The 20 Worst Moments of Miley Cyrus' Career

As many already know, Miley Cyrus’ tours are anything but ordinary, and her eccentric style merits an article of her own. Not only are her concerts special, her videos, red carpet looks, and her general demeanour are all worth noticing – purely for entertainment purposes, of course. While many would say it isn’t healthy to reward such antics, and giving her attention would only make things worse, many of us don't mind, as long as we have something to talk about - and Miley provides us with topics aplenty!

Without a doubt, you’ve already noticed that after her Hannah Montana days, Miley hasn’t really had many ‘graceful’ moments. Her erratic behaviour begs the question, where’s the line between eccentricity and clinical illness? From one provocative faux-pas to the next, it is our pleasure to present to you the best of Miley Cyrus’ worst moments. Cringeworthy, jaw-dropping, and absolutely shameful, here are 20 moments Miley Cyrus wishes we’d just forget already (at least, let’s hope she’s a little ashamed).

20 Her Love For Self-Inflicted Wedgies

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Of all of the random things Miley could think of doing, she decides to give herself a wedgie. Many would wonder what was going through her mind when she did this; did she think it was sexy? Did she think she would be labeled as wacky and kooky, as great entertainers often are? That looked pretty intense ... why would you voluntarily do this to yourself? You know what, it's ok. She was probably on an adrenaline high - that explains everything. We all have our share of inexplicable behaviours while high on life, right?

19 Her Obsession With Furry Animal Suits

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From unicorn onesies to sharks, bears, and monkeys, we’ve seen it all when it comes to Miley and animal costumes. However, it seems as though Miley has confused her audience for five year olds. While Miley thinks she’s being original, the real world just sees her stage as a child's birthday party. We've all seen our four-year-old cousin begging mom and dad to hire a dress-up anything for their awesome party, haven't we? But wait a minute, these aren't birthday characters at all ... witness, the long-lost cast of the Teletubbies!

18 When She Flew Around On A Giant Hot Dog

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Did you ever think you would see a giant blow-up hot dog swing? Not many did, but Miley Cyrus made it possible. Some would even argue that Miley Cyrus actually thinks about what she’s doing; that there’s logic behind her set design and video themes. However, you can try and analyze all you want, but no amount of symbolic reasoning can justify flying around on a giant hot dog. Scratch that - there might be some method to her madness. Her jacket is yellow, she's on top of the hot dog ... she's the mustard! Come on guys, keep up.

17 When She Had Her Hooha Sing For Her

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In her typical Miley nature, the young starlet shocked fans when she pointed her mic to her lady parts as though to sing the next verse of her song. This is the kind of act that makes you just stop and wonder what the ‘F’ just happened. “Did she seriously just do that?” Yes, you innocent thing, she did. Now look again, and listen carefully - for all you know she might even have a mic hidden up there ready to replay a previously recorded message. What ever could it say?

16 The Giant Miley Tongue Slide

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There’s no doubt that Miley loves herself - she is the epitome of confidence and borders on narcissism. It’s her show. She’s the star. And, in the spirit of being at The Miley Show, why not add a giant Miley tongue so she can slide on and make her entrance? Come on, Miley, as if people weren’t already looking at you. Does anyone else think she looks like a nutcracker? Is that what she was trying to portray?

15 Her Twerk Session With Robin Thicke

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This is one of Miley’s most controversial moments, and we don’t need to explain why. Miley’s naughty dance session with Mr. Thicke stirred such a fuss that it's rumored the performance was behind the breaking up of Robin Thicke and his wife. Though, anyone who saw that scene would have seen that coming. She looked like she enjoyed the dance a tad too much (as did he). But, they're just being good performers; after all, a raunchy dance on stage is the same as acting in a movie, isn't it?

14 The Wrecking Ball

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Ah, the wrecking ball, one of Miley’s most memorable moments. You knew this one had to be on the list. It even deserves its own article. This scene went absolutely viral. With countless imitations, memes, and views throughout the web, if Miley wasn’t already on the Hollywood map, this put her on it for good. While every star welcomes a headline (good or bad), it is highly debatable whether Miley should be thankful for this moment. Though this prop definitely had more logic (as far as Miley logic could go) than the rest of her ideas, it still begs the question: did she realize it would set her up to be the butt of countless jokes to come? Side note: why does she always have to be naked?

13 The Way She Always Licks Random Things

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Why is Miley’s tongue always out of her mouth? Why is she always licking things? From the wrecking ball, to pianos, to herself, to God knows what else, Miley just loves sticking her tongue out and touching things with it. Normally, few would complain about this image, and many would actually look forward to a glimpse of it. Except too much of anything is never a good idea. And for any of you fantasizing a make-out session with her please, please consider how disgustingly unhygienic this is.

12 Her “Stroke Induced” Tongue Pose

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As we all know, a recurring theme in Miley’s presentation is her tongue. Take her favorite pose, for example. The girl is almost always photographed with her tongue sticking out of her mouth; so much so that it has become somewhat of a trademark. While we can tolerate seeing her tongue everywhere, one thing that's a little more troubling is the reason she gave behind her signature pose. When Miley was asked in one of her interviews, she joked that she poses like that because she’s having a stroke. Not cool, Miley, we thought you were a big girl now.

