The 10 Best Celebrity AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Reddit has grown to become the home of internet subcultures. The birthplace of memes, amazing discussions, and the source of hours of laughter, Reddit has definitely taken its place as one of the top internet forums.

One of Reddit's most popular subreddits is their AMA forum, where people with interesting stories can participate in an open Q&A session. AMAs have been hosted for a variety of interesting folks, from schizophrenics to big shot video game designers. Often questions are hilarious, with just as funny answers, though other times people get in some great questions that help us gain a deeper understanding of these folks' lives.

Of course, Reddit isn't filled with just strange and nerdy folks, many huge celebrities have taken themselves to Reddit. Here are some of the most strange, controversial and hilarious celebrity AMAs.

10 Bill Nye

Via: en.wikipedia.org

Bill Nye the Science Guy has hit up Reddit twice. The Science Guy's AMA gave us a peek into the mind and motivations of everyone's favorite scientist.

During his AMA, the Science Guy completely channeled the teacher in him, giving a lesson on bees, and even attempting to explain dark matter in layman's terms. "It's apparently the source of gravity that is at once holding galaxies together and pulling them apart at an accelerating rate. Hmm..."

He also gave us important words of wisdom that we should keep in mine, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't. I respect that especially."

9 Louis CK

Via: www.laughspin.com

"Why does Pinochio lie? Because he's a [expletive] liar." The comedian of comedians, Louis CK's, favorite short joke according to one of his two AMAs. Louis' AMA was definitely filled with plenty of laughter, the greatest probably being when someone asked him about one of the most embarrassing moments a fan came up to him,

"I was on the subway once and this old lady came up to me. She pointed right in my face and screamed and diarrhea started just gushing out of her onto the floor. I'm not sure she was a fan but it was pretty awful. Also it never happened. But it will..."

Many of the questions focused on his career too. We learned that Louis is definitely interested in getting into the movie writing industry, though he admits it is an extremely tough job. One of the most fascinating tidbits learned during Louis' AMA was that he actually is involved in the whole process of producing his hit show, Louis. Louis writes, directs, and even edits the series.

We also learned who his two favorite modern comedians are, Hannibal Buress and "Zach Galifianakis."

8 Lil Jon

Via: Woody Harrelson

Rapper Lil Jon is most loved for his trademark shouts of "What," "OK," and "Yeah," and when he hit up Reddit to do an AMA, people rushed to see if he had anything more to say than those three words.

The hilarious part of the AMA was that even on the internet, people could just hear Lil Jon shouting out his short answers due to his usage of caps lock. Here are some great examples from the AMA.

"What is "your type" or women?" - MY WIFE

"Is the Crunk Juice cup dishwasher friendly?"- NO


The best question and answer, possibly out of all AMAs, has to go to this,

"Yo Lil Jon what's your favorite dinosaur?" - BARNEY

7 Ann Coulter

Via: en.wikipedia.org

It's no surprise that when celebrity right-wing author Ann Coulter decided to take a dip in the liberal waters of Reddit that the controversial figure would find herself on the defensive.

The first thing anyone will notice when they check out the AMA is that finding her original question and answers are nearly impossible. Redditors filled the entire AMA with comments mocking her to the point that her own posts aren't even at the top, or the most popular.

The actual AMA session itself wasn't too different, as people immediately went on the attack against her, bringing up her strong opinions regarding women's rights, race and economics.

Coulter could never be called a coward, though, and she gave as good as she got. Of course, the word good might not fit, as she was really just as offensive as the people questioning her.

She had no problem speaking her mind, even calling President Obama a "retard." A sense of humor was shown, albeit in an insensitive manner, with the following exchange.

"What are your views on trans* rights?" - "I loved TransWorld Airlines. So sorry to see them go away."

6 Madonna

Via: www.celebritybabyscoop.com

Madonna's AMA was another one that showed a celebrity's sense of humor. Filled with dirty talk and jokes, Madonna's AMA was an entertaining chance for fans to talk to the superstar.

The only problem is, was it Madonna they were speaking to, or perhaps it was her housekeeper? When asked who was typing her answers her response was, "my housekeeper im vaccuming the housekeeper is typing." Her response really shows the importance of punctuation, as it seems like she might be vacuuming the housekeeper.

Probably the weirdest moment of her AMA was when another celebrity decided to pop in and ask a question. Snoop Dogg, a huge fan of Reddit, asked Madonna when they'll go canoeing together. She told him to send him a canoe, so perhaps paparazzi should be hanging out by the rivers to snap a photo of two great musicians together.

5 Will Ferrell

Via: www.rollingstone.com

Will Ferrell is likely one of the most ridiculously funny men alive today, and he brought his strange flavor of humor to his AMA.

