The Top 10 Most Popular Websites

How many of us are addicted to social media? People tend to check their social media accounts every few hours, or in some cases, every few minutes, just to stay updated with what their friends are doing or saying. It has become as regular a part of our daily lives as brushing our teeth and taking a shower.

But which sites are the most visited? All of us have a favorite haunt, but these have proven to be the top ten most popular websites in the world today.

10 Google

This is the search engine that tops it all. The site has become so popular that the word Google has become a verb. When a person is curious to learn about something, he will inadvertently be told to Google it. The site allows users to search for information, be it in web pages, images, videos, news articles, and even maps. Around a fifth of its visitors look at one page only, spending around 29 seconds for the page view. The average time spent by visitors to the site, however, is 14 minutes. About 29 percent of those using Google comes from the United States.

9 Facebook

The site that started out amidst a drunken binge after a failed date, Facebook is so popular that its creation has inspired a movie called The Social Network. Initially, the site was intended for Harvard students, before it gradually expanded to other Ivy Leagues and equally prominent schools, on its way to conquering the world. It was able to improve on the concept that My Space and Friendster pioneered on, as it is also a social utility that connects people, allowing them to keep up with friends, get in touch with long lost ones, upload pictures, share videos and links, and even play games. Users usually spend around 27 minutes per visit, staying 43 seconds on each page view.

8 YouTube

Do you have an interesting cat video? Or do you have a talent that you are dying to let the world know? YouTube may be the way to go. Even Justin Bieber was discovered through the site, and look where he is now. YouTube may be addicting though, as statistics show that visitors to the site tend to browse through it and end up looking at more than 12 unique pages each day. It has a bounce rate, or visits consisting of only one page view, of 31 percent.

7 Yahoo!

Before Google ruled the roost, there was Yahoo. The site is still around though, with a third of its visitors coming from the United States. It remains strong in markets like Taiwan, where it still has a grip on the top spot. The site offers information on web pages, pictures, videos and place. Content can also be customized, and Yahoo also provides a free email service. The site has a 31 percent bounce rate, and it seems to be more popular to the slightly more mature audience, or people who are 45 years of age or older.

6 Baidu

It has got more than a billion people to back them up, so Baidu easily makes the list of most popular websites. Baidu is essentially the Chinese Google, as it is a search engine in the Chinese language. It also provides multimedia content, including mp3 music and movies. Visitors tend to spend around 11 minutes in the site, staying about 32 seconds for each page view. Baidu also offers mobile searches based on the PDA and WAP in China.

5 Wikipedia

It is just like an encyclopedia, only it is online and done collaboratively. Visitors can actually enter their own articles or edit existing ones. The only problem, of course, is that there may be some wrong information included. But generally, the site has worked, and it is one of the most commonly referred-to sites from search engines.  Around 47 percent of its visitors got to the site after clicking on a link provided by Google or its likes.

4 Windows Live

Microsoft will always get into things that are related to technology, and live.com is its answer to Google and Yahoo. It seems to be more popular with audiences outside the United States, as only 17 percent of its visitors come from America. Visitors to the site tend to view an average of 7.7 unique pages each day.   It has made its mark in Mexico, where it stands as one of the top five most popular sites.

3 Amazon

Why go through the hassle of shopping in crowded malls when you can do it online through Amazon? You can browse through a different products and a variety of brands, allowing you to canvass for the best price through a mere click of your computer. Visitors to Amazon are generally moderately educated. It is extremely popular in areas like Seattle, where the rain never seems to cease, and Boston.

2 QQ

This is the largest and most utilized Internet service portal in China. It has a search engine, email service, instant messenger features, forums, chat rooms, mailing lists, and even gaming services.  As it is intended for the Chinese market, around 83 percent of its visitors come from that country. About 27 percent of its visitors look at one page only.

1 Twitter

This is a social networking site that can be used through a web interface, instant messaging or through SMS text messages. The site allows you to express what is on your mind, so long as you keep it short and sweet, as it has a limit of 140 words per message. In turn, you can also follow the tweets of other people, whether they are friends, celebrities, news organizations, etc. Around four percent of visits to Twitter come from search engine links. The site has also recorded a bounce rate of around 31 percent. Visitors to Twitter also tend to browse through the site, registering an average of 6.5 unique page visits each day.

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