The 15 Absolute Hottest Cosplays Of 2016

Cosplay is the tradition of dressing up as a fan favorite character while attending a convention designed to advertise video and computer games, along with other things like comic books, anime and movies. It is seen by the community as a fun way to connect with others who share the same passion while indulging in their nerdy side as well. Contrary to popular belief, cosplaying isn’t as geared towards the afro-ginger, acne covered, glasses wearing geek that’s probably popping into your head upon first impression. Rather, many attractive and redeemably nerdy individuals have managed to capitalize on the phenomenon.

What was originally only considered to be a hobby has now become a reasonable pay cheque and notability - for some, that is. For others, the hobby is still just a fun pastime that's earned them some Facebook likes. Whether you’re familiar with the cosplay community or not, here’s an introduction of 15 of the hottest cosplays produced in 2016. Don’t forget to comment and share who your favourite is!

15 Jinx Kittie Cosplay - Katarina 

Via Deviant Art

This brunette beauty hails from South Africa and has been cosplaying for a little over a year now - or at least that’s what her Facebook makes it seem like. The cosplayer’s social media describes Jinx Kittie as the typical “cosplayer, geek, gamer” role with a hint of love for dragons. Early 2016, Jinx Kittie did a version of Katrina du Couteau from League of Legends - a rendition featured at Pax 2013 - which she hit spot on. The South African beauty totally rocks the fire engine red hair, but that’s not the best part of the cosplay. We’d say the detail to the armour and impressive faux leather really makes Jinx’s work stand out. Oh and her killer body and cute look doesn’t hurt either!

14 Lindsay Elyse - Zero Suit Samus

Via Reddit

Lindsay Elyse is an Arizona-based cosplayer who originally earned her popularity through Twitch. It took some time for Lindsay to make her transition into the cosplay world but, once she got her method down, her talent and popularity sky rocketed. Now, with nearly 1 million Facebook likes and 100K Twitch followers, Lindsay is a well-known name is the dress up community. Beloved by other cosplayers, Lindsay teamed up with Nathan Deluca to make this Zero Suit Samus cosplay from the Metroid series. Lindsay completely rocked the ensemble and it was arguably one of her best cosplays yet!

13 Leeanna Vamp - X23

Via geeklandmag.com

Leeanna Vamp A.K.A Vamptress, has been in the cosplay game for roughly 6 years, ranking up 1 million Facebook likes and counting. Along with making costumes and attending conventions, Leeanna is a professional model with a metal style! Vamp describes herself as the “ghoul of your dreams” and “your best nightmare”, so it’s no wonder how she’s ended up on this list. Leeanna’s stunning body looks great in this all-leather ensemble as Marvel’s X23. The costume was made by the beauty and worn to many conventions throughout her 2016 cosplay year.

12 Tahnee Harrison - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 

Via Imgur

Tahnee Harrison doesn’t only have the look of the psychotic antihero that is Harley Quinn, she even has the acting skills to play the character too - which clearly shows in her dramatic photo shoots! Tahnee is a former PreMed student from Johns Hopkins University who left to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Harrison is currently signed to Credence Entertainment and performs as different Disney princesses for work. In between her Hollywood life, Tahnee cosplays the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, which she admittedly rocks! The costume was made by Tahnee and caught popularity when the film hit theatres and everyone became (understandably) obsessed with Ms. Quinn. Tahnee’s rendition of the character is spot on and earned her a 25K following on Instagram. Make sure you check out her page and give this girl a follow!

11 Nathan Deluca - Doom Guy

Via twitter.com

Nathan Deluca is our first male representation of the cosplay community. Deluca has a trend of recreating impressive armoured characters including: Mass Effect, Robin, and Night Wing... just to name a few. Nathan has worked with other big names in the cosplay game such as Lindsay Elyse and Jessica Nigri. When he’s not cosplaying himself, Nathan commissions cosplays and props to help fund his hobby. Here is one of Nathan’s latest cosplays posted on his Facebook page. The character is Doom Guy from the Doom series; he wears a green armoured suit into battle which Nathan replicated brilliantly. Here’s Nathan's Facebook page to follow his cosplay progress.

10 Vampybitme - Nico Robin

Via acparadise.com

Linda Lee aka Vampybitme is a rising cosplay star with 265K Facebook following for her incredible craftsmanship and rocking body! Linda had an early start to cosplaying in 2010 and has constructed some impressive characters; her most recent being Nico Robin from One Piece Film: Z. Nico Robin is a skilled archaeologist with the ability to read Poneglyphs from the One Piece series. Lee’s costume is cleanly sewn with consideration in every detail. Vampybitme has a Patreon where she contributes cosplay content for those wishing to learn. Check her out on Facebook, too!

9 Lisa Lou Who - Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

Via Facebook

There’s never a shortage of Harley Quinn cosplays seen at a convention and, with the release of the new Injustice game and Suicide Squad, these numbers are sure to rise - not that we’re complaining. Lisa Lou Who has been cosplaying since 2012, earned herself a fan base of 220K on Facebook along with over 200K in total through Twitter and Instagram. As Lisa attends conventions she is paid as a guest, host or speaker. Along with this, Lisa Lou Who creates Patreon content to help fund her cosplay days. The artist has undeniable talent and good looks which was showcased in her 2016 cosplay of the new Injustice 2 Harley Quinn. The cosplay was recently released and Lou Who should be wearing it to cons she attends; find out which ones by checking out her Facebook page!

