The 14 American Pie Stars: Where Are They Now?

American Pie was one of those films full of WTF moments that made you laugh like crazy because you could totally relate. Relate to the idea of course, not the actual acts. This was by no means an instructional film. If anything it showed a generation of inquisitive teenagers exactly what not to do.

Navigating the loss of your v-card is not easy. Every generation struggles with trying too hard, and wanting it too bad. Almost getting there, finally, and then making a wrong move can be devastating. Those feelings of frustration and yearning were repeated throughout American Pie. Not to mention some outrageously poor intimate decisions. But hey, if you’re having a difficult time with your own quest, it’s always funny to see somebody fail worse than you.

Enter the naïve high school kid Jim, who was trying so hard to get lucky, and becoming increasingly unsuccessful with each attempt. At one point he had a smoking hot foreign exchange student, played with an unreal rack by Shannon Elizabeth, in his bed, ready to rock. But he got too excited and finished before he began. Then in another gut wrenchingly vulgar scene, his dad caught him in the act of making love to a freshly baked apple pie. Now that was about as humiliating as it gets. Audiences laughed their heads off. The unbelievably desperate act had sat on the kitchen counter just taunting him, and he actually did it.

How could Jason Biggs even show his face in public after doing such a scene? But the fact is the actor went on to do many projects and may be the most successful male in the group. Here’s how 14 American Pie cast-mates have faired since the epic 1999 comedy was released.

14 Tara Reid, as Vicky

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Looking back on old clips on the film, the first thing that becomes evident is how unbelievably hot Tara Reid used to look. Key words: used to. The poor actress made some bad decisions on the plastic surgery table and hired a guy that mangled her breasts. There was quite a public backlash when one slipped out of a gown and showed major scarring. The woman was humiliated, and went on a Lindsay Lohan type of binge, and damaged her career to an almost irreparable end. Then the Syfy series Sharknado came along, and the unmatched stupidity of the film actually worked.

13 Seann Williams Scott, as Stifler

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This guy did such an awesome job in American Pie, perhaps too awesome. Ever since the film’s release he has often been typecast as that typical funny douche bag kid that everybody knew back in high school. The problem for Scott is you only look like a high school kid for so long. He quickly starred in films like Dude, Where’s My Car? and The Dukes of Hazzard. As he aged the roles dwindled and the funny man’s career was in considerable peril. Then Scott did well in the hockey movie Goon, and entered the realm of animation, where he voiced Crash in the hugely successful Ice Age franchise.

12 Alyson Hannigan, as Michelle

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Here’s the pretty redhead who had the best one-liner, “This one time at band camp.” She also has arguably had the best career post-American Pie. Hannigan starred as Lily Ardrin in the hit CBS sit-com How I Met Your Mother. She played the charming teacher and aspiring artist, opposite her husband played by Jason Segel. The show was a huge success and ran for nine years. Since How I Met Your Mother ended in 2014 Hannigan has spent much of her time as mother to two daughters. She also had to file a restraining order against a psychotic New Hampshire man who threatened to kill her in 2013.

11 Chris Klein, as Oz

This guy was the heir apparent to the franchise, but he never really did much. The big jock hotshot who just wanted to sing hasn’t been in any projects lately. He is better known for his once long-standing romance with Katie Holmes, but even that ended a decade ago. Klein starred in big budget blockbusters that never took off namely Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Then Klein ran into some alcohol problems, getting busted for drunk driving twice and then seeking help in rehab. The actor’s personal life has much improved lately though. He starred in Authors Anonymous with Kaley Cuoco, married a non-celebrity, and is staying out of trouble.

10 Shannon Elizabeth, as Nadia

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Man, if only we could somehow magically transport ourselves into Jim’s bedroom and do that beautiful girl the right way. That’s what every guy was thinking in that bumbled up failure of a scene. Elizabeth had never looked better or more eager and Jim came in and screwed everything up. The actress has since maintained her beautiful appearance, but her acting career has not been very busy. She came out running with Scream and Tomcats, but has since done several unexciting television films. She still looked gorgeous when she posed for Playboy. She has also played a ton of celebrity poker tournaments.

9 Thomas Ian Nicholas, as Kevin

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Here’s Jim’s best buddy who gave Tara Reid an oral favor with the patent-pending tongue tornado. It’s yet another classic and hilarious scene when Kevin is giving Vicky the treatment as she manages to inadvertently make conversation with her dad outside in the hallway. Nicholas’ acting career seems to have peaked prior to American Pie with his lead role as a phenom Cubs pitcher in Rookie of the Year. Post-Pie Nicholas has starred in a failed TV series pilot or two, and has focused more on the music business. He co-wrote a track on a Blues Traveler album and is married to DJ Collette.

