The 15 Types of Men That Make Women Sick

There are tons of posts on the Internet about ways to attract a woman. The Internet has about 3.2 billion suggestions on how to get her to love you, want you, or even just win her back. The Internet is full of contradictions about this, too. On one hand, it says that a guy should wear cologne, not wear cologne, be smooth, be dorky, ignore her, and smother her all at the same time. It would make anybody’s head spin. The big problem is that every single woman is different, so it is nearly impossible to tell whether anything that the Internet suggests actually works. It just seems super risky.

Well, instead of figuring out what turns her on, would it not make more sense to find out what turns her off? Think about it this way: imagine having to choose between two companies to work at. At Company A, they slap down a list called “suggested practices.” It is filled with things employees should be doing, should be saying, and should be wearing. At Company B, the only thing they have written down are the things that employees should totally avoid all costs. Success at Company B is kind of up to the employee.

Company B sounds a bit more appealing, right? At Company A, it is almost like employees are destined to fall on a land mine if they don't follow suggested items. Inevitably, the boss will say something dickish like “Paul, you didn't follow our suggested principles for selling our sushi so we will have to let you go.” At Company B, what's impermissible is way more clear

As such, understand what women hate will be so much easier than understand what women want and that will turn into fewer lonely nights. By avoiding being these types of men, more guys can have some more success. Check out the 15 most repulsive types of men that turn women off.

15 The Fashion Buff

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It is no secret that women like to shop. Even from the time that they are little girls, they will dress up with their friends and their sisters in all kinds of gear. This starts really early and it never goes away. Just look at most every fashion magazine on a newsstand. Usually, there is a woman on the cover and on each corner of the page, there are fashion tips to help women enhance nearly every part of their appearance.

The reason is because her appearance matters. She is judged on it constantly and, believe it or not, the appearance of her man matters as well. Who wants to walk around with a guy that dresses like he gets free meals at the soup kitchen? The issue gets a bit hairy though when a guy is just overly concerned about fashion.

Women want their men to look good, but she does not want him looking better than she does. Remember, she is a member of the fairer sex and she does not want to feel like she has to compete with her guy for compliments. In addition, she does not want to have to fight for time in front of the mirror. It is kind of like if she were really into the WWE, but she always hogged the remote, only watched the matches she wanted, and argued about who was the greatest of all time. It seems nice, but it could get old really quick.

14 The Fitness Enthusiast

It is important to understand what the Fitness Enthusiast is not before understanding what he is and why he turns off women. This is not the guy who is concerned with his health. The guy that is concerned with his health may say, on occasion, “I don’t think I should have that 12th beer because my liver is going to hate me for it.”

The Fitness Enthusiast is the guy who is really, really obsessed about his health and a “healthy lifestyle.” This is the guy who knows exactly what amino acids are, but he is definitely not a scientist. He is the guy that knows his body fat percentage and the body fat percentage of his workout partners. Whenever someone asks him what he likes to do in his free time, he says things like, “I like to work out...that’s all.”

The reason this is such a turnoff for women is, despite a woman’s concern with her appearance, she occasionally turns into an 11-foot sea monster and wants to eat three slices of pizza without being judged for it. Much like the Fashion Buff, she does not want to have to come up with an explanation for that extra cupcake she eats or be constantly reminded that she is getting a muffin top.

13 The Drama King

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The Drama Queen is the one that usually comes to mind in most situations. Everyone is well aware of her. She is the one who gets bent out of shape for the most trivial things, ruining nearly every party, social gathering or relationship in which she is involved.

Now, place everything that is repulsive about a drama queen, and put it in a guy. The best way to do that is to just compare women to men in this situation. Women have brains that are kind of like a lake. Their emotions and thoughts all swim together and women will fully admit that sometimes the elements cross paths. This is why she will throw a shoe at her boyfriend sometimes when he forgets to take out the trash or cry during a commercial about how Sea World loves to save dolphins. It is also what makes her fall in love for even the most insignificant signs of romance. For men, their minds are kind of like rivers. The emotions and thoughts are separated from one another most of the time, allowing logic to flow a little more easily. This is not so great when she wants love expressed to her, but it can be great if he is working on building a spaceship.

