The 15 Hottest Grandparents In Hollywood

Grandparents are often some of the best people in the world. They provide love, food, compassion, and knowledge. Grandparents are the glue that hold together countless families and we don't always realize how amazing they really are. We at TheRichest wanted to do something involving grandparents, so why not try and track down the sexiest grandparents in the entertainment industry?

Let's be honest, when you picture a grandmother, what do you see? Most people, including us, see a little old lady, baking cookies in the kitchen. However, in the world of fame and fortune, nothing is ever what it seems. Grandparents in the world of show business look nothing like actual grandparents. Heck, as you're going to learn, they actually look better than most college kids! Throughout our research, we even discovered that some people we didn't even realize were grandparents made this list.

The following fifteen celebrities are by far the most attractive grandparents in showbiz. While some of the stars are getting up there in age, they all have one thing in common - they are all hot grannies and granddads!

15 Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey is one of those actors who has been in so many movies that his fans feel like they know him. Although he has been in the spotlight for numerous years, Carrey is good at attempting to keep his private life private. In 1987, Jim Carey married Melissa Womer and the couple had one child together, her name is Jane. It is crazy to think that Jim Carrey has a daughter who is 28 years old, but it's even crazier to think that he is a grandfather.

Jane, who has one daughter, is very close to her father. There is no doubt in our minds that Jim Carrey is probably one of the most fun grandparents on the planet, I wonder when his granddaughter will watch his movies and realize how cool grandpa really is. Jim Carrey is an iconic actor of our generation and it will probably be an honor to be able to learn a bit about life from him.

14 Goldie Hawn

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13 Tina Knowles

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Tina Knowles, aka Beyonce's mother, is an undeniably beautiful and classy woman. The sixty-two-year-old is a mother of two, Beyonce and her sister Solange. Although she has faced some difficult family drama in the past years, Tina Knowles looks better than ever. She looks so good in fact, that it's almost unbelievable to think that she is a grandmother.

Beyonce has always had a strong faith, a quality she gets from her mother. Knowles is all about her family and when she got remarried in 2015, she was sure to get her children's blessing. Tina Knowles is an amazing mother and grandmother and after all the scrutiny on both her children and her ex-husband you would think it would bring her down. Instead, she has taken all of that energy and turned it into a positive, and she truly looks better than ever.

12 Pierce Brosnan

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I wish I had a friend who had a grandfather that looked like Pierce Brosnan! Seriously, he is without a doubt one of the most attractive men on the planet and he is a grandfather. Brosnan, who has tragically lost his beautiful wife, is a real family man. His granddaughter is named after her late grandmother. The beautiful Cassandra is Brosnan's second grandchild and he claims being a grandfather is his favorite thing in the world. However, this list is not about how good of a man he is, it is about what an attractive grandfather he is. The sixty-three-year-old is one of those men who is always going to be attractive. In fact, he is actually getting better with age (if that is even possible). Brosnan is extremely deserving of a spot on this list, I mean just look at him - he is gorgeous!

11 Reba McEntire

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Reba McEntire is one of those celebrities who has not aged since she has reached fame. And if she is aging, then there is no doubt that the country singer and talented actress is aging fabulously. McEntire is a woman of many talents, however her greatest accomplishment is her family. This beautiful grandmother is without a doubt one of the hottest grandmas in show business. She gives a lot of credit to her children for the person she is today, which is another admirable quality about her.

McEntire's life has been her family, so much that she even wrote and starred in a television show that was loosely based on her life. The show Reba was widely popular and it gave America a glimpse into what it would be like having her as a mom, and it was pretty great! It is rare in this industry to find parents whose children are their number one priority as opposed to the fame and fortune.

10 Sophia Loren

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When it comes to being drop dead gorgeous, Sophia Loren is definitely that. Sophia Loren will forever be known as one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived. Her unique look and sultry sex appeal mixed with her undeniable talent made her into the superstar she is today. Loren, who is now in her eighties, has four grandchildren who are all almost as beautiful as she is. We aren't sure if they are old enough to understand who their grandmother is and how truly incredible she is just yet, but they will understand one day.

Sophia Loren is a gift to this earth in so many ways and after she “retired” she put all her focus into herself and her family. She adores her grandchildren and loves being a grandmother, the love between all of them is truly beautiful. Seeing Loren as a grandmother also helps humanize this incredible icon, which makes her all the more attractive.