8 Mena Suvari, as Heather

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With Oscar winning American Beauty a close follow up to American Pie, it seemed like Mena Suvari would be the next big thing in Hollywood. Kevin Spacey’s character fantasized about her in a memorable image of rose petals flowing from her bare chest. However, the luck wasn’t quite there and major stardom has eluded Suvari since. However, she remains very active in supporting roles on both film and TV. The petite blonde has starred in movies like Factory Girl, Day of the Dead, and Badge of Honor. Her television credits include reoccurring roles in Six Feet Under and Chicago Fire.

7 Eddie Kaye Thomas, as Paul

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Paul eventually got to sleep with Stifler’s mom, but other than that, the actor has somewhat of a forgettable role in the film, which may have done him well post-American Pie. He could assume a new identity more easily and has been seen in many projects. Thomas grew a beard, donned a fedora and got dramatic in the latest CBS TV series Scorpion, which has had a successful run since 2014. The former comedian is rather connected in the business and has appeared on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The New Tom Green Show and more recently Inside Amy Shumer.

6 Jennifer Coolidge, as Stifler’s mom

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Now here is the ultimate fantasy for many dudes in high school. Most of your friends’ moms are pretty normal, if not hideous, but there’s always going to be one hottie. Coolidge played the role perfectly, and post-Pie her prowess with the sexual innuendo has furthered her television career. Coolidge currently plays a main role in Two Broke Girls, the raunchy CBS sitcom about two hilarious waitresses in a greasy NYC diner, played by hotties Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings. Coolidge’s character is a real scene-stealer with her pseudo Russian accent and sexual escapades with the diner’s head cook.

5 Chris Owen, as Chuck Sherman

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Otherwise known as the awkward yet funny Sherminator. Nearly every cast member came back for American Pie 2, American Wedding, and the later 2012 follow-up American Reunion. But Owen did even more than that. In fact, he’s the only cast member, besides Eugene Levy, to star in a direct-to-video spin off called Band Camp. Years ago, Owen tried to break through in Hollywood. He starred in October Sky with Jake Gyllenhaal the same year the first Pie was released, and was even nominated for a YoungStar acting award. But since then he has stuck to comedies and starred in three National Lampoons films in addition to the Pie series.

4 John Cho, as John

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Cho had one of the smallest parts in the film, yet he helped introduce one of the most important acronyms in young male culture: MILF. The term needs no definition. If you don’t know what it means, you’re probably nine years old and should not be reading anything on this website. After uttering his legendary lines in Pie, Cho went on to costar in the classic stoner trilogy Harold and Kumar. Cho has also appeared in many TV shows, and as Sulu in the major blockbuster Star Trek, and upcoming Star Trek Beyond. Kumar, Kal Penn, has also done well, starring in House and serving as Assistant Director at the White House Office of Public Engagement.

3 Eugene Levy, as Jim’s dad

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Eugene Levy’s career was already well established by the time he starred in American Pie, and the comedy series has padded his wallet even more. Levy is an alum of the classic SCTV, the Canadian equivalent of Saturday Night Live. He acted alongside such comedy legends as John Candy and Martin Short. Levy is also a member of the Christopher Guest ensemble of actors, who have starred together in such comedies as Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind. Levy received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award, in 2008, which is given in Canada for career excellence in the performing arts.

2 Natasha Lyonne, as Jessica

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Here’s the girl who had no trouble talking dirty with best friend Vicky in American Pie, and she continues to talk trash on Orange Is The New Black. Lyonne plays an ex-junkie and a rather aggressive lesbian. At one point she has a competition with another lesbian inmate to see who can hook up with the most female inmates. Lyonne wins. In one scene with Kimiko Glenn she treats the new prisoner to a wonderful round of head that will live on in your memory for days. Way prior to Pie and OITNB, Lyonne starred as one of the kids that pop in on Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

1 Jason Biggs, as Jim

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Jason Biggs has starred in many films since Pie, including Saving Silverman, Prozac Nation and Jersey Girl. More recently he has starred in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. Biggs character, Larry, is married to the main character, Piper, and still maintains some of his Jim-like antics. In one season he discusses the awkward benefits of the anti-climax, or playing with yourself but holding in the finish. Great. His mother even warns him that he could hurt himself doing such a foolish thing. Later his character cheats on Piper with her best friend.


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