The 12 Most Idiotic Kayne West Moments

Whether you love him or hate him, Kanye West, the self-proclaimed musical genius, really knows how to get people talking. Whenever he opens his mouth he becomes the hottest trending topic on the web, but for all the wrong reasons. While he has talent, the stupidity of his comments always overshadows his abilities as a musician.

Self-confidence is admirable, but there is a line, and Kanye West crossed it many years ago. What West has is the very pinnacle of arrogance, ignorance and egotism. His illusion of self-worth is so strong that he demands respect from everybody. At the end of the day, Kanye West is a rap musician -- his other ventures aren’t worth mentioning here. Contrary to what he believes, he doesn’t have an all-important role in this world; there are plenty of others who could fill his shoes. There truly is no end to Kanye West's idiocy. While this list could go on indefinitely, here are the 12 funniest, most ridiculous moments from his career.

12 When He Hypocritically Slammed Corporate Sponsorship

“I don’t give a f*** about none of these corporations, none of these f****n' sellouts!” said the man with endorsement deals with Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton. He also ripped on fashion designers who “throw numbers on the back of their stuff”, before going out in 2015 to do the very same thing with his own line! Thankfully, the ruthless fashion industry is full of brutally honest people who like nothing more than putting egocentric people in their place. World renowned fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone had no problems calling him out, “I think he’s a joke as a fashion designer. I just think that you should stay focused at what you’re good at.”

11 When He Thought That He Could Walk On Water


At an impromptu free concert in Armenia, Kanye West thought it would be a good idea to jump into Swan Lake-Karapi Lich while he was signing Good Life. He was fully dressed, wearing jeans and combat boots. While the impulsive action may have looked electrifying for a moment or two, West failed to think about the logistics of the situation. Not only did his mic cut out after getting soaked through, but half of the audience could no longer see him. When he climbed back on stage after his little burst of over-excitement, he sang a further six songs before the concert was shut down.

10 When He Defended A Woman Beater


When Chris Brown beat his [then] girlfriend Rihanna, on the night of 2009 Grammy Awards, the world was horrified. However, instead of condemning Brown’s actions, West offered him support on a Vh1 Storytellers special by asking viewers, “Can’t we just give Chris a break? I know I make mistakes in life.” No. Beating a woman, or anyone for that matter, is wrong; period. In fact, it’s shocking how many celebrities -- who are supposed to be role models -- had this exact same attitude. In the same interview, West subsequently went on to defend O.J Simpson! Unsurprisingly, not all of his controversial statements were aired on television.

9 When He Said He Was A “Proud Non-Reader”


It’s quite hypocritical for a man to demand respect for artistry, only to completely shun the art of writing altogether. According to West, novels are too wordy and self-absorbed. Apparently, because he wouldn’t want a book’s autograph, he doesn’t respect them. Nevertheless, he went on to co-author his own book Thank You and You’re Welcome, which he expects fans to buy and read. If you’re curious, don’t expect much. It’s a mere 52 pages -- many of which are blank -- and riddled with nothing more than his usual senseless Kanye-isms.

8 When South Park Hurt His Feelings


When Matt Stone and Trey Parker lampooned Kanye West in their infamous ‘Fishsticks’ South Park episode, he didn’t see the funny side. In the show, his character couldn’t admit to not understanding a cheap joke due to his self-professed genius. After the episode aired, West wrote a lengthy blog post stating that the episode hurt his feelings. It was a rare human moment from him, but due to his past and subsequent behavior, it’s all-to-easy to look back on his emotional comments and smile.

7 When He Informed The Glastonbury Crowd Of His Greatness

When Kayne West performed at the Glastonbury Festival in England, he informed the crowd that they were witnessing the “Greatest living rock star on the planet!” Thankfully, his statement was met with boos. His appearance polarized both fans and critics. While he won the affection of some, many were infuriated by his ego and simply didn’t bother giving him the time-of-day after he made his arrogant remarks. Yes, he has some good songs, but if he truly is the greatest living rock star on the planet, surely the music would speak for itself?

6 When He Told A Wheelchair-Bound Fan To Stand Up


During the middle of singing Good Life, Kanye West stopped the song and said he wouldn’t continue until everybody in the audience was standing up. He then picked out two people in the audience who remained seated, gave them an ear blasting and sent his bodyguard to investigate the meaning for their dismissal. Turns out, they were both wheelchair bound. One of them had to wave his prosthetic limb at the singer to prove that he was in fact handicapped. West obviously likes the attention, but calling out a handicapped person's disability in front of thousands of people could be utterly humiliating.

5 When He Interrupted Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMA Award Speech


During Taylor Swift’s award speech at the 2009 MTV awards, Kanye West rushed the stage, took the mic and aired his objections to the stunned crowd while the heartbroken Swift just stood there. West complained that Beyoncé should have taken the award after making “One of the best videos of all time!” (referring to Single Ladies). After the event, West apologized and went into a period of seclusion for months, probably to recover from the backlash; even Barack Obama called him a “Jackass” for taking her moment. In November 2010, West defended his actions, stating that he didn’t think his comments were arrogant and that it was “retarded” that Swift was even in the same category. So much for the apology.

4 When He Announced His Presidential Campaign At The 2015 VMA’s


At the 2015 VMA awards, West proudly took to the stage to make his most shocking statement yet, “As you probably could’ve guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president.” This came seconds after admitting to the audience that he “rolled up a little something” before the event -- how inspirational. What Kanye probably didn’t realize is that; one, the general public certainly won’t want a stoner to lead their country; and two, the legions of fans that (unfortunately) were impressed by his pot-smoking antics probably aren’t old enough to set foot in the polling booth -- what a great way to start a political career…

3 When He Claimed AIDS Was A Government Conspiracy


The 2005 Live 8 concert was intended to raise awareness about AIDS and global poverty. The event was a huge hit and had a worldwide audience of 3 billion; however, during the Philadelphia tour, Kanye West used the event to spread his own make-believe conspiracy theories. While on stage he claimed that AIDS was a “man-made disease” that was “placed in Africa just like crack was placed into the black community to break up the Black Panthers.” He later reasserted his idiotic beliefs in the song Heard ‘Em Say, through the lyrics “And I know that the government administer AIDS So I guess we just pray like the minister say”.

2 When He Used A Hurricane Katrina Appeal To Call President Bush A Racist


When Kanye West appeared on A Concert for Hurricane Relief after the Katrina disaster, he deviated from the appeal script and turned it into some kind of racial issue -- It wasn’t the time or the place. After a visibly confused Mike Myers tried to return to the original script, when it was West’s turn to speak again, he simply said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” In 2010 George W. Bush stated that it was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency.

1 When He Referred To Himself As God’s Chosen One


He titled his album Yeezus; named one of the tracks I Am a God; and then, after Time Magazine named him the most influential person in the world, he Tweeted “I AM Yeezus! Ppl respect me I AM ur God. Time Magazine got it right this time”. But that wasn’t the first time he compared himself to the almighty. He’s also claimed to be “God’s vessel” and appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns. With bizarre statements like these, it’s a wonder why so many people buy into his egocentric, megalomaniac behavior.

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