The 15 Most Powerful X-Men

People love the X-Men. Pretty much everyone and their grandmothers enjoyed First Class and Days of Future Past didn’t disappoint. However, anything else starring Wolverine seems to be a high budget failure every time. Even though Wolverine is a fan favorite (mine included) the new movies and newly announced TV shows signify that the franchise may be moving away from Logan and using the countless other mutants in the X-Men arsenal. Now you may be wondering, “How many X-Men can there be? I mean we already sat through a guy who shoots lasers from his chest and a dude who screams really loud.” You’re right, Havok and Banshee exist, but neither are found at the top level. Instead, the top level is full of ultra powerful mutants

This article will highlight the most powerful X-Men, not the most powerful mutants. This means that each person on the list has sided with the X-Men consistently. So apologies to Apocalypse, Scarlett Witch, and Franklin Richards; but here are the 15 most powerful X-Men.

15 Colossus

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Starting off with a big one, a colossus if you will. Peter Rasputin has been a mainstay on the X-Men for years, surviving even death itself to stay a part of the team. The metal skinned giant is really a softie at heart, refusing to use his powers except to help others. Don’t let that fool you, though; Colossus is one of the most powerful mutants to ever call himself an X-Man. His mutant powers gives Peter a thick layer of metal skin that gives him extra super-human strength and durability. Bullets bounce off him like rubber, and he’s even been able to take punches from guys like the Hulk. The guy might not be able to melt your mind with a single thought like some of the people on this list, but you don't want to mess with Colossus.

14 Emma Frost

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You know what’s harder than metal? Diamonds. Emma Frost can turn her skin to diamond. Not only does the diamond skin give her top level strength like Colossus, but she also has the ability to wipe your mind clear. Yeah, all that stuff Colossus can’t do? Emma can - and does - a lot. Contrary to her name, Ms. Frost is not an ice wielding super villain, but a very gifted telepath. She has even been classified as an omega level mutant, meaning she has some of the most potential power of any mutant. Emma falls on this list because she is incredibly untrustworthy. She has played both sides of the X-Men countless times, and her allegiance to the Hellfire club seems to always contradict her allegiance to the X-Men.

13 Professor X

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Charles Xavier, the man who put the "X" in X-Men. Without this man there would be no team of crime fighters, no school of gifted children, and this article would not be happening. While his place as “most important” may be cemented at the top, he is far from the most powerful. Call it age or more imaginative writers, Xavier just doesn’t have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with any of the other mutants higher on the list - not that he really ever has to.

12 Rogue

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This Rogue isn’t the one from the X-Men movies. Not to knock Anna Paquin, but the movie Rogue just couldn’t measure up to the powerhouse from the comics. Rogue has the ability to drain the life force from anyone she touches, meaning she can access their memories, skills, and -most importantly- their powers for a short time. Throughout the comics, she gets the powers of Ms. Marvel, giving her superhuman abilities ranging from invulnerability to telepathy, and she also gains the ability to instantly kill someone by touching them. It also doesn’t hurt that her intimacy with Gambit has probably given her his fighting skills.

11 Wolverine

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Yeah, it may seem a bit low, but it’s not. Wolverine is one tough son of a b****. He’ll shake off bullets. He’ll get torn in half by the Hulk, and fight him the next day. He’ll look a man who can control every piece of metal fused to his skeleton and spit on him. Wolverine is one of the biggest badassess ever. But he should be dead, like a hundred times over. Mostly what he does is get brutally injured, kill the other guy, then heal it off, and repeat. Don’t get me wrong; accelerated healing is awesome, but without his claws, Wolverine can’t really match everyone else.

10 Cyclops

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And here’s Wolverine’s top rival. All respect to Sabretooth, but Cyclops vs. Wolverine is so much better. Cyclops is getting an edge here because while Wolverine gives all he has to every battle, Cyclops is almost always holding back. The optic blasts that Scott Summers emits from his eyes are strong enough to fight off the Hulk, and to blow holes in mountains at max power. Not only that, but Cyclops is a very skilled tactician and martial artist on par with fellow hero Captain America. The only downside is that while Wolverine needs to be hit with a truck to go down, an enemy only needs to hit Cyclops with a bullet.

9 Storm

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Did you know that relative to the X-Men history, Storm is relatively new to the team, joining in the late 70s and instantly becoming one of the top threats on the team? Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she was a top threat, I mean she can control the weather. How many times has the weather decided to destroy a city on its own? Now imagine one lady having complete control of it. We are talking instant 100 mile-per-hour winds, baseball sized hail, and lightning flying from all around. That’s a normal Tuesday for Storm. Adding to her weather control abilities, she’s also known for her crazy powerful magical ability that Fox isn’t allowed to show in the movies. Maybe one day Marvel will be allowed to use mutants and Fox will be allowed to use magic.