In a relationship, women fully expect that they may occasionally get a little unhinged at small things. They kind of expect that a man is going to keep his cool even when things get tough. If he is a Drama King, he may escalate whatever emotional issues are by 100%, leading to a total breakdown in communication. She will be thinking, “Is he going to freak out every single time I say something?” Because of this, the Drama King can plan on a very solo lifestyle.

12 The Mama’s Boy

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Every guy needs to meet a girl that they can take home to their mom. A guy’s mom is the first woman in his life and will still love him even if his only talent is stuffing 12 brownies in his face at the same time. A mom’s role in her son’s life is so critically important to his emotional and physical well being that it cannot be understated.

Men are in a weird position, though. As men, they eventually need to leave their mom’s comfort and forge out in the world on their own. Part of this means starting his own family and doing what he can to provide for them. The trouble is that when he is thinking about starting a family, he is going to have to make tough choices between what his original woman, his mama, wants, and what his new woman wants.

For women, a guy that places the needs of any woman, even his own mother, above her own is definitely going to repulse her. Just think about it. If a woman gets pregnant, she is going to absolutely need to count on the father to make sure he is going to work each day to bring home the bacon, put all of his resources toward his family, and focus in on his own romantic life. If he is still concerned with what his mom thinks, then there is trouble. The reason for this is because what his mom wants for her son and what his girl wants will absolutely, positively clash at some point. The guy that constantly sides with mommy will find his bed a very solitary place.

11 The Slob

Every guy has had the friend who is just completely gross. His apartment looks as if raccoons have been living inside of it for weeks. He has pizza boxes scattered everywhere. He gets his breakfast from the leftover Cheerios that are in his chest hair. Going over to his place is just really difficult because there is usually nowhere to sleep that is not covered in some slime.

In public, the Slob is also a guy that is difficult to take anywhere. He tends to use his hands instead of silverware. His shirt is so wrinkled it looks like someone chewed him up and spit him out. There are weird stains on his clothes that are pretty inexplicable to go with it all.

Now, imagine having that guy be a boyfriend. Imagine that guy, whose hands are usually greasy and whose fingernails always have that black grime underneath trying to lay his hands in all kinds of nether-regions. For women, having sex on top of dirty laundry is surprisingly not so romantic.

10 The Jerk

The Jerk comes with a few qualifications. The Jerk is not the kind of guy who is unsuccessful with women. In fact, the Jerk is often extremely successful at getting women to pay attention. The Jerk even usually has the most beautiful women up at night wondering if he is going to text them back. The Jerk is not usually ever lonely. That companionship only lasts for a minute, though.

The reason the Jerk is so repulsive is because the Jerk has absolutely zero capacity to sustain any kind of lasting relationship. As much fun as he may be, a woman will usually start thinking about the long term at some point. She may actually like the Jerk, but the problem is that he is a freaking jerk!

For those new to women, women love romance. They love to feel as if they are the center of his world. They love to feel adored and cherished. They read books and watch movies that are centered almost entirely on a man professing his undying love for her. For Jerks, they have this bone in their body that somehow prevents them from doing anything that would actually keep her around. As a result, he kind of ends up like milk that has been recently poured. At first it is great, but if it is left out too long, it makes everyone puke.

9 The Wimp

Oh, the Wimp. Clearly, men and women have different ideas on what it means to be a wimp, so this article will clarify. For men, a wimp is someone who gets beat up. Plain and simple. He is the guy that men picture in his head that is usually really skinny. He has pimples. He has last names like “Noodman” or “Gerfunkle,” or “Nerdlinger.” Men picture that jocks come by and slap their textbooks out of their hand into a puddle in a very 1980s high school comedy kind of way.