8 Miyuki Cosplay - Overwatch D.Va

Via AdventuresInPoorTaste

Miyuki is a special cosplayer “researching Cancer by daylight; sewing costumes by moonlight.” Yes, that’s right, this beauty has more than just looks going for her, she’s got a killer brain as well! Miyuki is a Ph.D student, so her time to create cosplay content is limited, but that didn’t stop her from releasing this sexy version of D.Va from Overwatch. The character, who’s real name is Hana Song, usually adorns a heavy, pink tank to protect her but Miyuki decided to scale down to the catsuit version of the character. Creating this intricate of a suit is no easy challenge but something tells me this doctor had no problems! Along with an admiration of the Overwatch, Miyuki is also a huge Final Fantasy and League of Legends fan - just look at her Facebook page.

7 OddKittenKay - Kidagakash Nedakh Cosplay

Via Reddit

The Disney movie The Lost City of Atlantis is a classic favourite, but it’s rare to see any characters from it portrayed by cosplayers. But Odd Kitten Kay is here to beat those odds! In mid 2016, Odd Kitten Kay introduced her version of the character on Reddit and Tumblr platforms. Her rendition is so good that Odd Kitten Kay received much praise from the cosplay community and earned herself some fans as well! According to Odd Kitten Kay’s Tumblr bio she is an avid gamer with a special affection for League of Legends (as many do). The beauty attends Georgia State University and cosplays in between her studies. Other great costumes by Odd Kitten Kay include a fem Khal Drogo, Cammy, and Madd Moxxi! They were all so good that it was hard to pick which to include in this list, so make sure you check her other work!

6 Heather Leet - Ewok

Via Pinterest

Heather Leet is the blonde bombshell of cosplay, ranking up 320K likes on her Facebook along with many Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram followers as well. As cute as her Ewok is, Heather’s sewing talent is no joke, as she’s made many complicated body suits and even some armour. Hailing from Florida, Heather attends conventions as a promotional model or guest, along with creating Patreon content for her fans for money. Leet’s had an impressive rise to cos-fame; sky rocketing when she entered a cosplay group of Ewoks with cosplay legends Jessica Nigri and Leanna Vamp. Heather’s rendition was easily the cutest in the group! I’m sure cosplay fans aren’t complaining seeing more of Heather, especially as she endeavours to wear more sexy cosplays.

5 Jessica Nigri - Nidalee

Via Reddit

Jessica Nigri has a large cosplay following of 4.5 million, coming in a close second to the reigning Queen of Cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao. Jessica has been cosplaying since 2009, notably gaining the “sport” a lot of attention. Now, Jessica travels between cons getting paid to attend as a guest or speaker. Along with this, Nigri releases sexy cosplay content on Patreon before she releases it to her regular fan base. Jessica is infamous for sexualized costumes, but this version of Nidalee from League of Legends is spot on. The character is an assassin in the game, wielding an impressive staff - which Jessica made a replica of, as well! This cosplay showed Jessica’s skill level is improving and it’s nice to see Jessica chose a character that’s already sexy and doesn’t need design changes.

4 Brosephdavid - Suicide Squad Joker

Via Mulpics

In the wake of Suicide Squad’s success, many fans have become Harley Quinn and Joker cosplay fanatics, but some individuals get it spot on! It was Tahnee Harrison who took the cake for Suicide Squad Harley and it would appear fellow actor, Joseph David Herrington A.K.A Brosephdavid, has secured the spot for top Joker. The actor-turned-cosplayer gained popularity by simply posting his pictures online and the domino effect commenced. Now, sitting at 90K followers on Instagram, Brosephdavid has been appearing in short videos as the Joker and selling prints of himself in costume online. There’s no doubt he’ll be a force to be reckoned with if he continues cosplaying!

3 Jessica Nigri - DeathWing

Via Cosplay Kotako

Jessica has an endless list of sexy or “hot” cosplays and her 2016 year was no exception. Along with her rendition of Nidalee, Jessica managed to pull off Deathwing from World of Warcraft. This was a sponsored costume for the World of Warcraft Los Angeles premier, so the utmost detail was put into the costume's craftsmanship and it shows. Of course, the Deathwing character is male, so Jessica brought some feminine elements to the character, baring her midriff and bust. However, with the look of females drawn in World of Warcraft, this costume isn’t a far-fetched spin-off. Made with Worbla, craft foam and various other art supplies, Jessica’s costume is the result of hard work and the body paint make-up really adds to the eerie feel of the character.

2 Anna Faith - Mary Jane Spider-Man

Via instidy.com

Anna Faith is the 20-year-old blonde bombshell hailing form Daytona Beach, Florida who emerged into the social world as the Disney queen, Elsa. The world became abuzz when they learnt there was a real human being who looked exactly like a cartoon character. Nonetheless, Anna Faith accidentally slide into the cosplay world and success follows her everywhere she goes. Now, as she attends conventions for money, Anna has chosen to widen her cosplay pallet by adding new characters such as Lady Death, Harley Quinn, and the Mary Jane version of Spider-Man. Whether Anna made the costume herself is up for debate, but the model’s killer curves definitely do the tight spider-suit justice!

1 Luna Lanie - Vampirella

Via reddit.com

Often dubbed the younger Jessica Nigri, Luna Lanie is an up-and-coming cosplayer who has earned a notable fan base in just two years. Lanie has some killer curves and definitely doesn’t mind showing them off in various sexy video game, comic book, and anime characters. Most recently, Lanie created a version of the ultra sexual Vampirella. The costume’s construction doesn’t seem too difficult, but there’s no doubt this is a hot cosplay! Lanie’s curves are on full display as she dress as the 1960s superhero. Luna Lanie attends conventions and creates Patreon content for fans to keep her in the social arena.

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