The Worlds Best Guitar Companies

Every guitar player knows about the best companies, but it is still debated as to which one is king of them all. Depending on what style of music you want to play will have a big impact on what guitar you want to use or purchase. Here are some of the top guitar companies out there today.

4 Fender

Fender has for a long time been one of the top companies in the world. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and many other legends have played on these guitars. With models like the telecaster, the stratocaster, and Jaguar, it is easy to see why guitar players around the world love using them.

3 Gibson

Gibson has been a chosen guitar for many rockers throughout time. One of the greatest things that happened to Gibson is when they bought the rights for the legendary Les Paul guitar. That guitar took them into super stardom. They started out as just a normal guitar company, but with the Les Paul they were able to dominate the market.

2 Martin

Martin guitars are easily the best choice for any acoustic  player out there. With the crisp sound that you are able to get from the martin, it is no wonder why they have sold so many over the years and become such an iconic guitar company.

1 Ibanez

Ibanez guitars are the rockers choice. If you see a band like Metallica, Underoath, Or Slayer, you can count on the fact that they have probably used an Ibanez in the past. Ibanez guitars are very heavy duty and create amazing sounds for the rocker at heart.

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