The Top 10 Weirdest Items Sold on eBay

In 1995, one of the most successful dotcom businesses got established when eBay came online. The site allows a consumer to directly deal with another consumer. Products and services could be offered, and interested buyers would bid for a chance to purchase that product or service. In other words, it was the marriage of an age-old transaction style called auction and modern technology.

The site has since expanded, with standard shopping now allowed through a Buy Now button option. It truly has gone a long way.  The site has seen a variety of products and services offered for bidding, including an Enzo Ferrari, a yacht, an airplane, a power dinner with a business mogul and a host of other luxury stuffs. This is aside from the usual items, like clothes and gadgets.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, there have also been ridiculously weird items that have been offered. And even more ridiculous, there have been buyers to these weird stuffs. Both seller and buyer are like candidates for Dumb and Dumber.

Here is a list of the top ten weirdest items sold on eBay.

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10 Toasted Cheese with an image of the Virgin Mary - $28,000

When a piece of toast that had grilled cheese on it suddenly projected an image of what looks to be like the Virgin Mary, the whole world actually took notice, as news agencies reported on what had happened. The item was then placed on eBay and made available to the highest bidder. And no, there was no religious limitation as to who could make a bid, as even non-believers were allowed. The starting bid was for $99, which many believe was already too much for grilled cheese bread that had probably already lost its taste. But not to the bidders! There were actually several who wanted the item, so much so that the winning bid went all the way up to $28,000. Let me say that again.  A piece of toasted cheese bread was sold for $28,000. Now, that is even weirder than the image of any person appearing on cheese.

9 The Virginity of a Financially Troubled College Student - $10,000

Speaking of virgins, somebody actually offered one on eBay. Only this time, it was not just an image of a virgin, but rather, the actual virginity of a young college girl. The girl was having trouble with money, so she decided that if she were to lose it, she might as well make money out of it. Hmm, sounds pretty much like soliciting and prostitution to me. She offered it for a starting bid of $10,000.  Some rich businessman actually took her up on her offer, paid the $10,000, but gave the money out of pity more than anything else. He never claimed his purchase.

8 Best Friend for a Day - $7,600

The Beatles said money cannot buy you love, but in this case, it sure bought the winning bidder a friend. Somebody offered to be the best friend of anyone so long as you post the highest bid. It was only offered for 99 cents, but amazingly, the winning bid went up to $7,600. All for a chance to have someone listen to his problems for one whole day. The winner definitely has money. I mean, who would burn that much amount for a temporary best friend for a day? Then again, he is probably leading a very sad life if he needs to buy a friend. Besides, don’t they have one of those Dial-a-Friend thingy?

7 Leftovers from Christmas - $338

Some person based in England actually had the gall to post his Christmas leftovers on eBay. Well, he was actually giving it away, as the starting bid was only a penny. The bid shot up to $338 by the end of the auction. I am guessing there were still lots of sumptuous food left for somebody to even think of offering that amount. For $338, he could have probably bought himself several decent meals.

6 Slightly used Body Bag - $177.50

Define morbid. Getting a body bag as a souvenir after a deceased person used it definitely qualifies as morbid. It will also certainly qualify as weird. It is more than weird actually. But to sell it on eBay is to take it on a whole new level. Granted that it was just for a starting bid of 99 cents, still, just the thought of it can make you shake your head involuntarily. Buying it however brought it to a whole new plane. Now, that was not just morbid and weird, that was also stupid.

5 Holy Potato - $147

To probably take advantage of the toasted cheese Virgin, somebody offered a potato chip with an image of a cross. If it could appear in cheese, why can’t it appear in potatoes? And if somebody bought the toasted cheese, someone will surely buy the potato as well.

4 Mustache - $25

For those having a hard time growing facial hair, it was a chance of a lifetime. A mustache was offered for sale. How you could transplant it to your face is a whole different matter.

3 Shoes To Die For - $25

Wow, an amazing pair of shoes with starting bid of only $15. Only, it was literally to die for, as it was a pair made for a dead person on open casket display. Well, if the shoes were really good, and if you’re not that delicate, then it probably was a good deal.

2 A Friend - $10.50

Now, this one I don’t get. Somebody offered to be a best friend for a day, and it got a winning bid of $7,600. Here is another one offering to be a friend, and not just for a day, but also for whenever you need someone to talk to. Yet, it only got a winning bid of $10.50.

1 Stand-in for Line to Harry Potter Book – No winner

Everyone was excited for the release of the final book in the Harry Potter series. Lines were formed days before its release. Those who don’t want to wait could bid for this service.  Alas, some magic must have been performed because the winning bidder never showed up to pay and claim his prize.

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