8 Magik

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Speaking of magic, here she is. The younger sister of Colossus, Magik is significantly stronger than her brother for two reasons. Let’s begin with her mutant ability, teleportation. That’s power on it’s own; maybe not top 15 power, but pretty awesome either way. The second -and obviously more important- reason is her magical abilities, which are devastating. She was Sorcerer Supreme (a title held by the likes of Merlin and Dr. Strange) of the alternate dimension “Limbo.” Probably the crown jewels of Magik’s abilities are the Soulsword and Eldritch Armor, which pretty much make her invulnerable to magic and able to destroy anything that uses magic. Magik is not a well-known name and probably won’t be unless Marvel and Fox can work something out. Note to Colossus, your little sister is beating you - step it up!

7 Iceman

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Bobby Drake, one of the few omega level mutants that didn’t spawn from other mutant Gods. It’s a shame that most depictions of Drake are him as a teenager, even though he is one of the original X-Men. Rarely do they keep Cyclops or Beast as teenagers, but Iceman doesn’t get the same love. When at full power, his ability to basically turn anything to ice has the potential to destroy the planet, and Iceman knows it. He hasn’t been able to fully unlock his abilities, which takes him out of the running for most powerful, but he is so much more than the high schooler who makes snowballs that the world is used to.

6 Cable

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At one point, Cable might have been the most powerful X-Man of all time, but not anymore. The half-man, half-machine time traveler is the biological son of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey. He inherited his mother’s telekinesis, but was unable to use them because of the techno virus. Instead, he only had super human strength and a gun for a hand. Overtime, he has gained and lost his psycho-abilities and palled around with Deadpool. At his peak, Cable could fly cities across the globe; at his weakest, he single-handedly takes out half the Avengers. Overall, he's a tough dude.

5 Legion

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If you haven’t heard the news yet, FX will be airing a show created by Marvel and Fox called Legion, which will star X-Men characters. Many comic book fans immediately know exactly how awesome that show could be. We’re talking a dark action show about the schizophrenic son of Charles Xavier. Magik didn’t dub Legion the “God-mutant” for nothing; basically, his mutant power is creating other powers. He is said to have over 200 omega-level mutant personas within him. In concept, he is unstoppable. He doesn't top the list because he is insane. He just doesn’t have the ability at times to use his powers to their full potential because of his illness. The powers he creates manifest as different personalities and are described to be constantly fighting in his head, damaging his mind even further every time. If there was a cure to his condition, Legion may have found a spot at the top of the list.

4 X-Man

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Nate Grey has some strong family lines when it comes to power. Son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Nate is thought to have the most untapped psychic power ever. While he is biologically Jean and Scott’s son, Mr. Sinister created him in an alternate universe through a genetic experiment that was meant to kill him as an infant. Instead, it left him an omega level mutant. Much of his story arcs involve him not able to function because he is more powerful than anyone else. What drops him on the list is his lack of training and discipline. One day he may just top the list.

3 Psylocke

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As Olivia Munn will be playing the purple-haired mutant in the upcoming movie, Psylocke will be getting a lot of love from fans soon, and rightfully so. Psylocke is an expert martial artist with the telepathic abilities that rival Professor X, and that was before they decided to make her the purple haired ninja that is now most recognizable. Plus she can teleport, shoot DragonBall Z-like energy blasts, and disrupt the nervous system of her foes with an energy knife that she can grow out of her hands. Psylocke makes the list as an omega-level mutant before you take her ninja skills into account.

2 Magneto

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Yes, Magneto is the bad guy. I get it. But he also has led and worked with the X-Men on so many occasions that he belongs on this list. And a reason he belongs on the list is because he easily one of the most powerful mutants ever - period. Forget that his power is unimaginably useful, and that any metal near him gives him a weapon, but he is the most well trained of anyone on the list. If X-Man's and Legion's lack of training lets them fall on the list, Magneto should rise for his. He is the master of his world in so many ways. You want an island? He’ll make one. You want a satellite? He’ll make one. Anything you want that can be made of metal, he’ll make it without lifting a finger. He is as powerful as you can be - well, with one exception…

1 Phoenix

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The mutant Magneto feared most. Jean Grey is the most powerful mutant (that she didn’t give birth to). Everyone wants to access this girl's power. The Hellfire Club, a group of arguably the most influential people on the planet, made it their mission to somehow control Jean, but they couldn’t.

Once in control, the Phoenix gives Jean unlimited power. The difference between her and other mutants with limited power, is that Jean learns to control it. The original omega-level mutant, Jean easily tops the list of most powerful X-Men.

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