The 14 Hottest Movie Cosplays

Reality… who needs it? If only there was a way to make our fantasies come true. Not having to rely on books and imagination, not being limited to a 2D image on a TV screen, what could be better? Well, It seems someone found a way to bring our favorite characters to life… sort of.

It’s not really a new concept; it’s just becoming more popular. So popular that it has a name now: it’s called ‘cosplay’. Derived from the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’, you can probably guess what it involves. But you have no idea how amazing some of these ‘cosplays’ actually are. It’s turning into somewhat of an art. People take characters from movies, TV shows, and even video games and they recreate them in real life. Some are modified versions of the original style, while others are impeccably genuine-looking. This trend is in such high demand that many models have managed to turn it into a successful career.

Now there are many notable cosplays and cosplayers, but the purpose of this article is to share a particular breed of cosplay: the hottest cosplays modeled by the hottest cosplayers. From classics to shockers, take a look at the sexiest collection of real-life movie characters.

14 Elsa

via jessicanigri.tumblr.com

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

Elsa, the ice queen, blew us away in the popular children’s movie Frozen. But Jessica Nigri blew us away for other reasons with her battle-ready version of Elsa. She quickly climbed the wall of the Disney princess hall of fame. The most appealing aspect of Elsa’s role is the fact that her character was lacking one of the most common themes among the Disney princesses: a love interest. Instantly, she became a symbol for strength and confidence among women. Clearly inspired by Elsa’s strength in the film, Nigri channeled this and recreated a sexy warrior, ready to conquer the world. Now, which man doesn’t love a woman who can take care of herself? Not to mention, one who looks this good while doing it!

13 Princess Leia

via fathergooze.tumblr.com

Cosplayer: Olivia Munn

We move on to Princess Leia. This particular character is a classic. Throughout the Star Wars saga, she captured the hearts (and probably the bodies) of many a man. From teens to grown men, Princess Leia is a diva among male fantasies. And it’s no wonder why. While fans followed the Star Wars episodes, there is one scene with Princess Leia that they will never forget, the one where Jabba the Hut has enslaved her. Yes, Princess Leia in the gold bikini. Who remembers that Friends episode? Ross had the right idea when he asked Rachel to dress up as Princess Leia, wearing the infamous gold bikini. While Jennifer Aniston filled the costume well, Olivia Munn certainly gives her, and Carrie Fisher (the original Princess Leia), a run for their money in this cosplay.

12 Lara Croft

via saltlakecomiccon.tumblr.com

Cosplayer: Joanie Brosas

The story of Lara Croft was developed originally as a video game about the daughter of an aristocrat who journeys into ancient tombs around the world, battling enemies of all types along the way. Eventually, this concept was developed into a series of movies; and it wasn’t hard. Lara Croft, intelligent, adventurous, and quick, she is easily one of the hottest fictional characters in history. Who doesn’t remember Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft? Lucky for us, Joanie Brosas has recreated the character perfectly in her cosplay. The long braid, short shorts, and even the gun holsters on her thighs. Not only was it hard to look away on screen with Jolie, but can you imagine seeing Brosas in person like this at Comic Con?

11 Poison Ivy

via youtube.com

Cosplayer: SuperMaryFace

Without a doubt, many men can say they’ve encountered their very own Poison Ivy at some point in their life. Remember the bad girl temptress who had you wrapped around her little finger? No? Consider yourself lucky. This vixen has a toxic kiss and controls her victims’ minds using pheromones, what a mix! Of all the villains that Batman has had to face, Poison Ivy is definitely among the most ‘interesting’. Her psychotic obsession with botany and the ecosystem easily merit her a spot in the ‘crazy girlfriend’ category. However, with an outfit like the one SuperMaryFace has on, her social flaws can be overlooked.

10 Kida

via weheartit.com

Cosplayer: Momo Kurumi

Kida is, hands down, one of the most underrated Disney princesses. You’ll recognize her from the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, released back in 2001. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, she is underrated for many reasons. To name a few: she is a warrior princess, from an ancient and mysterious empire, has magical powers from a special crystal, and she is practically immortal. She is the type of character that viewers can’t take their eyes off of. Cosplayer Momo Kurumi poses beautifully for her Kida photoshoot, and it’s just as difficult to take your eyes off of her.

9 Black Cat

via supernerdpage.tumblr.com

Cosplayer: Liz Katz

While the Black Cat hasn’t officially had her own movie yet, there is interesting talk of one in the near future. For those of you who didn’t catch it, her real life persona, Felicia Hardy, had some screen time in The Amazing Spider-Man 2; hence fans’ suspicions that she will either make her official debut in the next The Amazing Spider-Man film, or in her own. Though they’ve cast Felicity Jones as the character of Felicia Hardy, it’s a wonder why they didn’t consider Liz Katz for the role. This cosplay accents everything you could ask for in a villainess.