One of the weirdest exchanges on Reddit ever was when one fan begged to know if Ferrell preferred Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips. Ferrell's response emotional response definitely left me scratching my head, "How dare you. Cheese Nips are racist. edit: Sorry for my reaction. Cheese Nips was my stripper name and it brings back bad memories."

Ferrell also felt the need to broach a topic that nobody actually asked about, but any fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has been thinking. "It has been acknowledged many times that myself and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, share a resemblance to each other. A lot of people think that it's me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith."

Farrell's favorite SNL skit, playing the cowbell, apparently has a huge fan, in none other than Snoop Dogg. That's right, it seems Snoop just loves charging into other people's AMAs. Snoop and Farrell discussed the possibility of collaborating on Snoop's next album. The topic of "climbing trees" was also brought up between the two. I wonder what that means?

4 Woody Harrelson

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Not every interview can go as well as hoped. When Woody Harrelson decided to promote his movie Rampart back in 2012 he made Reddit history by having one of the worst AMAs ever.

Harrelson, or someone typing as him, handled the AMA terribly, using it to only focus on Rampart, giving vague answers to anything else.

The top post for the AMA was a dubious story about how Woody took the virginity of a girl at her prom and never called her. Harrelson did say it was not true, but also said that "let's focus on the film people," showing how disconnected he was with the Reddit community and the idea of "Ask Me Anything." One redditor actually said they should change the name to "Ask Me About Rampart," and Woody agreed!

The fallout was actually pretty bad, negative memes hit the web, and many redditors actually announced that they would boycott Rampart.

3 Snoop Dogg/Lion

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

You can't just poke your face into other people's AMAs without having your own. Snoop loves Reddit, he's actually the moderator of three of their subreddits. Prepare to shake your head, but Snoop is the moderator of /r/trees, /circlejerk, and /r/braveryjerk. Isn't Reddit such a beautiful place?

Snoop Dog has done two AMAs, though not under the name of Snoop Dog, instead he went as his new reggae persona, Snoop Lion.

As the moderator of /r/trees, a subreddit all about marijuana, most of the questions asked were about Snoop's adoration of marijuana.

We learned that Snoop smokes at least 81 times every day, and has been high before all of his concerts, but more importantly we learned exactly what munchies we would need to bring if we were going to hang out with the legendary rapper. Snoop's favorite munchies seem to be barbecue flavored fritos, though he definitely expressed a love for skittles and starbursts.

One of the cooler moments was when Snoop offered to play fans on FIFA. While it hasn't been confirmed that anyone actually got to play with him, its pretty awesome that he was extending the invitation. Imagine getting to play video games with Snoop Dog?

The most interesting thing learned is that one of his favorite things to listen to is K-Pop, or Korean pop music.

2 Barack Obama

Via: www.madamasr.com

The President of the United States actually went on Reddit, and did an AMA! Redditors seemed to censor themselves, as the actual AMA was quite tame compared to most. It is the most popular AMA on Reddit, but the questions asked tended to be serious, and focus on the Barack Obama's views on politics.

Obama can be known for being a bit long-winded, and somehow that even translated to the internet. The AMA also only took place over the course of a half hour. Between his long answers and the short period, this AMA does not have that many questions and answers. With that said, it is an informative AMA, and some interesting questions were asked.

The winning post, in this writer's eyes, was when Obama was asked about the White House's beer. Obama promised to release the recipe for the brew, and, in a surprising turn for a politician, actually delivered on the promise.

1 Ken Jennings

Via: http://inothernews.tumblr.com/

Ken Jennings may not be the biggest celebrity, but out of all the AMAs available on Reddit, Jennings' triple AMA appearances are by far the best.

While we might expect Jennings to show off his trivia skills during the AMA, he instead took a very funny turn. His username itself, WatsonsBitch, is hilarious, cracking a joke on how he was defeated on Jeopardy! by the super computer Watson.  Here are a few gems from Jennings' AMA.

One of Jennings' biggest pet-peeves, "Old people can't keep their dry, lilac-scented hands off me. Man, do old people ever love Jeopardy. I can't go anywhere in public where there might be old people, like Hallmark stores or cemeteries."

One redditor asked if Trebek was a vampire or time traveler, on the grounds that he said Jennings' record would likely stand "forever". This was Jennings' amazing response. "I can only assume Alex has been visited by alternate-future versions of himself from the Legion of Super Trebeks, and somebody (Alek Trebekovich, the Trivia Tsar of Earth-Я? Robotrebek of 60,000 AD?) spilled the beans."

During the AMA we learned that Jennings used to live with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson for six months, and that he went to high school in Korea. We also learned that Jennings' is a huge rap fan when he said, "WU-TANG FOREVER".

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