The 15 Hottest Men In Comedy

From Bruce Vilanch to Louis C.K. to Weird Al, men in comedy are not usually very handsome. And why should they be? The point of comedy is to make people spit out their drinks, not flood their basements.

Even some of the biggest names in comedy are only of average attractiveness. In other words, an audience won’t struggle to watch their faces, but there’s a good reason Seth Rogen is paired with James Franco and Jonah Hill is paired with Channing Tatum. You gotta pair some brain with some brawn.

But once in a while (or, in this case, fifteen times in a while), a man will happen along who not only has pitch-perfect comic timing and an arsenal of jokes, but also a symmetrical face, thick hair, and whatever else scientists have discovered makes a man’s bones like a trampoline (ahem, you want to jump ‘em.)

Some may find that just by virtue of being funny, a man is dead sexy. Forget about the rosewood cologne and the accidentally perfect beard, they think a man capable of a witty remark has the sex appeal of Fabio riding bareback on a luminous stallion. But these fifteen men combine actual good looks with actual good senses of humor to deliver an all-around attractive package.

14 Seth MacFarlane

The genius behind Ted, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane is undeniably a funny man. As if that needed anymore proof, he also hosted the Oscars, a role generally reserved for the funniest members of Hollywood. But he's also pretty good looking. An article was posted while he was hosting the Academy Awards of people who were actively becoming aware of Seth MacFarlane's good looks.

But it's not just his appearance that is attractive; he is also a talented singer. Even though his song "We Saw Your Boobs" garnered a pretty outraged reaction, it's undeniable that his dulcet tones contributed to some people's beguilement, even if they were horrified by the song itself.

He may be the voice of a fat, misogynistic oaf on Family Guy, but in real life he's a hot, misogynistic oaf who can sing well. Oh don't worry, we're only kidding.

13 Dane Cook

For a while in the mid-2000s, Dane Cook was like a rock star. He sold out stadiums with his affable yet cutting brand of humor. His huge ticket sales helped his acting career and he segued into movies, starring in such films as Good Luck Chuck and Mr 3000.

Although many people have wondered whether he is actually funny, especially since he’s had many scandals regarding the authenticity of his jokes, it is hard to argue that he isn’t a good looking guy. Standing six foot tall and always dressed very tastefully, Dane Cook is one of the better-looking comedians out there, even if he doesn’t always make you laugh.

Now best known for his role as the dark and brooding Deacon Claybourne on ABC’s Nashville, Charles Esten is a handsome match for Connie Britton’s gorgeous Rayna Jaymes. And although his character, the archetypal humorless leading man, doesn’t exactly scream “professional goofball,” Chip Esten is one for sure.

How can we tell?

He was a recurring guest on a much earlier ABC production, Drew Carey’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?, an improv show that saw its players do such things as extemporize rap songs and act out audience suggestions.

He is capable of much more than comedy, as his wonderfully layered reactions on Nasvhille prove, but be that as it may, he’s still a jokester below his often inscrutable but always attractive surface.

12 Daniel Tosh

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Daniel Tosh, the star of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, is not traditionally good looking. His teeth are straight and white, but his smile looks a tad demented. He’s tall and thin, but his ropey physique seems far from effortless. That all said, his disparate parts come together to form an attractive overall package, making a male comedian that most people probably wouldn’t turn away at a bar.

He is also quite funny, as shown by his eight-going-on-nine seasons on Comedy Central and his various stand up specials. And his nine million Twitter followers show that, even if he can be a brat punk, people think he’s enough of a laugh riot to keep his comedy career going strong.

11 Bo Burnham

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Bo Burnham has all the usual requirements of attractiveness: he’s tall, blond, young, and physically fit. If you were expecting a “but”, keep waiting. This kid is totally cute.

And not just that: he’s a comedy up-and-comer. His videos on YouTube gets lots of views; for example “Words, Words, Words,” which he made when he was still a teenager, has over 10 million views. He’s also breaking into Comedy Central, as a guest star on Nick Kroll’s Kroll Show and as a standup comedian in his own specials.

With his face like an angel and wit like a devil, Bo Burnham is about to surge in the American industry of chuckles.

10 Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick took a while to become "famous." He’s long had his own “nerd media empire,” Nerdist Industries, of which he is the Chief Executive Officer. He’s scored bit parts and done a lot of voiceover work, but, until lately, he had never really starred in anything.

In 2014, however, he got his own Comedy Central show, @midnight, a joke-based game show where comedians zing-in for points. The show has been successful and Hardwick is becoming ever more recognizable because of it.

The success of the show is due both to Hardwick’s unsurpassable wit and, of course, his impish good looks. His blue eyes sparkle against the cobalt background, whose rich darkness also brings out his white teeth. His stylist should be given a fat Christmas bonus, because Hardwick is also always dressed tastefully.

If someone were to watch the show, they could just as easily be entertained by the host’s looks as they could by his jokes.

9 Seth Meyers

Now the host of Late Night, Seth Meyers first came to national attention on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Although he had been there for a while by that time, Meyers would only become the co-host of Weekend Update in 2007, the role in which most people probably remember him (although he was in the odd skit every once in a while.)

Being a notably good host of the snarky news segment, Meyers kept the position until 2014, when he succeeded Jimmy Fallon as the host of Late Night.

He now appears on people’s televisions every night, something about which they probably do not complain because Seth Meyers is a good looking guy. Even if he doesn’t have Henry Cavill’s modelesque good looks, he has a cute enough grin to get away with cheeky jokes without ever getting in trouble.

