The Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Scandals

Everyone loves a real life soap opera, especially when famous people crash and burn. Maybe it is because we finally have proof that they do have problems like other normal people.

We always wonder why those celebrities have all the luck. They earn heaps of money without having a real job, and all they have to do is sing or act, sometimes badly, in front of a camera. Or they get millions playing a game that they have loved since they were little kids. To top it all, they get to endorse the coolest products, maybe get them for free, and even get paid for it. They also get to date the hottest girls or the most famous hunks. And when they do something wrong, all they have to do is show enough contrition and the media would readily present their side of the story. Sometimes, they do not even have to apologize at all.

So when they finally show some vulnerability, people will keenly absorb every bit of the story. Oh yes, these celebrities do not lead perfect lives after all. They may fly high with their fame and fortune, but when they fall, they also crash with a thunderous thud. So here now is the top ten most expensive celebrity scandals.


10 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson used to be one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. During his younger years, he was compared to a lot of the brightest stars of Yesteryears, from Robert Redford to Cary Grant. He starred in the Mad Max series, before bursting into the limelight in the Lethal Weapon series.  He then starred, produced and directed the epic historical drama movie set in Scotland entitled Braveheart. The movie won Best Picture and Best Director honors from the Academy Awards in 1995.  Starting 2006, Gibson unraveled. He had an anti Semitic rant in July after getting pulled over for drunk driving. His wife of 31 years filed for divorce after he was caught in an embrace with a Russian singer. That singer was then a victim of domestic violence from Gibson. He was also recorded saying derogatory things about African-Americans during a rant against the Russian. In 2010, he also used a negative term against Mexicans.

The cost? The divorce cost him half his wealth, with the ex-wife getting $425 million. Gibson’s movie career also dried up, which hurt his finances because he used to earn $25 million per movie.


9 Arnold Schwarzenegger

He was an action star, with a movie and some iconic lines that will be forever linked to him. He was governor of California. He was married to a Kennedy. And he got a member of his family’s domestic staff pregnant. His wife filed for divorce, and it cost Schwarzenegger $375 million.


8 Tiger Woods

He is one of the greatest golfers of all time, and he was slowly creeping up the all time record of Jack Nicklaus for most number of major wins. He was an endorser for some of the world’s top products, including AT&T, Gatorade, Gillette, Accenture and Tag Heuer. Unfortunately, Woods also loved creeping up to a number of women other than his wife. The divorce settlement was for $110 million, though Woods probably lost $250 million because of lost sponsors, legal fees and the consultant he had to hire rebuild his image.



7 Lance Armstrong

His face will probably be included in the dictionary as a description for cheats. He won the Tour de France for seven consecutive years from 1999 to 2005, though it was all tainted with drug allegations. He fought all charges, before finally succumbing to the US Anti Doping Agency’s investigation. He was stripped of all his titles, ordered to return his prize money, and sponsors pulled out. He is also being sued by teammates, and even by publications that were previously ordered to pay him libel money. It is estimated that it will cost him $125 million.


6 Kobe Bryant

They were married for more than ten years, and Vanessa Bryant stood by her man even with rape allegations filed by a woman in Colorado. He got her back with a $4 million ring, but he continued to be unfaithful, so the wife finally filed for divorce. She got $75 million and three Newport Beach properties worth $18 million. They haven’t signed the papers yet, as they are trying to reconcile.


5 Charlie Sheen

He led a destructive lifestyle, hitting as much as seven grams of cocaine aside from furnishing it to others. He shacked up in a mansion he called Sober Valley Lodge with two girlfriends, including one porn star. He lashed out at the creator of his TV series. Charlie Sheen got fired from his show because of all these. He was supposed to earn $1.25 million per episode, meaning he lost $36 million for the whole season.



4 Michael Jackson

He was accused by a minor of indecent acts, with Jackson supposedly performing oral sex and masturbation with him. The singer settled, though he only admitted to acts of negligence. He paid the child and his parents and lawyer $25 million.


3 Kirsten Stewart

She was the star of one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. Her boyfriend was her co-star in Twilight, and who was the object of adulation of millions of girls. Stewart however had a moment of indiscretion, as she had a fling with Rupert Sanders, the director of another one of her movies, Snow White and the Huntsman. The boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, broke up with her, and Stewart’s $10 million salary for the movie sequel was in jeopardy. Luckily for her, she got back with Pattinson. Reports have it that she’s also back in the Snow White sequel.


2 Lindsay Lohan

She started out as a child star, and she had a hit movie in Mean Girls. Her life spiraled down, with several cases of drug and alcohol abuse, jewelry theft, and drunk driving. She used to earn $7.5 million per movie at four movies per year during her peak. She has lost the opportunity to earn that much as her movie offers have dwindled.


1 Tom Cruise

It’s not that he really did anything scandalous, though many found his show of affection for Katie Holmes by jumping up and down Oprah’s couch as painful to watch. His strict adherence to the teachings of the Church of Scientology gave a lot of people the creeps. Unfortunately, that includes his wife, who filed for divorce. The divorce settlement cost him $4.8 million, aside from other expenses related to their child.

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