The Top 10 One Million Dollar Toys

Toys are made for children. Whether it was your first ball or first doll or first matchbox or first gadget or first remote control vehicle, you will never forget the joy of playing with these things. And you will out of options. As you get older, your taste for toys may evolve from dolls and teddy bears to video game consoles and hobby toys like cameras. You may even be enamored with a board game or two.

The problem with toys, however, is that most of it ends up broken. That usually happens when you let a kid handle a delicate thing. Most of the time, we give the kid a slight reprimand while keeping in mind that it would also provide him with valuable experience. However, what if the toy costs a million dollars or more? Would you even let your kid near such an expensive thing? Would you even still classify such things as toys for kids?

Here is a list of the top 10 one million dollar toys.


12 L’ Oiseleur - $6.25 million

It is not only the most expensive doll in the world, but also the most expensive toy as well. The doll stands four feet tall and outfitted in classic renaissance clothing encrusted with real pearls and tied up by threads made of real gold. It plays the tune of “The March of Rois” on the flute, with the fingers moving along the fingers and with birds singing and flapping their wings to the beat of the music. Christian Bailly, who is known to have made toys for celebrities like the magician David Copperfield, actor Dustin Hoffman and producer and director Steven Spielberg, created this toy.  No external power is required to operate the toy, as it relies instead on a golden key to move the spring-driven cogs and gears.


11 Madame Alexander Eloise - $5 million

This is a great doll that can pass off as jewelry because of the amount of diamonds encrusted into it. it is not as rare as one would think of a $5 million doll should be because the creator made five of this. Each one is identical however, meaning they all wear clothes designed by Christian Dior and Katherine Baumann. The doll is also covered in fur made by Oscar de la Renta and decorated with Swarovski crystals. As mentioned, the doll is encrusted with diamonds weighing nine carats.


10 Lamborghini Aventador Model Car - $4.8 million


The Lamborghini Aventador is an extremely cool vehicle. It is a super car used by the rich and famous. Kim Kardashian bought one for her partner Kanye West, costing her $400,000. That is $400,000 for the real deal. An engineer named Robert Gulpen created a model version called Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 and it costs $4.8 million. That is $4.8 million for a miniature version. In other words, a model version costs 12 times more than the real thing. It is made of platinum, carbon fiber, gold and diamonds. It also took the engineer 500 man-hours to finish the project. It was already put on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show and the reactions were probably the same disbelief we felt when we first heard of it.


9 1908 Honus Wagner Trading Card - $2.8 million

Well, baseball cards are hard to classify. They are collector’s items that fans love to have. But there is no denying that we start collecting and trading cards when we were kids. Some kid in the early part of the last century had the foresight to take care of his Honus Wagner card made by the American Tobacco Company. Wagner turned out to be one of the best players of the game. He is probably the greatest shortstop ever. Even fellow Hall of Famers and legends like Ty Cobb considered Wagner as the greatest star to ever step into the diamond.


7 Shimansky Soccer Ball - $2.59 million

Shimansky is a South African jeweler known to be a designer and manufacturer of exclusive diamond and tanzanite jewelry. To commemorate the World Cup of football in 2010 that was held in its native country, it created a soccer ball that weighed the standard 4.8 pounds. It took the company three months to finish the ball. No one is allowed to kick it however because the ball is encrusted with 2,640 black diamonds, 6,620 white diamonds and 3,500 African diamonds.


5 Sidney Mobell Monopoly Board - $2 million

This is a popular American board game in which players aim to control the market by monopolizing various industries. Those who succeed to achieve a monopoly get to earn tons of money each time rent is collected from opponents. If real money were involved, maybe the user would get enough money to buy this special monopoly board. The table board has houses made of gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires.


4 Old Leica Camera - $1.9 million

This is a toy for the photographer hobbyist, or rather, the filthy rich photographer hobbyist. Leica has been known to create wonderful camera glasses that help produce sharp images. This one however is an old camera that is probably not even working anymore. With its sticky shutters and all, the camera is now more of a display item to impress other photography buffs.


3 Hot Wheels Bye Focals - $1.5 million

Hot Wheels were the main competitors of Matchbox back in the 1970s. Their Bye Focal line has been deemed as collectible. An eBay seller offered three of his Bye Focals for $500 thousand each.


2 Transformers Collection - $1 million

A huge fan of Transformers once bought in eBay an entire collection for $1 million. The entire collection consisted of 101 Autobots, 81 Decepticons and 92 other licensed products. It amounts to around $3,650 per piece.


1 Pearl Royale - $1 million

Warning: this is an adult toy. The Pearl Royale is actually a vibrator encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and pearls and cast in solid platinum. To turn on the device, one simply has to remove one of the pearls. This can then be used as a necklace.

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