The 15 Hottest Celebrities Who Can't Stop Wearing Yoga Pants

Scottish, Chinese, Canadian, and Brazilian philosophers, scholars, and archaeologists have studied this phenomenon for years. University professors from nearly all of the continents have spent billions of dollars trying to figure out the underlying cause of this incredible situation. Currently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called a special meeting to get the brightest minds in his administration to uncover the mystery.

What confounding, incredible thing is it? It is how yoga pants became one of the most popular articles of clothing for almost every woman on earth.  Of course, philosophers, scholars, and certainly Trudeau could not give a rip about yoga pants. In fact, the only people who would even invest money in any understanding why women love yoga pants so much are yoga pants makers and clothing retailers.

Yoga pants are so popular that makers like Lululemon can charge whatever they want for a pair. Lululemon yoga pants are so in style, that the cost for these extremely thin pieces of fabric run around $100; enough to feed a billion hungry children if the infomercials about it are telling the truth.

The reasons why women love yoga pants are obvious. Women love them because they are comfortable, versatile, and are extremely flattering for their lower half. Men love them not only because most men are just kind of perverted in general, but also because men can appreciate the highlight of a woman’s figure.

Celebrities, pouncing on the popularity of yoga pants like a house cat on a loose mouse, love yoga pants, too. Some celebrities take it to the next level and wear yoga pants on the regular. The hottest celebrities know that wearing yoga pants all of the time will turn heads right in their direction, helping their career. No one knows, or cares, whether they actually do any yoga.

Below is a list of the hottest celebrities that love yoga pants. You are all welcome.

15 Kim Kardashian

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It is actually more impressive when Kim Kardashian does not show up on some celebrity list. It would probably be a bit more fun to think about what those lists would be. It could be something like “15 Celebrities Who Do Not Live in Idaho.” There could be something even crazier like “15 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Australia's History.” What would be a sure thing is if there was a list titled “15 Celebrities Who Did Not Make a Sex Tape.”

Sadly, Kim Kardashian would still end up on that list. With as famous as she is, she probably has a mountain ranch in Idaho called “Kimland” so she would end up there. With a butt that size, Australians have probably put up a monument to it so that list is kaput. The final kicker would be if she had a stand in for her sex tape with Ray J all those years ago and everyone else has just fallen for the ruse.

Regardless, one thing for sure is that Kim loves her yoga pants. Curves can get lost in a pair of jeans like a tourist in downtown Los Angeles, but yoga pants will are like a GPS for her figure.

14 Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis has a staying power most actors wish they could have. The babyfaced actor actually immigrated from the Ukraine with her family back in the early 1990s and began her acting career, which has ultimately amassed millions shortly thereafter. It is probable that the best thing to ever come from the Ukraine to the United States was actually Kunis herself.

The former That 70’s Show star and voice on Family Guy started out very young in Hollywood, doing crazy things that most teenagers do not do in Hollywood such as actually playing a teenager. Even though she is not a teenager anymore, she has been a fresh face in the industry for years even though most actors, especially women, are considered “old” by industry standards once they hit the ripe old age of 21.

For Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s wife and mother of one, actual talent has accompanied her looks and her love of yoga pants is just more evidence of why her star will shine bright. If only she could rewind time and un-date Macaulay Culkin.

13 Vanessa Hudgens

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Yoga pants were not made for any particular person, but there are some people on the planet who just seem to fit the yoga pants lifestyle. The very petite Vanessa Hudgens is someone who fits into that lifestyle. Regardless, her fans win while she stays comfortable.

Hudgens’ claim to fame was during the years that High School Musical dominated the television set of nearly every pre-teen everywhere. The world got a dose of what the young Hudgens was capable of and she was rewarded handsomely for it. It is rumored that Disney actually threw a bucket of money at her for just waking up in the morning.

Fame has its downside though. In 2007, nude photos of Hudgens were leaked on the internet. This was in direct contrast to her squeaky clean image as a Disney star. Fortunately for her, she can let that image go and just enjoy being herself in her yoga pants.

12 Megan Fox

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For most people in their twenties and thirties, playing with Ninja Turtles action figures were as commonplace as breathing. Everyone loved Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael. In most cities, the original (and probably best) cartoon version came on around 3pm, just when school let out. One of the best characters was April O’Neill. She was the only human not completely freaked out by six-foot-tall talking turtles and that made her amazing. If it were a regular, non-awesome person, they would have died of shock.

