Top 10 Best Selling Video Games of All-Time

As the years have passed, it is easy to see the transformation of the video game consoles. The old blocky Nintendo has been replaced by a smaller and sleek Nintendo Wii. The Sega Dreamcast controller that allowed you to play certain games on the go was the precursor to the Gameboy, Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS. The improvement in the quality of play, graphics, and the sheer number of games available has improved the video game market drastically, making it one of the most lucrative in the world.

Just because the video game industry has improved doesn't mean that the newer games will dominate the top 10 list for the best-selling video game titles of all time. With more game systems now than ever before, users have more options for their video games, which make it difficult to break the list. Even the popular Call of Duty franchise has struggled to break the top 25. It is because of that reason that fact that four of the top 10 games sold came from before the year 2000.

What are the top 10 best-selling video games of all time?


10 New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo Wii, 2009, 26.78 million copies sold.


The first of five Nintendo Wii games to make the list, New Super Mario Bros sold more than 13 million copies in North America alone. The game was the typical Super Mario game, just on a grander scale on the new Wii system. The game is one of newest games released to make this list and could realistically still move into ninth place or higher on this list in the next few years.


9 Duck Hunt, Nintendo, 1984, 28.31 million copies sold.


The original shooting video game, Duck Hunt kept millions of kids in front of their tube televisions for hours on end. As a kid, the last thing you ever wanted to have happen was the dog laughing at you after you missed all the targets with all your shots. That is where anger may have started building up for some, but this fun game was worth the trouble. You could choose your target, whether it be a duck or clay pigeons.


8 Wii Play, Nintendo Wii, 2006, 28.72 million copies sold.


This game features nine mini games, including many of which that are meant for two players. Among the games offered are Find Mii, Table Tennis, Shooting Range, Pose Mii, Laser Hockey, Fishing, Billiards, Charge, and Tanks. In Find Mii, the avatars located within your system will be sent into the game and make you play an updated version of "Where's Waldo."


7 New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo DS, 2006, 29.11 million copies sold.


The Nintendo DS was home to the seventh best-selling video game in the world. New Super Mario Bros. for the DS is essentially the same game as the No. 10 game on this list of the same name.


6 Tetris, Game Boy, 1989, 30.26 million copies sold.

Tetris is a game that never seems to get old. Whether you are six years old, or 60, anyone can play it. Released on the Gameboy in 1989, this game has transcended time and is still popular on various platforms and avenues.


5 Pokémon Red/Green/Blue Version, Game Boy, 1996, 31.37 million copies sold.


The Pokémon series is one that drew a large crowd for the Gameboy system when it was released in 1996. The games were released as interlinkable role-playing games and have since become the second largest video game franchise in the world, trailing only the Mario Bros. franchise. The series made other games, but the original is the only one to crack the top 10 of all-time.


4 Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo Wii, 2009, 31.55 million copies sold.


This was another Nintendo Wii game that drew a large crowd and was immensely popular because of the number of games it offered consumers. The company had already release Wii Sports, which came with most systems and this game, advanced the franchise further. It required the use of the WiiMotion Plus accessory, which came with the game. It features 12 games including swordplay, wakeboarding, Frisbee, archery, basketball, table tennis, golf, bowling, power cruising, canoeing, cycling, and air sports.


3 Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo Wii, 2008, 33.60 million copies sold.


The Mario Kart Wii game was also released on the Nintendo DS system, but it was the Wii model that sold more than 33 million copies worldwide, including more than 14 million in North America. It was also the sixth Mario Kart game in the series to be released and featured 32 different race tracks, including 16 from previous Kart series games. The game won numerous awards in 2008, including the IGN Best Racing Game and Best Online Multiplayer Game awards. The game has also been awarded the Guinness World Record for being the best-selling racing video game of all-time.


2 Super Mario Bros., Nintendo, 1985, 40.24 million copies sold.

The original Super Mario Bros. game has been called the greatest video game of all time. Today, the thought process behind making a game like this seems simple, but it was revolutionary in 1985. Mario and his brother Luigi were out to save the Princess in Mushroom Kingdom after Bowser kidnapped her. In a world that didn't include cheats to advance levels, one never knew when the end of the game was coming and the feeling that you finally won the game was felt countless times throughout.


1 Wii Sports, Nintendo Wii, 2006, 81.16 million copies sold.


With more than 80 million copies sold, including more than 40 million in North America alone, Wii Sports is the best-selling video game of all-time. The game featured just five games (baseball, bowling, tennis, boxing, and golf) and was sold as a stand-alone game and bundled with Nintendo Wii systems. Even with just five games, the game play was incredible and fun and with it being released with the launch of the system, gave users a great idea of how the system was going to work out.

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