8 Jonathan Lajoie

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Jonathan Lajoie is one good-looking Canuck. He’s got the thick hair and white teeth that would make anyone swoon who would be inclined to swoon in the first place.

This 34-year-old comedian, originally from Montreal, Quebec, is also pretty funny. He got famous by posting videos on the Internet. His first one, “High as F*ck,” went viral before going viral was even a thing, and, far from being a flash in the pan, the rest of his videos continued to accrue views.

He is now on The League alongside comedy welterweights Mark Duplass and Nick Kroll, where he excels in the role of Taco, the main character’s flaky younger brother. Lajoie plays kooky perfectly, and his charming good looks make viewers instantly forget that it might be annoying.

7 Colin Jost

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Another cute looking Weekend Updater, SNL extends the tradition of leading-man anchors by having Colin Jost host the segment. Jost is more or less a carbon copy of Seth Meyers, minus the sardonic sense of humor; he brings a touch of Ellen! to the newscast.

Although his comedy is less biting, his looks are on par or even superior. His Twitter bio says: “Head writer at SNL, comedian, screenwriter, hair,” in reference to his hair so beautiful it would make a Garnier Fructis model feel like Smallville’s Lex Luthor. He is also spoken for by Rashida Jones, star of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, whose comeliness is a better testament than any to Colin Jost’s sex appeal. Furthermore, Jones’ own sense of humor is a testament to Jost’s hilarity.

6 Adam Devine

Adam Devine isn’t going to win People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive anytime soon, but he’s more likely to win it than a lot of his comic colleagues. The 31-year-old star of Comedy Central’s hilarious Workaholics and the humorous antagonist in Pitch Perfect, Devine has the cute looks and comedy chops to figure on a list of attractive male comedians.

He also caught the attention of the producers of Modern Family, ABC’s Emmy workhorse. For the past few seasons, he has played the sprawling family’s manny (man + nanny), as the writers have nudged him and Dunphy daughter Haley closer and closer to a romantic relationship. Seeing as Haley is always the “pretty one” pitted against Alex’s “smart one” (portrayed by Ariel Winters), her beau would need to be just that, beau, and Adam Devine certainly is.

5 Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg first became known for his SNL digital shorts. Who could forget 2008’s inimitable “J*zz in my Pants” with its over 143 million YouTube views or its successor “I Just Had Sex,” with 233 million views? But besides the hilarity of the skits, people also couldn’t help but notice that the star was kind of cute. Andy Samberg not only got attention for his jokes, but also for his off-kilter good looks.

In 2013, Andy Samberg got his own network show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on Fox. There, Samberg plays a character whose friends constantly point out his charismatic leadership, thanks not only to his good looks, but also to his good-natured and funny personality.

4 Adam Goldberg

Although perhaps not the most nameable face in the biz, Adam Goldberg’s is a face you’ve probably seen before. He’s made appearances in everything from Friends to Entourage to Franklin & Bash. He will soon make regular appearances on CBS’s The Jim Gaffigan Show as the main character’s neighbor and fellow stand-up comic. Like Chip Esten, Adam Goldberg can play both funny and serious, which has gotten him roles in such serious films as Saving Private Ryan.

Funny enough to play a comic alongside one of the most acclaimed comedians in the business, Adam Goldberg is also quite good looking, which is part of the reason why he was suitable for the silver screen. Although he has now returned to cable television, which Amy Poehler and Tina Fey said was for “rat-faced people” during the 2013 Golden Globes, he is still not too rodent-like to look at pleasantly.

3 Joel McHale

Joel McHale is famous for his looks. He is 6’5” with a chest so bulky it could seemingly bench press a Nissan Ultima. He plays Jeff Winger on NBC’s Community, a man so handsome and charming that his group of friends explicitly refer to him as their leader.

He’s also a professional joke-maker. He hosts the The Soup, a hilarious show on E! where he lampoons popular culture in rapid fire format. Not only that, which some may attribute to a good actor delivering someone else’s jokes, but Joel McHale also does stand up. He performed at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal in 2012 to good reviews from the critics.

Given his appearance and his LOL creds, McHale has definitely earned his spot as one of the 15 hottest men in comedy.

2 James Franco

When James Franco played the new doctor on the season two premiere of The Mindy Project, Mindy’s nurse Morgan insisted that he show off his “million watt smile.” This is just one of many, many references to James Franco’s good looks in popular culture. Admittedly, he’s a handsome fellow.

But unlike Channing Tatum, who although paired with funnymen is not very funny himself, James Franco can also crack a good joke.

How can we be sure?

In 2013, James Franco underwent perhaps the greatest unofficial initiation into the world of comedy: a Comedy Central Roast Of. He sat for several hours as some of the greatest wits around make jokes at his expense. Then, at the end of the session, he got up and retaliated with several good punch lines of his own. Not only that, but James Franco has also been in many of Judd Apatow’s films, comedies which are usually commercial successes.

1 Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a handsome man. At almost fifty, he still looks trim and fit. Much like Will Smith and Sofia Vergara, Jamie Foxx has the secret to not aging a day past his thirties. Moreover, Foxx is funny, and not in an Anne-Hathaway-reading-off-a-teleprompter-at-the-Oscars way; Jamie Foxx writes and performs his own jokes.

In 2002, Jamie Foxx made a comedy special for HBO called I Might Need Security that aired to good reviews. Having an HBO comedy special, something reserved for especially talented comedians such as Kathy Griffin or Eddie Izzard, should be a testament to Foxx’s funniness, but he also hosted several comedy awards shows and commented in Phunny Business: A Black Comedy Documentary, in 2011.

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