The Top Ten Most Astonishing Inheritance Stories

Inheritance is the passing on of a person’s wealth, money, properties, rights and obligations upon his death to another individual. We all wish to be an heir to some unknown uncle or relative who became a billionaire but had no one to inherit the money to. Something similar to what happened to the character of Adam Sandler in Mr. Deeds when he inherited a media conglomerate from an uncle he did not know from, well, Adam. Or maybe something like the character of Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions, when he was bestowed upon with $300 million by an unknown grand uncle on the condition that he spends $30 million in 30 days without adding any asset.

Sounds crazy, right? But hold your horses, because here are more amazing anecdotes. These are the top ten most astonishing inheritance stories.

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10 Feng shui expert inherits a billion from a billionaire client

Tony Chan is a feng shui master who was sought by the billionaire Nina Wang for the key to eternal life after the latter was diagnosed for ovarian cancer in 2004. In return, she voided her original will granting her family and some charities a piece of her wealth. Instead, she bestowed everything on Chan. That’s right, her billions in return for eternal life. That eternal life ended barely three years later, as she passed away in 2007.

9 Student inherits 950 million from a forgotten uncle

As a journalism student, Sergey Sudev was studying how to write the news. Instead, he became the news when an uncle he has not seen for more than a decade bestowed on him 950 million euros. Just like that, Sudev could stop studying and buy himself his own newspaper publication.

8 Three siblings inherit 100 million from alienated grandma

The Peladi kids, two boys in Hungary and one girl in the United States, were all down on their luck. The two boys especially were so hard up that they had turn to scrapping in dumpsters. Their mother had abandoned them when they were younger, and in any case, has already passed away. But their luck was about to change, when their wealthy grandmother living in Germany also passed away. Under German law, all surviving direct descendants were entitled to a share. As their mom was already dead, the three siblings became the direct descendants to an estranged rich grandma who they did not even see before she died. Talk about bittersweet.

7 Maid inherits 40 million from a father she never met

Eva Paole was an Argentine maid without a father. After some research, she concluded that his father was a rich baron who died in 1983. She demanded a paternity test, but the baron’s estate was so against it that they exhumed the body of the baron and replaced it with another man. Paole persisted and got the DNA of the baron’s mother. Paole won, got to know her father, and went home a rich woman.

6 Dog inherits 12 million from owner

Leona Helmsley was a socialite and billionaire known for her tough and mean demeanor. Her best friend was a terrier named Trouble. She showed her love to the dog by bestowing upon it $12 million, even more than the $10 million she gave to her brother. Two grandchildren were left out of the will. The brother is now the executor for the will of the dog. The two grandchildren should perhaps learn a thing or two from Trouble on how to wag a tail or cuddle up to the master in order to please the one with the deep pocket.

5 Housewife inherits 6 million from ex-husband’s distant relative

That’s right, a distant relative of her estranged husband was responsible for making a millionaire out of Ines Gajardo Olivares. Tomas Martinez was the original beneficiary of the distant relative’s generosity, but his problems with substance abuse and his homeless state made Martinez a paranoid man. He fled when authorities tried to inform him of his inherited wealth. He was never found again. Instead, the money was given to his ex-wife. Now, she won’t be able to complain that her husband never provided for her.

4 Waitress inherits 500,000 from regular customer

Bill Cruxton was an old man just making the most out of his remaining days. He loved hanging out in a restaurant near his hometown in Chagrin Falls in Ohio. He made sure to grab a table in the same section everyday. Cara Wood, a friendly and cheerful teenager, manned that section and she always took time not only to serve Cruxton, but also to run errands for the old man. There were even times when she would willingly go to his place to help around the house. For Cruxton, Wood was not only his favorite waitress; she was also his best friend. When he passed away in 1992 at the age of 82, Wood was named the sole beneficiary of the old man’s entire estate.

3 Seventy lucky names from the directory inherit 32,000, a house, an apartment with 12 rooms and a car from an eccentric man

In Portugal, writing an inheritance will is not a common thing to do. Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara, however, was not the type who would do only the common things. He had money and he was eccentric. He wrote a will in front of two civil servants bestowing his entire wealth to 70 names he randomly chose in the directory. He died thirteen years later, and the unbelieving 70 people divided up Camara’s estate.

2 Teen inherits island and antique jewelries

When a man found out his daughter was marrying outside their religion, he practically disowned her for her disobedience. Grandkids, however, have a way of warming up an old man’s heart. He named his daughter’s son as the beneficiary of a 36-acre island that most probably contained a thermos of antique jewelries and gems.

1 Woman who gives birth to most number of babies in a decade inherits portion of prankster’s wealth

Millar was a rich man who loves fun games. He wanted that to continue even after he died. So, he allotted a portion of his estate to the woman who bears the most number of babies in the ten years after he passes away. Hopefully, the money given is enough to feed and educate the kids.

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