9 Sally Field

Sally Field is one of those talented actresses that has been fortunate to work on some of the most iconic films. For those of you who are having trouble remembering where she is from, here are a few movies you hay have seen: Forest Gump, Hello My Name is Doris and of course Mrs. Doubtfire. Sally Field is an incredible talent who has proven herself as both an actress and a mother throughout her fame.

Field, who is now 69 years old, truly does not look a day over 40, making it hard to believe that she is a grandmother. Although she is no stranger to divorce, Field has repeatedly said that family to her is everything. She is completely obsessed with her three grandchildren and like every other grandmother on the planet, she loves bragging about them. Field is by far one of the best-looking grandparents on the planet which is why she had to be on this list.

8 Tina Turner

There are very few women on the planet who can look and dance the way that Tina Turner does. There are definitely not many 76-year-olds who can even compare to this legend. Miss Tina Turner is one of the greatest talents our world has ever seen. Throughout her career, she has performed on the biggest stages for the most important people and has earned countless fans all around the globe.

Although a lot of us feel like we know Tina Turner, the truth is that she likes to keep her life private. Although there have been speculations that her and her family have been having problems, that does not take away the love she has for her family. Turner, who does not say much about her family on the record, is a grandmother, and that is what this list is about! Also, trust us when we say, there are no other grandmothers who can move like that and look as good as she does doing it.

7 Suzanne Somers

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Suzanne Somers is an actress, singer and health spokesperson which can explain how she can still look as good as she did 30 years ago. Somers, who is close to turning 70 has aged magnificently, which is why she had to be mentioned on this list. Somers, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and youngest looking grandmothers on the playground.

Somers has a great relationship with her grandchildren and like many grandmothers she adores cooking for them. Somers, who is known to be good in the kitchen loves it when her grandkids eat her food. She is a perfect example of being able to have and handle it all, and she has been famous for so long that she clearly knows what she is doing. Suzanne Somers is a gorgeous woman and her gorgeous grandchildren should know how lucky they are to have such an awesome grandmother.

6 Priscilla Presley

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5 Susan Lucci

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Susan Lucci is known as the soap opera queen. Lucci, who has been working in the industry for most of her life is no stranger to fame. Nowadays you can catch her on the addictive television series Devious Maids where she plays a rich elitist with a hidden agenda. The sixty-nine-year-old is the definition of a knockout and it is hard to believe that someone who looks that good can also be a grandmother. Lucci is extremely close to her family and is elated at the fact that she is a grandmother. One of her grandchildren almost passed away at birth due to complications, which is something that Lucci has a hard time opening up about.

While the child was able to live, the complications were not minor and in 2010, the family found out that he suffered from Cerebral Palsy. After the news broke, Lucci's daughter Liza spoke out in support of her son. When talking about the relationship Lucci, has with her grandson and her Mother, Lucci stated "I am very proud of her, good for Brendan, for his mom to speak about him with such pride publicly, as well as to open up a conversation about cerebral palsy."

4 Jessica Lange

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Jessica Lange may be sixty-seven years old, but she looks better than almost every forty-year-old. This legendary actress has been in so many things it would take forever to write them all down. Known for her beauty and talent Jessica Lange is one of those women who you would never think is a mother, let alone a grandmother.

Lange loves being a grandmother and adores spending time with the children. Although she may seem like she has a rough exterior, Jessica Lange is at the core a real family woman. However, we are not here to talk about what an amazing woman she is, we are here to talk about her being one of the hottest grandmothers of all time. Throughout her fame, she has gotten noticed by the entire world due to her natural and raw talent and beauty. Lange is legendary and part of me is envious that I am not one of her grandchildren.

3 Brett Farve

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2 Nene Leakes

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1 Kris Jenner

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Love her or hate her, there are certain things about Kris Jenner you just can't deny, and her being a hot grandparent is one of them. There are really not many grandparents who look as good as Kris Jenner. The “momager” is one of the most hated mothers in the industry but we won't take away that no matter how messed up she is, she does truly love her family. The Kardashians became who they are today because of Jenner  which is something that everyone knows. Kris Jenner is not only one of the most notorious grandmothers but she is by far on of the sexiest. She has good relationships with each of her grandchildren and is looking forward to having more. Kris Jenner earned the number one spot on the list because she is the most involved grandmother and the one who looks best while chasing after her offspring's offspring!

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