Top 10 Best Topless Beaches in the World

The beach is always one of the top tourist destination—its cool waves, gentle breeze and fascinating view make it a favorite. Beaches from all over the world have their own best points. While some beaches are popular for their white sand, for their strong waves, or for their sand bars, some beaches are popular for their uniqueness—people can enjoy the sun and the sand sans their top, hence, you got a topless beach. Here is a list of the top 10 topless beaches in the world.


10 Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii


Little Beach is considered to be a favorite among topless beach-goers. They head to Maui to get their tan and perfect their golden brown skin color. The ironic part of being in Little Beach is that it is actually illegal to go sunbathing in this area, however thanks to local authorities, they still allow people to enjoy the sun—topless or nude. Create fun, topless memories in Maui and have a memorable vacation!


9 Abrico Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The naturalist movement had a big breakthrough when the ban on nude beaches was lifted in Rio in 2003. Since then, people would head to Abrico beach to take off their tops and bask in the splendor of the sun, without worrying of getting caught. Abrico beach also has a naturalist association that ensures that tourists and locals need not worry about bringing in their clothes anymore. With this development, people are experiencing and enjoying more freedom to be just their topless selves.


8 Red Beach, Crete, Greece


The Red beach is famous for its impressive scenery surrounding the coast—a range of caves and ancient ruins—you will surely enjoy bathing in the sun while getting the best natural aesthetics on earth. Swimming in the waters of Greece is surely a good way of capping off your splendid vacation. Red Beach is another tourists’ favorite as more and more people are flocking to this famous place.


7 Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada


Wreck beach is known for its 7-km clothing-optional beach. You will find the mark that says you are already free to remove your top and clothes and you can be free with the wind as you enjoy the sun. The beach is also said to have a black market where you can buy smokables and other beverages that can add fun to your vacation. Wreck beach definitely spells fun!


6 Praia Do Pinho, Cambori, Brazil


If you are into nude sunbathing, Praia Do Pinho is the best beach for you. In this beach, nudity is required. You can enjoy the shore, bars, volleyball courts, campgrounds, sans your top and clothes. In this beach, you are free to have fun, without the need to wear your clothes! Let Brazil take you into its impressive shore and sand.


5 Samurai Beach Resort, New South Wales, Australia


Samurai beach has an intriguing name. Can you imagine Samurai mixed with topless sunbathing? Samurai beach resort hosts the Nude Olympics held every November where you can enjoy watching a healthy and unique combination of athletics and nudity. Let your competitive spirit and fit physique show in the Olympics! Head to the Samurai beach resort now and light that Nude Olympics torch up to get the beach topless party starting!


4 Haulover Beach, Miami Beach


It is safe to say that having fun while topless in Haulover Beach is legitimate. It is officially recognized by the Miami-Dade Country, hence the government approves and supports nude sunbathing in this beach. Haulover beach was organized by South Florida Free Beaches. If you want to experience a good, carefree and unique vacation, Haulover beach is the best place to be! Just do not get surprised when you see an alert saying “Attention: Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers.” Better alert yourself that beyond this point, you are about to have the best vacation of your life! Miami can really set you free!


3 Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica


The name itself implies what the Hedonism beach has in store for you—drugs, alcohol, nudity. There are only reserved sections of the resort where you can use these purchases, since you cannot do it anywhere in the beach. The beach was built in 1976, amounting to $10 million. Negril’s hedonism is indeed very much rampant in the beach. If you want to experience and share the good and hedonistic vacation with your friends, then fly to Jamaica now! This beach may prove to you that pleasure is the highest good—the way a real Hedonist would like to believe in.


2 Le Centre Helio Marin, Montalivet, France


Believed to be the first nude destination location in the world, Le Centre Helio Marin has grown popular since 1950. People flock to Montalivet to experience nude or topless sunbathing and swimming, without having to worry about being caught or feeling off. All you need to do is to take off your clothes and do not leave any part of your body pale in whiteness! Perfect your tan and make it golden as you can even go to the grocery without clothes. This is not a dream; you can actually live a normal life and do fun activities while naked. You can visit the campsites, go shopping, hang out at different spot. Who says you need to have clothes to have fun? Enjoy everything while wearing nothing!


1 Plage de Tahiti, Saint-Tropez France


Plage de Tahiti is dubbed to be a celebrity favorite, so do not be surprised if you walk along side by side a topless starlet or a Hollywood actor. Bask in the same sun and enjoy the same sand with these celebrities. You are entitled to have fun in this beach too! Just avoid taking photos of them and just enjoy everything while wearing nothing.

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