For women, a wimp is totally different. She could hardly care less whether he is skinny or has pimples most of the time. Hell, she could be really skinny and have pimples too. Who is she to judge? She is more concerned whether a guy is actually going to do anything to stand up for himself or, even more so, stand up for her.

What difference will it make if he has huge muscles, but cannot even stand up to his friends if they are saying bad things about her? Who cares if his last name is “Noodman,” or if “Noodman” is the one who will get up and check out why the dog is barking loud at the front door in the middle of the night?

Fellas, she needs to feel safe both emotionally and physically. Even if a guy is as big as a door, his heart may be as small as a mouse and she will find that out almost right away.

8 The Mute

Women talk. They talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. In fact, women use about 13,000 more words per day than men. Talking to women is like this form of social currency that almost never runs out. In a day’s time, she may talk to her mom, her roommate, her sister, her co-worker, and her best friend all on varying subjects. For men, talking is like pulling up an anchor from a battleship by hand. Technically, it is not impossible, but good God can it be difficult.

This difference in communication can be extremely frustrating for both sexes, but even more so for women. Because women use talking as their primary form of communication with people, it can be extremely difficult to have a conversation with a man who just basically does not actually say anything.

How is she supposed to know how he is feeling if he does not say anything? How can she know how he feels about her if he clams up all of the time? How can she predict how his mood is going to be if she cannot get a baseline? Thus, she may be mocked for talking all of the time, but the guy who does not appreciate this can forget about ever having her.

7 The Guy Who Doesn’t Listen

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Say what now? It is the Guy Who Doesn’t Listen who is the first cousin of the Mute. It is one thing if a guy does not talk. Men lack the kinds of folds in their brains that allow them to converse to the depths and extent that women do. But at the very least he could listen to what she has to say, right? Naturally, if he listens, it means that he cares. Because men lack the same ability to listen as they do to talk, and the man who actually makes the effort will be rewarded very handsomely.

To highlight the problem with not listening, turn to movies. Remember that scene from the original Dumb and Dumber where Harry and Lloyd were sitting in this honeymoon hot tub, talking about a former flame? They were both depressed, drinking, and just kind of pathetic. Harry had mentioned that his last girlfriend broke up with him because he didn’t listen, so the reason they were in the situation they were in was clear. Well, as difficult as it is to listen, just picture ending up in a heart-shaped bathtub with a guy friend pounding beers. Yuck.

6 6 .The Obsessor

In most romance novels and movies, the plot almost always is centered around a guy and a girl and some sort of impossible thing that is keeping them apart. It could be distance. Her career. His buddies. It does not really matter so long as he does whatever he can to profess his undying love for her. Even if this means that he has to leave his million dollar job, walk off the field during the championship game, or sing to her in front of all of his classmates. It may all be fantasy, but women eat that stuff up. In 2015 alone, over 1,000 romantic movies were produced. The fantasy in this area just feels real.

Like with anything, there is a limit. It feels good to a woman to know that her man is always thinking about her. The reason is because she is probably always thinking about him. When the pendulum swings too far and he starts to become the Obsessor, then there is a problem.

The main traits of the Obsessor is that he goes from sending flirty text messages a couple times a week to sending the “Where are you at?” text messages on the nightly basis. The Obsessor has downloaded all of her photos from Facebook and shared them on his wall. He shows up randomly when she is having lunch with her friends. He looks at her phone when she is in the shower. He turns from the romantic guy into something she can hardly recognize. Creepy.

5 The Anal Retentive

The Anal Retentive may seem like a good guy on the surface, but by digging just a little bit underneath, a whole world of horrors await. Women are initially attracted to the anal retentive guy because he seems to have his act together. Unlike the Slob, usually his shirts are clean, he drives a clean car, he is organized, responsible, attentive. He never forgets to return a phone call, he usually pays his bills on time, and he is almost always employed.

