The Top 10 Best Movie Theaters in the World

Despite the advent of home theater system with surround sound that you can install in your living room, there is still no substitute for the movie theater experience. Watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a full movie house packed with people you do not know brings about a different level of excitement.

This experience can be enhanced further if you see a movie in a great cinema. It can make even the most boring movies tolerable. Movies like Ishtar and Gigli can be seen until the end if you are in a nice theater.

Here are the top ten best movie theaters in the world.

10 Cine Thisio – Athens, Greece

You will probably have to watch the movie several times if you are in Cine Thisio. That is because Cine Thisio is an outside movie theater that offers a great view of Acropolis and the Parthenon. The theater was built in 1935 and shows classic movies and current releases. And if the movie does not do it for you, the view from Cine Thisio at night will leave you breathless.

9 Alamo Drafthouse – Texas, United States

What annoys you most during a screening of a movie? Maybe the advertisements shown before the film, or the talkative kid in front of you, or the constantly ringing mobile phones that people just refuse to put in silent mode. All these concerns are addressed at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they implement a strict no-talking policy, no admission for kids below six years old, and no cellphones allowed inside the theater. You will finally get to watch a movie in peace. To top it off, the theater also hosts different events, like a Heckle Vision, Quote Alongs, and even a critics’ night where reviewers can dissect the latest movie being shown.

8 Raj Mandir Theatre – Jaipur, India

Sometimes, it is the experience that counts. Raj Mandir Theatre may not be the most luxurious theater in the world, but watching a movie here brings a totally unique feeling. The movie house can accommodate up to 1,200 people, and the lowest priced tickets are really cheap. The exterior of the theater has an Art Deco design and washed in pink. It opened in 1976, but the crowd response has always been the same, especially for Bollywood movies. There is an interlude in the middle of the movie, and applause will be given when the movie’s star appears on the screen.

7 Kino International – Berlin, Germany

This movie theater is located in an old block full of heritage buildings. Kino International was built when Germany was still split into two, but its design has not been changed. It has been the venue for several festivals and premiere nights. Parties have also been held here. The theater also features a complete and well-rounded art house program.

6 4DX – Seoul, South Korea

Remember the time when weird looking glasses were passed around before the start of the movie so that you can watch and enjoy a 3-dimensional movie? 3-D movies films are so in the past. This South Korean movie house is known as a 4-dimensional movie, meaning you can actually smell what is being viewed in the screen. You also get to feel the movie’s wind and water effects.  It is just like being in an amusement park; only this time, you are watching a movie. This is not really recommended for everyone, however. Pregnant women, children below one meter in height, and anyone suffering from heart problems and back pains are not allowed to watch in this theater.

5 Uplink X – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a crowded place, and this movie theater is a microcosm of the city. It is the smallest movie theater in the country, and it can only accommodate 40 people. The seats can be moved around within a designated space, thus allowing you to interact and even socialize with other moviegoers.  You may then continue your interaction in the building’s Café Tabela.

4 Prasad – Hyderabad, India

Watching a movie in the Sydney theater that houses the largest IMAX screen in the world may be difficult to top. After all, can you think of anything better than a movie viewed on a screen measuring 97 x 117 feet? Prasads may have gotten the answer. It has an IMAX screen that measures a smaller 72 x 92 feet, but unlike the huge Australian version, Prasads also offers 3-D. It has been screening movies since 2003. Everyday , they get around 1,500 inquiries on their phone reservation system.

3 Cine de Chef – Seoul, South Korea

Wanna go out for dinner and a movie? Take your date to this theater and you get to do both. And no, the food they serve is not just the typical moviehouse fare of popcorn and soda, but a real meal consisting of French and Italian cuisine. A chef who got his training at the Park Hyatt Hotel prepares the meals. Not only that, you will also get to watch the movie in Quinette Gallay seats that were designed exclusively for this theater. These are the same people who created the extremely luxurious movie theater seats for the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.

2 Secret Cinema – Worldwide

This is a one-of-a-kind experience. Secret Cinema is a group based in London that conducts monthly screenings of a movie. You have to register with them, and they will tell you where and when to go for the movie. Hired actors will then act out the scenes from the film. The final act will be the presentation of the movie itself.

1 Castro Theatre – San Francisco, United States

The Castro Theatre is a moviehouse that represents the best of a bygone era. Back during the roaring 20s, movie palaces with huge lobbies and auditoriums were put up for the pleasure of moviegoers. This theater, with a cathedral façade, is one of the last from that era.

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