The 15 Coolest Behind The Scenes Photos From Superhero Movies

Movies are not generally the place where people want to talk about all of the things that go on behind the scenes. The reasons for this are numerous. For example, nobody really cares how many animals were harmed in the making of any of the movies, no matter how many times movies put it in the credits. God forbid any animals get hurt, but if a whole stable of horses had to be slaughtered to make Optimus Prime from Transformers look real, so be it.

The other problem is that what goes on behind the scenes is extremely technical. People study for years on how to shoot, light, and direct nearly every aspect of a film’s sequence. Most of the names in the credits are things like “grips,” “key grips” and “best boy” and are real jobs even though nobody knows what the hell they even mean. A quick internet search would reveal what they are, but most moviegoers are entirely too lazy to figure it out.

However, sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is extremely cool. These movies are often hundred million dollar projects that filmmakers pour years of their lives into. The directors stake their entire professional reputations on the success of these movies. The movie business employs thousands of people throughout the world. It helps writers brings their stories to life. All of this stuff goes on behind the scenes and without an understanding of how movies are made, the expectations will only become astronomically more unrealistic, cheapening the art form.

Superhero movies make things even more interesting because the scale of these projects is enormous. From conception to release, superhero movies over the last 15 years are like no other movies made in the 100 years the movie business has been alive. In a way, this article is a shout out to the hard working people, even the “best boys,” who make superhero movies happen. Plus, it is just fun to post pictures of actors looking goofy. Enjoy the 15 coolest behind the scenes photos from super hero movies.

15 Hawkeye Doesn’t Know How to Shoot

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A bow and arrow is one of the most ancient tools in human history. It is one that generations upon generations of people have used to fight wars or simply survive. The bow and arrow extends a warrior’s reach well beyond their physical limitations. Even back in the medieval times, the smartest kingdoms knew that training soldiers with a bow and arrow were infinitely more successful than those who had a horse and drew a sword. This is what makes Hawkeye’s character so appealing because he has mastered a form of combat as old as time itself.

But Jeremy Renner is just a dude in a costume. Here, a member of The Avengers film crew is showing Renner proper form on using this technique. What is most interesting is that the movie would have a viewer believe that The Avengers were being attacked and the whole world was coming to an end and without Hawkeye’s help, aliens would have destroyed the planet. Little did they know, a guy in a purple sweater helped save the world.

14 Harvey Two-Face, Not So Scary After All

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How is it possible for actors and the film crew to keep from bursting into laughter when making a movie? The photo at the bottom, one of the most poignant in the Dark Knight, shows Harvey Two-Face actor Aaron Eckhart looking maniacal because he is only beginning to realize his new future. The one at the top though shows what the film crew and the cast saw during the making of the film.

The audience was lucky because it had a chance to be grossed out by Harvey’s half man-half zombie character, keeping him true to his comic book roots. On the other hand, the crew had a chance to see Eckhart look like he was putting calamine lotion on his face to cover up his chicken pox. A little movie magic helped keep the audience in the dark while Eckhart was probably the butt end of some  jokes.

No one apart of the film could care less though. The Dark Knight has raked in more than $530 million at the box office since its release in 2008.

13 Vision Appears Real

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In the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, one of the characters introduced is a guy called “Vision.” Vision is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. First of all, the guy can fly which only a handful of Marvel characters can even do. Plus, he has a Mind Stone that gives him powers similar to that of Loki’s scepter from the Thor series. Basically, the guy is one big badass. Anyone over the age of five probably knows that everything is just computer generated though. Right?

Well, this photo shows that Vision’s actor, Paul Bettany, is actually kind of a real representation. Sure, he looks like he has computer-generated pimples, but the makeup and the headgear look eerily similar to the finished product. It is this kind of work that put The Avengers right on the map in the movie universe. Having grossed nearly $450 million at the box office, the effort by the cast and crew to make a comic book movie look real definitely paid off.

12 The Dark Knight: Why So Serious?

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In The Dark Knight, the opening scene is a bank robbery. The Joker’s crew don some clown masks and go into a Gotham bank to wreak some havoc on some poor, unsuspecting souls. Well, they do live in Gotham where the crime rate is extremely high, so the real question is what the heck they were doing outside in the first place.

Regardless, because the Joker has a permanently weird face and no one else does, his crew tries to hide their identity. The first scene is kind of terrifying because the group acts in an extremely violent, unforgiving manner toward innocent people.

They do this of course until the director says, “cut,” and they have to listen or else be replaced by another desperate actor. In this scene, let us call him, “Clown #2,” he stops for a second, apparently a very sad second, to listen to directions. His smiling friend in the background seems to be in a much happier mood though.

