Tom Cruise Biography: His Rise to Fame

11 Who is Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an icon in Hollywood because of all the films he's starred in and produced. He's perhaps best known for his roles in the Mission: Impossible films, but has been in a number of other classic movies as well.


10 Tom Cruise Childhood

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born in 1962 on the 3rd of July in Syracuse. His mom was a special education teacher and his dad was an engineer. He grew up with three sisters named Cass, Marian and Lee Anne. Cruise and his family struggled with money throughout his childhood and he was also physically abused by his father.

In 1971 they permanently resided in Ottawa, Canada so his father could take a position with the Canadian Armed Forces. In Canada, Cruise was enrolled at Robert Hopkins School, which is where he took part in drama class. Once Cruise reached sixth grade in Ottawa, but soon after that his mother moved him and his sisters back to the United States when she left his father. Soon after that, his father died of cancer.

Their family lived in Cincinnati, where Cruise was enrolled at a Franciscan seminary through a Catholic priest scholarship. He soon got kicked out of this when he was caught drinking beer before playing in a school football game. After his mother was re-married, their family settled in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. During his time in school he found his passion for acting, which he developed until he was able to move to New York after graduating high school.


9 Tom Cruise Career

The first small role Cruise got was in the movie Endless Love. Soon after this, Cruise landed roles in bigger movies, like Taps and The Outsiders. His biggest break came with the film Risky Business, which put him on the map for movies like Top Gun, Legend, Cocktail and Rain Man. These roles and many others during the 80's and 90's ended up winning him Golden Globe awards as well as People's Choice awards.

In 1993 Cruise created Cruise/Wagner Productions with his former talent agent. This company has produced many of Cruise's movies and has resulted in Cruise being respected in Hollywood for his move-selling power. This company took over United Artists film studio in 2006. Through this takeover they produced movies including Valkyrie and Lions for Lambs.

Some of the more recent films he's been in include: Vanilla Sky, Mission: Impossible and Rock of Ages. So far his movies have grossed over $7 billion, not including films he's made cameos in. Cruise is offered roles that are both funny and serious, as he has a wide range of abilities when acting.


8 Tom Cruise Income 

Cruise's estimated salary is around $65 million per year. He's constantly being named one of the actors who is the highest paid. His salary is a result of the movies he's in as well as companies he works with.


7 Tom Cruise Net Worth

Cruise's net worth is an estimated $270 million.


6 Tom Cruise Spending Habits

Cruise isn't known for extravagant spending habits, although he does have a lavish lifestyle like many other Hollywood stars. He was recently in media news for having rented out a $5,000 skating rink for his daughter Suri. He also owns a number of properties that he has paid millions of dollars for each.

5 Tom Cruise Cars

Cruise owns a Porsche 911, Chevy Chevelle SS, BMW bike and Bugatti Veyron. He's a fan of car collecting, so he plans on purchasing more vehicles that he's passionate about in the future.

4 Tom Cruise Homes

Cruise owns many properties around the country. In Los Angeles, California, he owns a $9.8 million estate that is around 5,000 square feet. In Beverly Hills, California he owns a $30 million estate that has over 10,000 square feet, a private tennis court and 7 bedrooms. In New York, New York he owns an 8,000 square foot apartment worth $15 million. In Montecito, California he owns a 9,500 square foot estate where he vacations. He also owns a home in Telluride, Colorado that he purchased in 1995.


3 Tom Cruise Relationships

From 1983 to 1985, Cruise dated DeMornay, who his co-star from Risky Business. Cher also stated that she dated him in 1985. Then, in 1987, he married Mimi Rogers, who he later divorced in 1990. His most famous marriage was to Nicole Kidman, who he met on the set of a film in 1989. They were married in December of 1990 and throughout their time together adopted two children. In 2001 Cruise filed for divorce, which was finalized soon after.

Cruise then dated Penelope Cruz, who he filmed Vanilla Sky with. Their relationship ended soon after that, which is when he dated actress Nazanin Boniadi. It's said that his relationship with Boniadi started as a result of girlfriend interviews set by his Church of Scientology, which Cruise is a member of. After their relationship ended, Cruise met actress Katie Holmes.

Cruise and Holmes started dating in April 2005 and only one month after, he announced his love on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The clip from him jumping on Oprah's couches can still be seen on Youtube and other websites. In 2006 Cruise and Holmes welcomed their daughter Suri into the world and soon after her birth they were married. In 2012 Cruise and Holmes filed for divorce, which was widely reported in media news.


2 Tom Cruise Children

Suri Cruise, Connor Cruise and Isabella Jane Cruise are the names of his children. Isabella and Connor were both adopted, but Suri is biologically his.


1 Tom Cruise Future

Cruise is known for being an advocate for his Church of Scientology, which has drawn in a lot of scrutiny for his lifestyle choices. Unfortunately this resulted in him losing many fans, but he still continues to get movie roles today. He's currently working on Mission: Impossible 5, which is set to be released in 2015. In addition to this, he's working on the film All You Need is Kill and just released the movie Oblivion. His production company is also working on a theater project that's an adaptation of a book. The future for Cruise will be filled with a number of projects that he both produces and stars in.


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