11 The Joint She Lit On Stage

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Celebrities have a hard life. They’re constantly in the spotlight, always wary of what they’re doing in case they might be caught in an unforgiving image. The stress is intense, the pressure is constant – how will they survive? Well, Miley finally broke under pressure and let loose on the stage of the Euro MTV Awards in 2013. “How,” you ask? Well, how else do you let loose? You get high, of course! No matter how many young, impressionable individuals are watching you, you make your point and smoke a joint.

10 The “Anaconda” Twitter Avatar

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Miley has done many questionable things. Among them is the time she posted a photoshopped version of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda cover photo as her own Twitter avatar - with her own face, of course. This was so confusing to many, including Nicki Minaj, herself. She even tweeted asking why Miley would do something like this. Stop being such a stickler, Nicki, she only glued her face onto your body - it isn’t weird at all. Everyone was dying to see what this image would look like, and Miley went ahead and satisfied this curiosity. We should all be thanking her.

9 The Water Spitting

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Considering all of the random celebrity-related items that creepers buy off of Craigslist nowadays, few would have a problem with Miley spitting on them. Heck, they'd probably whip out a bottle to catch the stuff. In which case, rock on. Knock yourself out. Enjoy, you beautiful weirdo, you. Just do you and forget the rest (just make sure you shower after). But the vast majority of normal folk would be completely grossed out by this. Front row seats are amazing, but no one spends good money to be spat on.

8 The Way She Always Touches Herself

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There is something seriously wrong with this girl if she gets so excited while on stage that she feels the need to touch herself. However mild it may be, it’s just wrong. At this point she’s bordering on exhibitionism; isn’t that illegal? No, wait… she’s trying to be sexy and entertain her audience, never mind, keep going. Rub, touch, smack, scratch, do whatever you want as long as you're a celebrity, on stage, "performing," putting on a show. It's all good, it's all in the name of entertainment. You go, girl!

7 The Time She Chewed On A Fan’s Panties

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During her Bangerz tour, Miley did what was probably her most disgusting feat yet. Everyone was shocked when a fan threw a pair of panties at her on stage, and, naturally, she put it in her mouth. Granted, the chances that these were used panties are slim, but did she know that? She probably set the whole thing up the way that comedians do before an act. Regardless, this was a big no-no and any future romantic partner should check her test results before swapping spit with her.

6 Her 2015 VMA Host Ensembles

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Miley has worn a whole slew of ridiculous ensembles, and among the most “original” was her wardrobe for the 2015 VMAs. Our favorite? The plastic see-through raincoat-inspired dress with giant buttons attached. Or was it the eyeball shirt with lip shorts? Nope, none compare to her metallic suspenders. The kind you can only wear alone because if you put a shirt underneath those straps you're just ruining the look. Of course, she had to keep those thigh-high boots to complete her fashion statement. Don't worry, Miley, we're looking.

5 Her Tiff With Nicki Minaj

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So, what exactly happened between these two divas? In a nutshell, Miley was asked what she thought about the spat between Nicki and Taylor Swift. Miley responded saying that Nicki just isn’t that nice so the incident wasn’t surprising. Of course, this wasn’t to Nicki’s liking, and she decided to call Miley out as soon as she got the chance. Bringing us the famous, “Miley, what’s good” line. No one likes a drama queen, and Miley couldn’t even hold her own - she just pinned it on the media saying they spun her words. Come on, Miley, what's good?

4 Her “Dooo It” Video

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Few words could describe the wonder that is this video. Is it some form of abstract art? Is it incomprehensible because it’s advanced symbolism? Is it the result of a manic and psychotic mind? Or, is it just a desperate attempt at a young girl sexualizing herself with the biggest variety of liquid substances she could find? In any case, this is not one of Miley’s finest moments; the animal costumes would have more impact than this did. This was a fail Miley, a big time fail.

3 Her Obsession With Eyeballs

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During her Dead Petz tour, we noticed an abnormal abundance of ‘eyes’ in Miley’s props and costume design. Illuminati conspiracy theorists would actually have a field day with this scene. While Miley probably isn’t a member of this mysterious group of elites, many people would definitely love to pick her brain about her reasoning behind all of the eyes on that stage. While some of these eyes are actually part of a face on the costume/prop, a lot of them were just randomly placed - she literally had blow-up eyeball balloons. Regardless of their purpose, it’s just plain weird.

2 The Time She Wore A Strap-On

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Yes, Miley is provocative, and bold, and unique, but she seriously needs to be psychologically evaluated. This is one step too far in the world of extreme entertainment. If someone was to analyze her performances, the only result they would find is a question: “why?” Inappropriate, offensive, irrelevant, what gives? Is she trying to appeal to both sexes simultaneously? Because if she is, there's no need; and if she absolutely must, there are much better ways to do so. Is she sexually curious? Sexually puzzled? What's going on?

1 The Time She Tried To Take A Bite Out Of Her Dancer’s Bum

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So many things are wrong with this image. First of all, that dancer best get tested for rabies (ok fine, we’ll take that back, it was a low-blow). Did the dancer need to sign some kind of agreement so that Miley can have her way with her bum? This is just another display proving that Miley is anything, but a quality performer. She has claimed multiple times that she wants to be treated as a serious vocalist. That’s fine, and completely fair since she does have great vocals. However, absolutely no one will take her seriously, let alone respect her, as long as she’s trying to cannibalize her dancer’s bottom.

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