11 Jean Grey: Taking Selfies

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Jean Grey is one of the most amazing characters not only in the Marvel universe, but in the entire world of comic books. As a member of the X-Men, Grey’s most amazing ability mirrors that of Professor X; the ability to read minds. The best part about Grey is that she can not only read minds, she also has the ability to control what other people do with her mind. It would be hilarious to watch a guy come up to her in the bar and tell her he’s a stockbroker when he really delivers pizza. He will have no idea that she could tell he was full of it the minute he walked into the door.  Honesty would certainly have to be his only policy.

In the latest X-Men flick, X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean Grey becomes even more crazy powerful and pulls out her alter ego; Phoenix. Phoenix is basically Jean Grey on steroids and she stopped Apocalypse, one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.

This photo though makes the most powerful comic book character seem a little strange. Jean Grey is powerful, but taking this ultra-HD selfie seems a little peculiar.

10 The Green Screen: Thor’s Unsung Hero

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Thor is a Scandinavian God who carries a hammer more often than a Home Depot employee. Thor is like no human being and in the entire Thor series he certainly acts like it. Marvel even got Liam Hemsworth to portray him for crying out loud. Unfortunately, Thor, not unlike a human being, has a big, giant idiot for a brother. Loki, a power-hungry step child, causes Thor and his friends a ton of trouble. Thankfully, Thor comes out squeaky clean on the other end. He is always the hero.

That was until this picture leaked. In the movies, Thor looks like he floats through outer space, using his Home Depot hammer as his guide. But it is clear that the green screen is doing most of the work in the background. The way a green screen works is essentially once the film is shot, a computer geek can go in, adjust the colors, add effects, and do all kinds of crazy stuff, including making an actor look like they can fly. And the Academy Award goes to...Green Screen!

9 Even Wonder Woman Has a Coach

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The best part about comic books is that they are often much, much more inclusive than other forms of media. One of the most iconic of these characters is Wonder Woman. Both big and little girls absolutely love Wonder Woman and look to her as a hero unlike any other. Why? The reasons are numerous.

First, Wonder Woman has a magical tiara. Just look at any dance, play, or real life coronation, tiara’s serve a special place in girl’s hearts. She also has a lasso of truth. This is good because women deal with liars all the time. Plus, she can fly. And she can fight. And she carries a sword, and has indestructible bracelets. For most women, keeping their bracelets clean is hard enough as it is so Wonder Woman is absolutely incredible with what she can do with hers.

But even Wonder Woman needs a coach. Here, Gal Gadot, the star of the upcoming Wonder Woman films, is getting some coaching from a choreographer on how to look even cooler than she already does.

8 Deadpool: The Merck With a Mouth...and a Director

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Deadpool has no real allegiance to anyone. This is what makes Deadpool so cool. He is not a part of the X-Men. He is not a member of the Justice League. He would probably have whatever membership to any of his groups totally revoked the minute he saw something he did not like.

What makes Deadpool so interesting is that his feature film, Deadpool, was not like any of the other Marvel films that have come out. The language, the sex, and the violence set it apart, making Captain America seem like a campy 1960s television show.

Even Deadpool could use a bit of help though. In this scene, where Deadpool is trying to save the love of his life and fighting off baddies with his friends, he takes a quick breather to figure out where he should stand next time he does a fake roundhouse kick to an underpaid stuntman.

7 Iron Man Has Technical Difficulties

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For most people under 30, they may not remember the old Robert Downey, Jr. before he became Iron Man. Today’s younger fans may recognize Downey, Jr. playing Tony Stark, a “billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” His movies have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and have turned him into a superstar. In the 1990s though, Robert Downey, Jr. was about as responsible as a raccoon with a shotgun. If there has been anybody that has taken advantage of opportunities given to him, it is Robert Downey, Jr. and movie fans are happier for it.

His character, Iron Man, is supposed to be the alter ego of Stark, who needs help from no one except his girl, Pepper Pots, and his computers. In the movie, Stark can just stick his hand out and his suit just magically knows to wrap around his whole body. Without injury.

But if this behind the scenes shot is any indication, Tony Stark needs a lot of help to get into his metal pajamas.

6 Spider-Man Is Too Cool for His Own Stunts

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The Spider-Man movie franchise has gone through several iterations. Tobey Maguire, the man-child who looked more "bullying victim" than "super hero," played the original starring role back in the early 2000s. After the success of the first one, each one became successively more boring to the point where the audience was actually rooting for the bad guy to win.

