls are sexy, that’s a given. They are also smart, wicked smart and respected. Often they are experts in espionage, negotiation and seduction. The only known weakness of a Bond Girl is the ability to say no to James Bond. Well, they say no, but Mr. Bond is very charming, persistent and eventually no means yes, in a good way, the Bond way.

For the actresses playing these roles, being a Bond Girl can be either a stepping stone or defining moment, or both. Bond movies provide an outlet for actresses to flaunt their sexiness as well as be badass. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in an international spy triangle? It sounds exhausting, but not to worry, the sheets are silk and James Bond love making will ensure restful sleep.

The character names were never subtle, always amazing and often contain a double entendre. Plenty O’Toole, Mary Goodnight and Tiffany Case are a few that jump out; of course, Bond Girl names peaked with the evil Pussy Galore, because, well, you know. Each girl had their own attribute, but the story arc is often similar. The girl is a spy or connected to a spy who gets murdered. Bond enters the picture to either work with or compete against the girl to complete a mission (often involves microfilm for some reason). The girl initially refuses Bonds advances, but eventually gives in (usually after a heroic Bond moment).

Who didn’t make the list? A lot of great Bond Girls, and if you are looking for Halle Berry as Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson, you will be disappointed. Yes, the list is that strong! Here are your top 10 Bond Girls.

10 Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach, The Spy Who Loved Me)

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Amasova was a top spy and member of the KGB. Her code name was Triple X. Her mission was to return microfilm that had been stolen. James Bond was also tasked with retrieving the microfilm. The two competed against each other to be the first to retrieve the film only to find that their two units (MI6 and KGB) were now going to work together and that they should team up. Team up they did; although, she did refuse his initial advances. Eventually Bond saved her life when a man named Jaws attacked. They kissed and then spent the night together.

9 Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland, The Man with the Golden Gun)

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Goodnight wasn’t an evil spy trying to outwit Bond and she wasn’t a member of the KGB. She was his assistant and secretary. Goodnight assists Bond finding a woman named Miss Anders (girlfriend of a hitman). There is a lot of sexual tension between Bond and Goodnight and even a scene where she is put inside a closet while Bond makes sweet love to Miss Anders. Bond’s reply to Goodnight was “You’ll get your chance.” Such a ladies man, that Mr. Bond. He was right though because after he saves Goodnight (who is kidnapped by the hitman) she finally gets her boss to herself, leaving China in a boat.

8 Tiffany Case (Jill St. John, Diamonds Are Forever)

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Case is the perfect name for a diamond smuggler and this story is all about diamond smugglers. Not only are there diamond thieves, there are also impersonations (by Bond) and allegiances amongst a pipeline of diamond smugglers.  There is a lot of back and forth and wrong people murdered, but that works out just fine for Case and Bond who team up to recover the missing diamonds. Once the mission is completed they take a cruise together (of course they do), but the romantic getaway is interrupted when someone tries to kill them. Bond takes care of it and goes back to his love making with Case.

7 Patricia Fearing (Molly Peters, Thunderball)

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What a great introduction: Fearing was a nurse at a clinic where Bond was sent because he had drank too many martinis. She is responsible for Bond and is supposed to protect him from the outside world (and presumably, more martinis), but almost allows him to get murdered under her watch. Luckily she saves Bond and although she had refused Bond up to that point it seemed like a good time to take him to the steam room. They undress and have sex. Bond spends the night so they can get rested for the next day. The agenda for the following day includes massages with mink gloves.

6 Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh, Tomorrow Never Dies)

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Lin was a martial arts expert and spy in China. Disguised as a news reporter, Lin is on a mission to get details on a potential war between China and the United Kingdom. Bond is also there, trying to investigate missing materials linked to a media mogul (also linked to potential war). Bond immediately likes Lin despite her refusal of his advances. The media mogul invites both onto his boat that is armed with missiles expected to start a war. Lin and Bond work together, with Lin distracting the mogul while Bond disables the missiles and saves the world. They escape just in time as the ship explodes and then they have sex.

5 Camille Montes (Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace)

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Montes is Russian seeking revenge on a General that murdered her parents (after raping her mother) and burned down their house. In Haiti, Montes meets Bond and eventually (Bond Girls always clash initially with Mr. Bond) the two team up to take on the General. Montes does get her revenge, there is even a fire in the building to bring make this “full circle” revenge. Obviously this does two things to Bond. First, he has a lot of respect and is happy to be of assistance. Secondly, all of that revenge made him hot, burning for Montes. That night they spend together.

4 Domino Derval (Claudine Augur, Thunderball)

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One of the more exciting Bond Girls, Derval is initially rescued by Bond after her foot gets caught in the Ocean. There are several twisted plots that involve kidnapping, murder and nuclear holocaust. They are both involved, but it’s Bond that convinces Derval to team up with him by explaining that the bad guy is not only planning a nuclear holocaust, but also killed her brother. This was smart because Derval saves Bond’s life on a boat. Bond has a gun pointed at his head when Derval  shoots a harpoon into the bad guy. They are rescued by the CIA and carried off together by a sky hook.

3 Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton, Goldfinger)

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Masterson was the hot Bond Girl helping Goldfinger cheat at a card game (with binoculars and radio). Bond realized this and quickly turned her to his side, the two of them humiliating Goldfinger in the process. Bond and Masterson then have sex and spend the next day drinking champagne. It appears it is going to be another night of lovemaking so Bond goes to get another bottle. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up and Masterson has been murdered, is laid out on the bed and is painted in gold. Obviously this was the work of Goldfinger and obviously Bond would seek his revenge.

2 Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman, Goldfinger)

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Galore was the first leading Bond Girl to be an evil villain (at least initially). Galore is Goldfinger’s air pilot for “Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus.” Goldfinger plans to use the plane (with Galore as the pilot) to distribute nerve gas and allow his crew to break into a gold depository, steal the gold, oh, and there’s a nuclear weapon he wants to detonate; a busy day to say the least. Bond persuades Galore to switch sides, join Bond and not execute the nerve gas plan. She agrees, ruining Goldfinger’s big plans. This doesn’t sit well with Goldfinger who then tries to murder Galore. Bond foils his attempt and saves Galore.

1 Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress, Dr. No)

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Ryder was the original Bond girl. The most memorable scene for maybe any Bond girl is Ryder coming out of the water in her bikini with a knife in hand. Fans loved the sexiness mixed with danger, making this the blueprint (and high bar) for future Bond girls. Dr. No has a few evil plots and takes away Ryder. Bond stops the evil plots (by killing Dr. No) and then he rescues Ryder. They leave on a boat and just “take off” into the ocean. When they run out of gas they start kissing. It’s not hard to figure out what happens after that.

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