8 Wonder Woman

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Cosplayer: Valerie Perez

Now, unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Wonder Woman. She’s one of the oldest superheroes in the history of superheroes, not that her age makes a difference. She is fierce, in every sense of the word. Though technically a princess, she is hardly the traditional, delicate, damsel you’re used to. Thanks to Valerie Perez’s awesome cosplay, Comic Con attendees got to witness her wonder in person! There is something naturally appealing about the way Perez looks in the costume. From head to toe she pulled off the perfect Wonder Woman stance, making her instantly hotter than any other cosplayers who simply put on the get-up.

7 Magneto

via toylab.blogspot.com

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

Among the most popular sexy cosplayers is Jessica Nigri. Who remembers warrior Elsa? Well, same girl. Here, she reworked the Magneto costume to suit a female physique… and did it ever work! He is the intelligent and powerful villain leader from the X-Men film series. Throughout the movies, he never fails to take us through all kinds of emotions as he fights for his cause. You almost want to root for him, he just does ‘bad’ so well! It’s no wonder why Nigri selected this character for her cosplay. The strong, mutant villain, whose goal is to revolutionize the world, not to mention how cool it is that she took a man’s costume and turned it into this sexy number.

6 Boba Fett

via imgur.com

Cosplayer: Leeanna Vamp

In the spirit of men’s costumes being transformed to fit a woman, here is Leeanna Vamp’s take on Boba Fett. Another villain, Boba Fett was hired as a bounty hunter by Darth Vader in the Star Wars films. Though the traditional version of the character just consists of helmet and armor, Vamp successfully turned an ordinary costume into something to look at. Although, the costume is probably not what everyone is looking at. Nevertheless, she did an awesome job!

5 Captain America

via thelightningpalace.blogspot.com

Cosplayer: JayCee

The 1941 war veteran never looked better than in this cosplay by JayCee. Who knew Captain America had such bountiful curves? The good guy of all good guys, this angelic blonde brings something naughty to the picture… and who can complain. Red, white, and blue, the colors of the greatest nation in the world (apparently), displayed magnificently by this beauty. Is it any wonder JayCee and her Captain America cosplay made it on this list?

4 Harley Quinn

via taringa.net

Cosplayer: Ryuu Lavitz

Harley Quinn, mischievous evildoer with a twisted mind. That look would bring any man to his knees. Partnered with the equally twisted Joker, occasionally teaming up with bestie Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn gave the DC crew a more than worthy adversary. Ryuu Lavitz takes the character to another level in her cosplay. With her alluring smirk and playful gaze, she easily portrays the Quinn’s nature and could easily capture any prey.

3 Thor

via omega1comic.com

Cosplayer: Toni Darling

Though the hammer isn’t shown in this picture, it is quite obvious which famous character Toni Darling is impersonating. Heir to the throne of Asgard and son of Odin, a crucial member of Marvel’s Avengers, Thor is one of the oldest and among the highest class of superheroes. A true leader, Darling definitely does him justice with her strong stance in this photo. Her cosplay of the hero is done so well that anyone who had ever imagined Thor as a woman would probably have seen this picture in their head. It’s hard for women to show strength without coming off too manly looking. Yet, Darling’s version maintains the strength Thor needs to have and she still looks damn hot doing it.

2 Freddy Krueger

via cosplaycatwalk.com

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

By now, you probably recognize this cosplayer, and if you don’t… shame on you. If you didn’t remember her from her Elsa and Magneto cosplays, Jessica Nigri as Freddy Krueger is sure to leave a mental image. No judgment, this cosplay is almost fever inducing. For those who don’t know who Freddy Krueger is, consider yourselves lucky. This is a psychopathic, and sadistic serial killer from the 1984 horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. Armed with a glove of razors, Freddy tortures and kills his victims in their dreams, thus killing them in real life. Then comes Nigri with this much more visually pleasing adaptation of the character. No doubt there are few people who mind her entering their dreams.

1 Chewbacca

via barda.lv

Cosplayer: Leeanna Vamp

As the final Star Wars reference, here is Chewbacca in his best possible form. Who would’ve thought he could ever look this good? Leeanna Vamp, yet again, takes her cosplay to the next level. Not only does she transform (in every sense of the word) a male costume into a female version, she basically turns Big Foot into something sexy. While the original Chewbacca was a furry friend anyone would love to have by their side, few would argue that Han Solo would have preferred Vamp’s Chewie. Although, he may have gotten distracted if that were the case. For the sake of the galaxy, perhaps it isn’t so bad that Chewbacca keep his natural form.

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