Enter Andrew Garfield. The British actor came aboard to star in the reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man. Geared more toward an older demographic, his two starring roles reignited a dead franchise. Garfield played a legitimate super hero, helping to breathe life into the fantasy about this hero.

The problem here is that it is obvious that Garfield would not dare break a nail. So, he has the poor soul to his right do all the hard work. Judging by Garfield's sweatpants, he is going to watch the action from the sidelines with a bag of Cheetos.

5 Superman Watches an Instant Replay

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Superman does some very amazing things. Like a few superheroes, he can fly. He can move about as quickly as the Flash. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Plus, if the internet is correct, he can also make some really boring movies like Man of Steel. The problem for the characters in Superman’s world is that they cannot quite get a good photo of him doing these amazing things. It is easier to find a big boned girl twerking on the internet in Metropolis than it is to get a good photo of Superman apparently.

But here, Superman knows that he could make a fortune by grabbing some of his videos and posting them to YouTube. If this article is accurate, which of course it is, Superman is clearly looking a video that his friend shot with their GoPro. Superman's YouTube collection will be complete as soon as he uploads videos of himself riding a shopping cart down a hill.

4 Wolverine is Such a Diva

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For those who have been living in a bunker in Siberia for the past ten years, here is a chance to understand who the character Wolverine is. Most importantly, Wolverine is essentially a military science experiment gone very wrong. A Canadian, Wolverine was forced to endure military experiments where his bones were turned into some sort of polycarbonate metal that is virtually indestructible. It also prevents him from aging, meaning that Wolverine is significantly older than everywhere else.

Hugh Jackman has taken on the role in Wolverine and has starred in nearly X-Men related movie since the early 2000s. Hugh Jackman is the perfect guy to fit the rough exterior of a man who is supposed to play some sort of rodent/wolf hybrid. A man who is never happy unless he is thrashing someone, Wolverine takes no prisoners.

He definitely takes no prisoners unless he has a camera crew documenting his every move in taking said prisoners. In retrospect, how would anyone know how important Wolverine is if he did not have documentary evidence of his accomplishments? Or maybe the X-Men Academy requires it as a part of their continuing education requirements? Regardless, here is hoping Wolverine’s makeup just did not run during this shot.

3 Deadpool: Pummeling a Brave Stuntman

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In one of the early scenes of the movie Deadpool, the title character is ripping through city streets, literally tearing people apart at every single chance. In fact, there is one scene where one guy virtually turns into some sort of human goo before he hits a highway street sign. It is so gory, but so good at the same time. Deadpool’s character, from its inception, has been clear that he will not ever, ever say things like, “It seems like it’s quiet, too quiet.” In short, he is not corny.

One of the funny things about computer generated movies is that the actual movie making process leads to some hilarious results. In this scene, Deadpool is definitely going to bring his fury to some poor soul. In real life, Ryan Reynolds, or his stunt double, is getting ready to fake punch another stunt man like a couple of cousins at a summer barbecue pretending they are in the WWE.

2 Bruce Wayne Can Do Anything

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The photo from this behind the scenes shot comes from the original Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. Before the days that absolutely everything was done on a green screen, filmmakers actually had to produce some things on film like a bunch of cave dwellers. Keaton could not resist and had to take a peek at what everyone behind the camera is staring at.

The debate about who is the best Batman continues to rage on. Older people will always say that Keaton was the best Batman because he brought the character to life in a way never seen before. Others will say that Christian Bale, with his considerable acting chops, made the Dark Knight a true icon. Apparently George Clooney was Batman too, but no one remembers that.

With Ben Affleck starring in the new Justice League movies, studio heads have caused comic book lovers to virtually wet themselves with hysteria. Right now, the most Googled search term is probably “I hate Ben Affleck who is now Batman why is he Batman I hate him.” Regardless, playing Batman is a coveted role in the movies and one that Michael Keaton’s place among the best is squarely solidified.

1 Superman: The Big Phony

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The original Superman, released in 1978, is one of the best films ever made. For decades, Christopher Reeve gave a face to Superman that most people had never seen. What is interesting is at the time, it was one of the most expensive movies ever made and this price tag gave the creators a chance to make a guy who could do super human things look real. Also, the producers were so confident in its success that they decided to make both Superman I and Superman 2 together, despite super hero films being a kind of niche genre.

The beauty of the Superman films is that it gave people in the late 70s a chance to fantasize like they never had before. Well, this scene basically destroys any notion that being Superman is real.

This should not take away from what the late Christopher Reeve provided to the genre. Tom Welling and Henry Cavill owe their success to Reeve for paving the way in such a brave manner. If he could see Superman now, he could be proud he was part of something amazing.

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