The Top 10 Biggest Fish Tanks In The World

People have always kept fish as pets. The most popular of them all is the goldfish, which has kept us company since the year 960. Goldfishes are popular because of the low maintenance level needed. You can actually keep them in freezing water, though the ideal temperature range is between 12 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius.

While we used to keep goldfishes in small water bowls, studies have now shown that they actually need a lot of space to roam around, as well as filtered water to keep the quality clean. The usual size of aquariums for the home these days is enough to carry a load of up of 30 gallons. There are aquariums, however, in water entertainment parks that has a much higher capacity. These water tanks have the ability to host even the largest sea creatures in the world, from dolphins to whale sharks.

So where can you find the aquariums with the highest capacity in the world? Here is a list of the top ten biggest fish tanks in the world.

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10 Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 6.3 million gallons

The Georgia Aquarium actually keeps a number of whale sharks in its fish tanks, the only water park outside Asia that does so. It was established in the latter months of 2005 after receiving a generous funding amounting to $250 million from Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot. The aquarium also hosts more than 100,000 sea creatures in all.

9 Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2.64 million gallons

Dubai has always had this obsession to have the biggest or tallest of almost everything. It has the tallest building in the world in the Burj al Khalifa and one of the world’s largest shopping malls in the Dubai Mall. The centerpiece of the Dubai Mall is its aquarium, which hosts more than 33,000 sea animals. Among these are some 400 sharks and rays. The aquarium also features the largest acrylic panel in the world, measuring 8.3 by 32.88 meters. The thickness comes to around 30 inches.

8 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan – 1.98 million gallons

Located within the Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa, the main tank is so large that it has been called the Kuroshio Sea. It opened in 2002 and features a huge acrylic panel. Whale sharks and manta rays thrive in this aquarium, so much so that four manta rays have already been born here.

7 L’ Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain – 1.85 million gallons

Inside the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is a water park complex that features various marine habitats. It has nine submerged towers separated on a couple of levels. Two of these towers are connected together by an underwater tunnel filled with sharks and rays. L’ Oceanografic hosts more than 45,000 sea animals in all.

6 Turkuazoo, Istanbul, Turkey – 1.32 million gallons

The Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall is more than just a shopping mall. It is also an education and entertainment complex, with rain forests, tropical sea zones and flooded forests being featured. It also has a massive aquarium that house more than 10,000 different sea animals. Included are such creatures as piranhas, stingrays and tiger sharks.

5 Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California – 1.2 million gallons

Located along Cannery Row in Monterey, the Monterey Bay Aquarium features a couple of tanks. The first one is intended to highlight the marine coastal life of the state. The second one is a 1.2 million gallon-capacity monster that has the world’s largest window with a single pane. It hosts various sea animals, like stingrays, otters and jellyfish. Guests can view the animals from both above and below the water line.

4 uShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa – less than 1 million gallons

This South African aquarium features more than 30 tanks, the largest of which can load just below a million gallons. It hosts more than 10,000 sea animals, from the tiny sea horses to the playful dolphins and the gigantic sharks. The uShaka Marine World is uniquely designed like an old wreckage. It has restaurants that allow easy viewing of full wall aquariums.

3 Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai, China – less than 1 million gallons

As host of the third largest fish tank in Asia, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has nine exhibition zones that feature the marine life in different parts of the world. Among the exhibition highlights are the zones dedicated to sea creatures from Australia, Antarctica and, of course, China. Rare and endangered species are included in the aquariums, including sea creatures that are native to the country’s Yangtze River. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium also features the longest submerged tunnel in the world. The tunnel measures around 155 meters, and it is one of the water park’s biggest attractions.

2 The Aquarium of Genoa, Genoa, Italy – less than 1 million gallons

This aquarium was built in the early 90s just in time for the Expo in 1992. It features 70 tanks that host more than 6,000 sea animals. In so doing, they have tried to faithfully reproduce the marine creatures’ native habitat and surroundings. Thus, guests of the aquarium will see the natural environments of the underwater animals in the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. As with most other aquariums, the most popular displays are the tanks that feature sharks, dolphins and mantra rays.

1 Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth, Australia – 793 thousand gallons

The Aquarium of Western Australia has been smartly abbreviated to AQWA. The huge tank contains a maximum capacity of 793,000 gallons of seawater. The primary tank measures 40 meters by 20 meters, and it also features a 98-meter tunnel located under the water. Typical of the very active lifestyle down under, visitors can actually get real close to the different sea creatures in the aquarium. The water park allows, for a fee, its guests to join in on aquarium dives to get as tight and as close as possible to the fishes and rays.

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