The Top Ten Unique Baby Gifts

Having a baby is a milestone in any parent’s life. That little bundle of joy will bring a lot of happiness for both mom and dad. Along with the joy and happiness, however, are the expenses that one will incur. A baby has needs, from clothing and learning toys to milk and food.

You try to help the parents out by showering them with gifts that the baby will probably need. The problem is, a lot of their other friends thought of the same gifts that you had bought. The parents and the baby will then have multiple versions of the same gift.

Which is why it is important to think of unique gifts that you can give to a baby. This means something uncommon, yet still useful. Or it may also mean a gift that may be a common item, but presented with a unique twist.

Knowing the family is important, as this can help you think of something unique that they will like. Or, you can also try out some of the items listed below. They are the top ten unique gifts that you can give to a baby.

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10 Custom Burp Cloth - $ 7

A burp cloth is useful, as it will provide a cover to the mom or dad while they are trying to burp the baby. It can be purchased anywhere actually, and it is a very common gift. But you can make your gift unique by personalizing a super soft burp pad. Choose the smoothest and softest fabric that you can find, and add the baby’s name to the cloth. Pick out an appropriate color as well.

9 High Top Booties - $ 9

Everyone has owned a Chuck Taylor at least once in his or her life.  From rockers like Kurt Cobain to sportsmen like LeBron James to movie stars like Blake Lively, a pair of Chucks just never goes out of style. You can wear it anywhere, from simple walking activities to, if you are cool enough, even formal affairs. So start the baby early so that he can learn the value of Chuck Taylor early on in life. A pair of imitation Chuck Taylor booties cost less than $10, but the long-term effect on the baby’s coolness factor is priceless.

8 Baby Bird Rattles - $ 9

Rattles are useful and such an integral part of a baby’s toy collection. The problem is that babies love to put everything they can touch into their mouths. It is simply reflex on their part. So choose a rattle that is made of organic materials so that it will be safe for babies to put inside their mouths. Pick out one of those cute animal designs, like baby birds, and choose a bright color to make the rattle attractive to the baby.

7 Personalized Clothing Hanger - $ 12

Hanging a baby’s clothes is more difficult than you may think. They are tiny, and forcing a normal hanger into them will probably ruin the cloth. Give the mom a break and gift her with a personalized clothing hanger. You can make it into the size of the baby, and you can even add a personal touch by adding the baby’s name or other designs in the hanger. They will be useful when storing a baby’s clothes, and they can also serve as decorations when not in use.

6 Retro Cassette Onesies - $ 13.99

Those infant bodysuits are very useful, indeed. It can be used both as underwear and as an outer garment. The Velcro opening in the crotch area allows easy access to the diaper. While you are at it, you might as well have more fun with it by giving the baby one of those onesies with a cute cassette tape design. The bodysuit thus becomes more than just a piece of clothing; it also becomes an educational toy. I mean, chances are, cassette tapes will have gone the way of the VHS tape by the time they grow up.

5 Keep Calm and Carry On Poster - $ 15

This is for the baby’s parents who will feel harassed and will encounter sleepless nights and hectic days taking care of the baby. When they start to feel like giving up and giving in, a motivational poster the British used during World War 2 should serve as a timely reminder. Indeed, just keep calm and carry on.

4 Breastfeeding Cover - $ 21

Breastfeeding is an important element in raising a baby. It helps build up the baby’s health, as well as foster the bond between mother and child. It should be done regularly, wherever you may be. Which is why even malls and office buildings now have breastfeeding rooms. Still, a cover is necessary while doing this. Gift the mom with a fashionably designed breastfeeding cover. Just because the mom is feeding the baby does not mean she has to go out of style.

3 Silver Bangle - $ 37

Give the baby a unique bangle that features his or her name, along with any design that may be appropriate for the child and the family. Maybe, the baby’s parents are athletes…then, have the bangle hand stamped with designs of balls and other sports equipment. This can be worn for years to come.

2 Crochet Sock Monkey Rug - $ 50

No matter how hard they try, parents can never carry the baby all the time. Every so often, the baby needs to be set down somewhere so that the parents can rest and the baby can learn to crawl around. The problem is, where exactly do you set the baby down. Well, actually, any rug will do. But why settle for any rug, when you can give the baby a unique rug that has animal designs and super soft fabric. It’s cozy, clean and fun.

1 Newborn Noonie - $ 62

Parents will always want to cradle the baby, so what better way to do so than with the use of a noonie. Instead of having to master the art of wrapping a baby in a blanket, the noonie can do it for you. The fabric is soft and comfortable as well.

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