The Anal Retentive does not rear his ugly head until something that he cares about turns him into a weird combination of the Obsessor and the Drama King all at the same time. Things may be going well, but the second she leaves her shoes out by the front door, he flips out on her. She may ignore that, but then two weeks later when she forgets to make a reservation, he gets pouty. This guy is a lot to deal with.

The reason that women find this guy repulsive is simply that life is too stressful to have to worry about every little thing. If he likes to hang up his shirts specifically by color and gets upset when that system is messed up, how is he going to handle a baby that pukes right in his face? How he is going to handle a job loss? How he is going to handle it if she does not get her car washed as frequently as she likes? Sounds like too much stress. She might as well just move on.

4 The Creep

For many of these guys, they usually end up at least getting close to a girl before she dumps them on their rear ends. They may initially have a chance until she finds out who they really are underneath their appearance and their false promises. For the Creep, this guy cannot even buy a ticket to the game. Forget playing in it.

Guys usually do not know about the Creep. In fact, in a group of about three to four friends, at least one of those guys is a creep and the others are probably unaware. The reason for this is because the Creep usually only allows his creepiness to be reserved for women exclusively.

The Creep is the guy that holds his stare just a little too long with a woman he just met. He is the guy who offers to buy her drinks even when it is clear she is not interested. He is the same guy who says things like, “That’s sexy,” to a girl, even if she only described the last time she walked her dog. Women have strong radar for this guy because God knows she would prefer not to end up buried in a field in the desert somewhere.

3 The Fetish Guy

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Nearly every guy has an odd sexual fantasy that they are in to. Most are usually harmless. For a lot of guys, they want their girl to dress up like a police officer. Maybe they have a thing with feet. Perhaps he likes to fantasize that she is The Rock. No judgement. Whatever floats his boat.

Usually, she is game for most anything. Contrary to popular belief, women have a sex drive that is just as strong as men’s. Women have to be a lot more careful when it comes to sex because the risk is so much higher, but it does not mean the appetites are non-existent. The problem here is that some guys just take their sexual desires way too far. The weirder, more dangerous, or more people involved, the more she is going to be repulsed by it.

So, the Fetish Guy may have all of his bizarre fantasies where to keep him going, but this guy hardly understands where the boundaries lie.

2 The “Bro”

The Bro is the guy that everyone usually to hang out with. He has the best stories to tell because he is constantly out partying with his guys. He genuinely believes that fraternities are the fabric that keep colleges and universities alive. He plays beer league baseball, basketball, softball, flag football, and even plays golf with his guy friends on the weekends. He loves his friends more anything. He is the best friend in the world.

The problem for the Bro is that he loves spending time with his guy friends who much, how is he ever going to spend time with a girl? The Bro is repulsive because he loves his guy friends so much that he does not even know how to spend a decent evening somewhere other than a sports bar. If a quiet weekend watching Netflix is like sticking needles in his eyes, then how will he ever handle life with her?

1 The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy is the one guy who does not understand that he is the number one reason why women are repulsed by him. Women can spot a nice guy from miles away and they stay miles away for a reason. The Nice Guy usually deludes himself into thinking that he is just a poor soul, left in the dust by women who just do not understand how nice he is. Nice Guys just want to believe that their agreeable, sensitive nature is something that should be bringing women to them instead of repulsing them.

But Nice Guys just do not get it. Women crave balance with a guy. Science even says so. Women are looking for both someone who can exert some power of a situation, but who is also kind. Women want someone who is going to put other’s needs first, but speak up when he want something as well. Women want someone who is going to assert himself, but not bully people. Women want someone who is comfortable not only with her friends eating cheese and wine, but who can also throw back a beer with his own friends.

The Nice Guy is repulsive because he fervently believes that just being nice, nice, nice all of the time is going to win him respect. However, being “nice” is something that women just expect, not a virtue that automatically leads right to her heart.

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