The Most Obscure Ways To Become Wealthy

Everyone has heard of the classic ways of getting rich. Become a lawyer, or become a doctor. If you are looking for some more out of the box, or entertaining ways to become wealthy, here are some ways that people became very wealthy doing things off of the beaten path!

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4 Start a Circus

Travis Pastrana is one of the most wealthy and successful dudes in action sports. A few years ago he decided to start up Nitro Circus. He takes bikers, bladers, skaters, motocross riders, and scooters to arenas with rams that he has built. The admission to these events are off the charts, the arenas are almost always full to see these homies huck themselves over huge ramps. Nitro Circus has added to Travi's 15 million dollar net worth.

3 Invent a new dance

We all remember the hit dance with Psy's Gangam style last year. This dance along with creative music video made PSY the fasted video on YouTube to ever hit 1 billion views. Also, the creator of River Dance was able to create a 65 million dollar networth off of his shows!

2 Create a new drink

When rapper 50 Cent was approached by his long time business associate and friend to help him create Vitamin Water, it was one of the best decision that 50 ever made. When Vitamin Water was bought out by Coca Cola, 50 cent received 150 million dollars for the deal.

1 Make a TV show

When a bunch of friends got together and decided to do stunts on film, I don't think they ever thought it would get as big as it did. After a short season of stunt shows on MTV, the three Jackass movies have made over 300 million dollars! Not bad for just doing some crazy stunts!

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