Now that old-school Turtles fans are all grown up, the interest in the Turtles has returned mostly because of Megan Fox. She may be talking to computer-generated creatures, but now the little kid fantasies of many fans have turned into full-blown adult fantasies with Fox playing that role. Fox knows she is too hot to trot and that is probably why she insists on making yoga pants a big part of her wardrobe.

11 Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez may be the oldest celebrity on this list, but she is so smoking hot that it is completely irrelevant. She can rock yoga pants better than most people who are approaching 50. In fact, she can do most anything better than most people approaching 50.

The actor, singer, dancer, and subject of so many people’s dreams can loves yoga pants like few celebrities in Hollywood. J-Lo has taken on the comfortable stylings of yoga pants and everyone is a bit happier for it. What is even crazier is that Lopez also has two children with former husband Marc Anthony. There is no word on how many times Marc Anthony has tried to get back into Jennifer’s pants, but it is easy to assume that it is probably somewhere around a million times. No one would blame him though. Just like yoga pants are hard for Lopez to resist, it would be hard for anyone to resist her.

10 Jessica Biel

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There is definitely connection between moms of young children and their love of yoga pants. But there are some definite reasons why and Jessica Biel probably fits most of the reasons. Yoga pants allow for a lot of flexibility. Unlike jeans, yoga pants will move and stretch with a person so if she needs to stoop down and wipe the chocolate off a kid’s face, it is a little more comfortable to do so. The other reason is because yoga pants require virtually zero effort when considering wardrobe options. Since most yoga pants come in grey, black, or some other easy-to-match color, a mom, who is pressed for time constantly, can just throw on whatever thrown-up on shirt and still look stylish.

For Biel, she not only has the regular mom pressures, but also the pressures of being a celebrity, and having Justin Timberlake as a baby-daddy making yoga pants the smartest option available.

9 Zoe Saldana

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Most of the actors and celebrities on the list have done little for the dreams of nerds everywhere quite like Zoe Saldana. She has managed to make some of the sexiest comic book or television characters even sexier without even trying. In yoga pants, she just makes it unfair for anybody else to compete in her world.

Her most memorable breakthrough will likely be her role as Nyota Uhara in the new Star Trek reboots. The original star, Nichelle Nichols, practically burned the screen with her hotness, but Saldana is taking it to another level. Saldana has also followed that up with another nerd classic in her role in Guardians of the Galaxy and its upcoming sequel.

For whatever reasons, Hollywood has not figured out that they can just parlay her love of yoga pants right onto the silver screen and still probably make a giant killing. If they want geeks to spend their money, that is their ticket.

8 Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is a bit of an odd ball because has done so many unusual things. Most of them are in public as well. It is easy to wonder if her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is just staying up at night in his gigantic Hollywood mansion crying himself to sleep, because his little girl has really just given the world the middle finger and decided to do whatever she wants. Billy Ray probably just dries his tears with $100 bills that he earned from Miley’s skyrocketing career.

Miley may love a lot of things, including attention for doing strange things, but it is clear that she enjoys yoga pants. Her beau, Liam Hemsworth, is probably not complaining about this either. The uber-talented singer, dancer, and actor has come to realize that sometimes the most subtlest things can draw the longest stares. If only Billy Ray could see her now.

7 Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson probably leads as much of an athletic lifestyle as she does the lifestyle of a rich and famous actress. She seems to be just as interested in feeling comfortable in athletic gear as she does wearing a dress walking down the red carpet during Oscar night. Well, maybe Kate Hudson being at the Oscars would be a bit strange. Maybe the Academy will dust off How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and realize that they missed some Hollywood gold. Probably Not.

Anyway, the reason she probably leads this athletic lifestyle is because she has been famously linked to Alex Rodriguez, one of the greatest players in Yankees history. Apparently, she could not see past his desire to have blonde tips and performance enhancing drugs, and they broke up back in 2009. Currently, she’s linked to the bear posing as a man, J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans. Seems like Watt will sack anything wearing a helmet or yoga pants.

6 Kristen Bell

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It is well documented that Kristen Bell loves sloths. For those who have never been able to stay awake through a National Geographic documentary, sloths are extremely slow, extremely weird-looking creatures that live in trees. By the term “slow,” it is not simply that they do not move fast like a cat walking across a kitchen table. These animals move deliberately, excruciatingly slow. They are really bizarre, but why she likes them is probably even more bizarre.

