The 12 Richest Comic Book Characters

Being rich has to be the greatest superpower of all. Think about it. When you wield massive amounts of money, people do whatever you want. On top of that, people who have money often seem to be able to get away with anything they want - they're untouchable. Money really is power in this world, and the people who don't think that is true are the people who don't have money. The people who have money know it to be true because they are the ones running everything.

The other thing about being rich that is very alluring is the idea of being able to buy any of the toys (or weapons, or people) you want. Some people may think ethically that you can't buy just anything, but you really can. Money is God in our world, and that is just a sad fact.

You want to know where billionaires are best represented, though? It is not in rap music. It is not in Hollywood. It is not our athletes. No, the rich are best represented in comic books. Why? Because that is where we see the rich doing the things we assume the rich are actually doing, but we have no idea. In other words, rich people either use that money to break the backs of others, or they use it to better the world and themselves. There is no in between. We see that in comic books. The rich guys who are good make themselves into superheroes. The rich guys who are bad turn the world into a living hell (or at least try).

Here are the 12 richest characters from comic books.

13 Emma Frost - $1.3 Billion

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What? Emma Frost? But how? Okay, let's try and spell this out for you. Emma Frost can turn herself into solid diamond. Do you even realize what a diamond weighing one pound is worth? Now imagine, if you will, a diamond weighing about 130 pounds. How much do you think that would be worth?

In addition, this blonde bombshell is the CEO of Frost International, a multi-billion dollar company that deals with electronics and transportation. Emma Frost is worth so much money (literally, herself) it is only a matter of time until she shows up on an episode of Pawn Stars against her will.

12 Professor X - $3.5 Billion

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When you run a gifted school for mutants and seem all holy and righteous, people give you money for your cause. In addition to the funding, Professor X inherited a large sum of money from his parents, who were nuclear scientists. He also achieved wealth with his research work in genetics and psychology.

This puts this bald headed mutant lover at the eleventh spot with a net worth of around $3.5 billion dollars.

11 Norman Osborn - $ 5 Billion

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Osborn is also known as the Green Goblin to those out of the loop. What did you think? We were only going to focus on good guys? Hell no. What fun is there in that? This SpiderMan villain owns Oscorp, plus, in some recent comics, became the director of SHIELD. Yes, that happened. When you run SHIELD, you pretty much have pristine rule over everything and money is not an issue.

10 Namor - $6 Billion

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Namor has an unfathomable amount of money seeing as to how he kind of has dominion over all the sea and is the ruler of Atlantis. The problem is... he's a fish dude. You can be the richest fish dude in all the world and there is still no way you will be as cool as Batman or Iron Man.

Sorry Namor fans. But again, he is a half naked man who swims. Why are there even Namor fans?

9 Ozymandias - $7 Billion

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Ozymandias is a character from the uber-popular Watchmen comics, and one of his main superpowers is that he poops money - not literally, but he might as well. Living in a giant tower that seems so gaudy you would think Liberace designed it, Ozymandias also has the title of being the smartest man on Earth, which does not get in the way of making more money.

The greatest thing about Ozymandias is you just think he is some lame, rich dude until you (SPOILER ALERT) figure out he is the mastermind bad guy behind everything going down. He also has a genetically engineered cat that is the coolest thing ever, too. That is money well spent.

8 Green Arrow - $7 Billion

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We'll be honest with you. If our parents were rich and they both died and left us a bunch of money, we would probably use that money to make ourselves into a superhero. That is exactly what happened to Oliver Queen when his parents died. Instead of going to Vegas like most kids, he decided to invest his money into tech and a cool costume while perfecting his bow and arrow skills.

Just kidding.

He blew it all on toys, gadgets and women. It was only THEN that he woke up and realized what he had to do. Think of him sort of like a Batman-light. No offense, Green Arrow fan

7 Batman- $9.2 Billion

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Dead parents and a strong drive for revenge, when paired with a lot of money, can make you a superhero, kids. Remember, Batman has no powers at all other than a lot of cash, some cool toys, and a vast knowledge of self-defense. But that is enough to make him into a badass, insane, sociopath who dresses as a bat to beat up other guys who dress up strangely.

Wow, that kind of puts the whole thing in perspective. These people need some therapy.

6 Lex Luthor - $10.1 Billion

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Lex Luthor is kind of the equivalent of Batman when you think of rich superheroes. He is like a bald headed Donald Trump, just kind of lording over everything. Lex actually has some fun with his money, though, such as building a super suit. Lex is a rich guy obsessed with killing a superhero, so he tends to put a lot of his money into that goal.

We saw that it worked once, but you would think by now he would just do some investing and stop worrying so much about Superman. It just seems like such a waste of money.

5 Iron Man - $12.4 Billion

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Iron Man is one who does not shy away from the fact that he has money, but rather, enjoys it. He lets all the world know he is doing just fine, and knows how to make the most out of his loot.

Another rich guy who decided to use his money to become a superhero and fight the greater evil, Tony Stark may have issues with women and alcohol, but money issues are the last of his worries.

4 Kingpin - $30 Billion

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Kingpin, whom many of you know as a nemesis of Daredevil, is also a rich bad guy. The name alone should let you know he plays no games. The Kingpin of Crime: it just screams power.

So what kind of power are we talking about here? Thirty billion in power. The kind of power that could pretty much ensure you could get away with anything you wanted. For example, beating up a blind guy all the time... someone had to say it.

3 Doctor Doom - $35 Billion

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For those not paying attention to the Marvel Comic Universe right now, Doom is pretty much God, lording over everything and everyone. As many people know, you cannot rise to a position like that without having a nice nest egg to back it up. In this case, seeing as to how Doom also has a country (a running theme here), his net worth is rumored to be around thirty five billion dollars.

Yet he still cannot take out a team of four nerds. Odd how that works, huh?

2 Black Panther - $ 90.7 Trillion

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Yes, almost 100 trillion dollars. Sounds like something Dr. Evil would say without knowing its worth. The wealth comes from yet another character who runs a country. Black Panther has reign over the kingdom of Wakanda, an African country that is the sole location vibranium can be mined.

What is vibranium? The most indestructible material in existence that's apparently worth $10,000 per gram. How much vibranium does Wakanda have? About 10,000 tons. You can do the math and see just how much that's worth.

For those who know very few things about this character, all is set to change as Black Panther will be hitting the big screen at some point in the future revealing his awesomeness. Trust us, he is rich and badass.


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