When someone is as talented as Bell, the love of sloths can be totally forgiven. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star can also really sing. Just ask any girl under the age of 12 who played the singing Elsa in the mega smash hit Frozen. That is right: Kristen Bell. She has the pipes of an opera singer in her prime.

For Bell, it seems like yoga pants call to her as much sloths, singing, and acting do as well. The world is also a little better for it.

5 Jordana Brewster

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Jordana Brewster is aging just like a fine wine. She started her career as a soap actress on As the World Turns, apparently delighting grandmas and out-of-work construction workers across America. Jordana’s breakthrough roles though came out when Hollywood realized that young men like fast cars and beautiful women. Starring in the Fast and the Furious franchise, Jordana went from soap star to household name nearly overnight. Thank goodness Vin Diesel is not actually her brother because once most people get a gander at her in yoga pants, he would have to flex everyone of the muscles in his body to keep everyone away.

The best part about Jordana is that she is approaching 40 with two children, but it certainly does not look like it in these yoga pants. Granted, it is possible that her diet may only consist of eating only one peanut per day to fit into the pants, but certainly no one is going to complain once they get a gander at her.

4 Rihanna

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Wearing yoga pants is probably the best things that Rihanna can do. As one of the biggest stars on the planet, Rihanna is a lightning rod for media attention for nearly everything she does so wearing yoga pants just ups the attention. Yoga pants can be a good distraction because, just recently, she was found sobbing on stage at a Dublin concert when the crowd started singing her hit, “Love the Way You Lie,” and it immediately hit TMZ like the hammer of Thor. She even caught the attention of Beyonce when there were rumors that Rihanna and Jay Z were getting it on. For someone to actually take the spotlight off someone as popular as Beyonce, that person must draw a lot of attention. Well, that’s Rihanna.

There have been lesser happy moments, too. Her relationship with Chris Brown opened up the floodgates to issues of domestic violence. Escaping that trauma was difficult, but with the right pair of yoga pants, everyone will just pay attention to that.

3 Elin Nordegren

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Surprise! Not everyone on this list is a singer, model, actor, or dancer. Elin Nordegren is probably the most “normal” celebrity on the list. She is not some big Hollywood player, she has never posed for Playboy, and she has never made a sex tape. In fact, most people will probably pass right by Elin and never know who she even is. Kind of like Val Kilmer nowadays. For Elin, this is what makes her love of yoga pants, and how she looks in them, so unique.

For those who are still wondering, “Who the hell is Elin Nordegren?” ... she is the former wife of Tiger Woods. Elin is the one that went ape scat when she found out that Tiger was dipping his 1-iron into the greens of other women and ended up smashing out his car back in 2009. She may love yoga pants, but she loves a faithful man even more.

2 Hayden Panettiere

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For Hayden Panattiere, she could walk around nearly butt-naked if she wanted to down a New York City street, in front of randy construction workers, in broad daylight without worrying about anything. She could find the tightest, most form-fitting pair of yoga pants in the world, drop her keys, and flash a mob of paparazzi, and no one would say a word. In fact, she could walk right up to President Barack Obama, look him in the eye, look down, and kick him square in the groin right on the steps of the White House lawn with total confidence.

Why? It is not because she is untouchable. In fact, Panettiere is infamously petite, standing only a little over five-feet tall. Actually, she is just tall enough to get on most of the rides on Disneyland really. The main reason is because Hayden is married to one of the most fearsome, man-eating boxers in the history of the world, Wladimir Klitschko. So, for Panettiere, strutting in yoga pants is no big deal.

1 Kaley Cuoco

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Few stars on the list seem to enjoy yoga pants quite like Kaley Cuoco. She prances around California confidently, showing off the goods in a totally good-natured way. The nerd fanboys from her hit show, The Big Bang Theory, have probably already Googled things like “Kaley Cuoco and yoga pants” several bazillion times before ever reading this article, making her place on the list kind of obsolete, but Kaley still deserves a place on the list to let the public know where she stands in the yoga pants dimension.

Of course, no one will actually check if Kaley does yoga. Now that she is single, Kaley is free to pick out whatever kinds of yoga pants she deems worthy. This highly in-demand actress now also has the time to get as many shots of herself in yoga pants as possible, probably setting the internet on fire. Sorry Mrs. Kanye West, Cuoco here takes the cake and will actually break the internet.

Sources: TMZ, CBS News

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